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Thank you for listening

I did not have any intention of blogging – leave alone as intensely as I have done over the past year. But just over a year ago I thought I'd try to be use the internet more actively and so I moved to this site in June 2010 (the earlier 'avataar' was extremely sporadic – and this domain was being used earlier largely as a personal storehouse of useful information). 

Over this last year I have reported its progress here and here. Basically, the uptake of this blog was quick – from a very low base – and thereafter its growth has reduced, although still quite positive. After a year, the data are now becoming more clear.

Yes, not only are more people visiting this blog (around 600-2500 per day depending on the web statistic used), you are likely to be from India – my focus "market".

That people from India are visiting is wonderful. Sabhlokcity has at least become a sabhlokvillage

Is this enough? Of course not. It is a drop in the ocean. But all big things start very small. From this remote corner of the world, that I'm able to speak to you about my thoughts and hopes for India – and interact with you through comments – is a great feat of modern technology.  Let's spread the word and invite others to this blog. Let's make this a sabhlokcity – or better still, FREEDOMCITY.

It is a lonely war I've been waging against misgovernance in India – since February 1998 – and my health has been constantly on the edge. With my limited time, financial resources, and health, I can't do much – but I hope that you will join FTI (if you haven't already done so) or otherwise support it, and work – YOURSELF – towards a totally new India. My message is about YOU, about your role in your own country's future. 

Awareness has increased in the recent past in India about the problem of corruption, but awareness about freedom is still very low. Let's work together to enhance liberty and good governance in India.

I'd like to end by sincerely thanking you for listening – whether you agree with me (yet!) or not.

And now for the stats

I don't understand web statistics well enough, but the number of visitors is clearly increasing. Below are three visuals from three different data sources.  

Alexa (click for bigger image)

Control panel (click for larger image) – note that data for Aug. 2010 are incomplete

WordPress statistics (click for larger image) – note that data for Aug. 2010 are incomplete

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8 thoughts on “Thank you for listening
  1. kshitij

    Hi Sanjeev,
    You are more than welcome, love your clarity of thought. Keep up the good work, thanks to you and Shantanu and the like minded people rooted in freedom I am a lot more politically informed than I ever could be :)

  2. Supratim

    Cheers, Sanjeev.
    You do a great job spreading the words of individual liberty and freedom.
    Thanks for your efforts

  3. Vishal Kumar Singh

    Excellent work Sanjeev. I am sure one day your writing will help many of us to become true citizens.
    For me your writing has changed the way I looked at many of the issues. It has helped me to think in a clear manner.
    Good job and keep writing.

  4. chaitanya

    Hi Sanjeev, thank you for the blog. I enjoy and learn from reading your perspective on things
    daily. Even though the current movement
    against corruption may not propose the best solution, its a start. Eventually, if the solution
    you propose is the ultimate Truth about removing corruption, it is bound to come up. As the
    cliche goes, Truth alone wins. So, until the Truth wins, keep blogging !

  5. Vijay Mohan

    Hi Sanjeev,
    Arguing with you , changed my point of view..
    from being a ardent fan of BABA RAMDEV views to a liberal mind. You liberated me. I hope to carry the same message and deliver an India of our dreams.
    You made me read Vivekananda and that was turning point of my life..
    Thanks for every blog and every effort of yours..
    Keep it up..


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