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PLEASE commit suicide if you think that India has too many people

Here's a short extract from the current revision of DOF. I've added a reference to an article that I saw in The Age today. PLEASE COMMIT SUICIDE IF YOU THINK IN THIS MANNER. ONE LESS FOOL. I had made a similar suggestion to an Indian a few days ago on FB, who said that India has too much population. (Btw, this argument might be the only 'rational' suicide argument. But of course such "educated" FOOLS are cowards and will not kill themselves! They expect to kill or sterilise OTHERS). Eco-facsists.

Extract below. Lot's more discussion in DOF. I'm currently revising that section. Download tomorrow from (this process of revision will contiune for the next year.)


Some people suggest that there is a population ‘problem’. They say, for instance, that there ‘too many’ people in India. The mean there are too many poor people in India. No one is saying that there are too many rich or ‘beautiful’ people. Perhaps the lowest point of this diatribe against the poor was Paul Ehrlich’s 1968 The Population Bomb.

But even recently, in 2011, The Age entitled an article: ‘Yearning for a baby: why developing countries say they need IVF too’[1]. This impies that mothers from developing countries are different to those from ‘developed countries, and that developing countries are ‘over’-populated. A racist, anti-life sentiment. Why don’t we first ban ‘developed country’ women from using IVF – so they can lead the way? Indeed, why not all developed country people commit suicide first? 

Evidently, it doesn’t occur to such paternalistic fools that they are referring to their fellow human beings. It is intolerable for anyone to suggest that the mere presence of others on this vast Earth is a ‘problem’. As I have said above, let such people commit suicide. One less racist, anti-life fool. And why is India’s population a ‘problem’ and not America’s or Europe’s?

Let’s ensure first  that all the rich Americans like Bill Gates and Barack Obama – and all film stars and famous people – are sterilised and then we can discuss this issue further.

[1] The Age, 14 August 2011.

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10 thoughts on “PLEASE commit suicide if you think that India has too many people
  1. Prakash

    One mathematical argument which almost always has people staring after it is made is the cube argument.
    Take India's population and pack it in a cube with centre to centre distance being six feet. So that the vertical dimension is almost completely packed (taking average height to be six feet) and horizontal dimensions have some breathing space. 
    How big is the cube? The answer almost always surprises people who do the math themselves.
    You could do the math yourself, sanjeev. I got an answer a cube of every dimension 1.9 km. This answer surprises many. They expect a much bigger number. It is a big number, no doubt, but not as big as what most people think.

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Yes. And here’s another visual depiction – assuming people lived COMFORTABLY in cities. Even if everyone lived in the comfort of Houston – widely spread out – the entire world population would fit comfortably into USA.

  3. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Sandra, kindly let me know after you’ve committed suicide. Start by reducing YOURSELF first.

  4. someone

    Of course you could “fit” everyone in the world into a small area. Land mass is not the problem. The problem with the global population is the amount of resources (energy, food, land for crops, fish etc) that must be exploited to keep so many people alive. This is the problem. This is why the oceans are being destroyed and forests cut down. But at the same time. No one has the right to say that one country is to blame for the population of its people. It’s a global problem.

  5. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Have you even bothered to understand what is a resource? You are entirely and 100 per cent wrong. There is absolutely NO resource constraint. There is only a governance constraint. Pl. start by reading Simon’s The Ultimate Resource. Kindly don’t come back without doing that.

  6. SOMEONE PURPORTING TO BE Shayan Behnambakhsh

    There are too many Indians that do not contribute to the world in any positive way. There are many who posses no skills. They are just worthless, smelly, uneducated shit factories that are stealing oxygen from the air.

    Sanjeen Sabhlok you seem like an educated man, please go to India and introduce to your people the miracle device known as the “condom” that was first invented in 1912. If that doesn’t work then you must lobby to the Indian government to begin a mass sterilization campaign.

    NOTE DATED 29 JUNE 2019 BY SANJEEV SABHLOK: The actual Shayan Behnambakhsh contacted me on 29 June 2019 to confirm that the above comment was not by him but by someone pretending to be him. I’ve therefore changed to “SOMEONE PURPORTING TO BE”

  7. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Not a SINGLE person in the world is “worthless” – unless he/she is a criminal. If you think there are worthless humans, you are surely representing yourself. The solution is clear: let there be one less of you.

    There is NO case for coercive population control in India (or anywhere in the world).

  8. Iniyavel


    This person “Shayan Behnambakhsh” appears to be Persian/Iranian. Either that or he’s from one of the Turkic republics (Kazakhstan/Uzbekistan/Turkmenistan/Tajikistan/Kyrgyzstan).

    Shayan Behnambakhsh – If you are reading – May I remind you that Iran is not too great a country today? The Ayatollahs have made it hell on earth and not one Iranian has yet grown the balls necessary to take on the bearded thugs. Neither are Turkic republics too great today. Is there one achievement in the 20th or the 21st century which can be credited to Iranians (including Azeris and Armenians) or to the Turkic peoples? There are plenty of Indian achievements that can be credited from the same time period.

    This is just one aspect. Assuming you’re Iranian, I don’t want to insult you too much. You know, after all, it didn’t take a few thousand Arab invaders more than 30 years (638 to 668 CE) to erase Zoroastrianism and turn Persia into a total shit hole. But it took them more than 80,000 soldiers to conquer Sindh in 712 CE, and that too 25 years later, Arabs were defeated and thrown out of Sindh. Neither did it take Huns, Scythians, Alexander the Great, etc, too much time to overpower Persia. The same people were defeated and thrown out by the Indians. Oh, and did I forget Genghis Khan? Oh yeah, he gave Iran the drilling that it deserved. 1.2 million killed in an hour in Nishapur after Genghis Khan and his army successfully overthrew the Islamic monarch ruling Iran.

    I can go on and on, but I’ll be exposing myself as a racist if I do so. I have no hatred towards Iran or Persians/Iranians, but your provocative statement forced my hand to respond.

    Mind it kindly.


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