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Let’s breach the head office of India’s enemies: its Parliament. पर्लिअमेंट में सेंघ लगाओ!

People keep complaining that they can't contest elections, that the corrupt – with muscle power and money – have taken over the parliament, and that it has lost legitimacy.

That is why, they tell me, India is supporting an unconstitutional movement for reform that over-rides the parliament.

Fine. I understand that.

Indeed, that's what I've written in BFN, that the laws of India ARE DESIGNED FOR CORRUPTION

I understand the anguish of those who find that their leaders are THOROUGH RASCALS.

I understand why Baba Ramdev wants to hang the corrupt, and why Anna Hazare wants to have a Jan Lokpal who will bring these parliamentarians to account. The parliament has lost its legitimacy in the eyes of millions of Indians.

But consider what I'm saying, for a moment.

Consider a महासंग्राम. Consider an ULTIMATE BATTLE against the corrupt. 

Consider a battle that doesn't BEG these rascals to give people the Lokpal. Consider a battle where we don't have to have Anna Hazare fast unto death in front of CORRUPT RASCALS.

Consider a battle that SUCCEEDS in winning a great future for you and your children.

Today the parliament is like a fort occupied by India's enemies. Inside it is the Congress – India's No.1 enemy, and BJP – which is not far behind.

And so, if your own representatives have become your No.1 enemy, then what should you do?

पर्लिअमेंट में सेंघ लगाओ!


Breach the parliament. Break into it. Become MPs yourself.

The only way to change India is to OVERTHROW THESE CORRUPT POLITICAL PARTIES. 

And to do that we need a good political party, that will bring INTEGRITY, PROSPERITY, AND FREEDOM TO INDIA.

We need a party that will bring CAPITALISM, not socialism, a party that will bring prosperity and honesty, not poverty and corruption.

And so, join the Freedom Team of India and let's launch a महासंग्राम.


Let's unite to BREAK INTO THE PARLIAMENT – through the hustings.

Let's DEFEAT these evil forces who govern India. It is a battle between the WHITE forces of good, and the BLACK forces of evil.

* * *

We want a Lokpal. And we SHALL have it. But without begging anyone.

But we want MUCH more than the Lokpal. We want a large PACKAGE OF REFORMS. We must deal with the causes of corruption, not just try to fix those who are already corrupt. We must ensure that the corrupt and criminals can't enter parliament in the first place.

To enact a PACKAGE OF REFORMS, we need to get elected ourselves, and we will then ENACT the entire package of reforms that India needs.

It is not that hard, really. It only needs one per cent of thousands of people who are currently running about in the streets in Ramdev's and Hazare's protest movements to join FTI. Once we have 1500 members ready to contest elections, we will start planning to contest parliamentary elections in 2014.

If you do that, and work together as a team, I promise you, I guarantee you – YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU WANT.

So don't be beggars. Don't plead in front of a THOROUGHLY CORRUPT MANMOHAN SINGH. This man doesn't deserve even the dust of your feet, of your chappal.


Join hands to OVERTHROW these rascals who are destroying India – through the hustings. Join FTI.

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8 thoughts on “Let’s breach the head office of India’s enemies: its Parliament. पर्लिअमेंट में सेंघ लगाओ!
  1. ramesh

    Great work!
    Let all those who like Anna and Ramdev and those who do not like these people publish the above article in their own blogs. Let the above article be given much publicity as possible in every way.
    Let us move in the direction so that we reach the destination surely.
    I hope Sabhlok won't mind if above article is copied on their own blogs whoever wish it.

  2. Sarath Chandra

    Yes  it is possible..  Even  the word IMPOSSIBLE  says  "  I   M     possible"..
    Shiv  Khera  too  tried  to  build  a political party  and  a  movement  called  "Country First"…..
    But  he  failed  and  left  disgusted…He  badly  lost  the parliamentay  election  and  ….

  3. Priya S

    I am quite inspired to join FTI…my big hesitation in contesting elections is that I might not be an effective leader/administrator. My intent is good but my knowledge of policy and governance is superficial at best. I will still give it a try…

  4. Sanjeev Sabhlok


    I am not Shiv Khera, but I know about his failure. His failure was entirely attributable to failure of strategy. He tried to contest elections without preparation. We need hundreds of leaders spread across India FIRST. Then policy agreements. Then prachar or publicity material and scripts. Then resources. Then reaching out door to door. Then contest elections – across the country in ALL constituencies.

    Anything less than that will fail. Guaranteed.

  5. Sanjeev Sabhlok


    When there is a will, there is a way. FTI builds leaders through interaction. It doesn’t take leadership as given. You’ll meet likeminded people on FTI. So try it out.


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