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Don’t taunt MPs, Kiran Bedi. If you can do better, show how it is done

Kiran Bedi said the other day: "India is Anna, Anna is India". Such glorification of anyone is totally inappropriate, and fortunately other members of IAC dissociated themselves with such claims.

Today, it has been reported that:

After meeting Hazare, the MPs [from BJP: Dilip Gandhi, Gopinath Munde and Ananth Kumar] had just begun speaking to reporters. Spotting them, Bedi snatched a towel from a compere on stage, pulled it over her face and compared MPs to newly-wed women who hid their faces behind veils. “Yeh neta ghunghat ke peeche shakal chhupaate hain. Sansad ke bahar kuchh bolte hain aur andar kuchh bolte hain. Inko boliye yeh sansad ke andar jo bolenge hum wahi sunenge.”

Cheered by the crowd, Bedi went on: “Inse puchhiye yeh kal kya kahenge (Ask them what are they going to say tomorrow).” At this, the crowd began chanting “chor chor… go back, go back”. The three leaders made a quick exit.
I didn't expect this from Kiran Bedi – that she'd come down to this level – of a petty demagogue.
I've noted here that this kind of language and actions might be acceptable if Bedi was contesting elections (although the idea of having any crowd call elected MPs "chors" is definitely inappropriate – regardless of the circumstance), but it is certainly not acceptable in her current role as a Gandhian. 
Next, this man Om Puri (a fine actor, no doubt, but this is not a movie but real life), said:
Om Puri said: “Yeh anpadh hain, inka kya background hai? Aadhe se zyaada MP ganwaar hain… hum dekhte hain TV pe, yeh kaise ladte hain House mein (They are illiterate, what is their background? More than half are rustic. On TV, we see them fighting in the House.”)
He then said that anybody who secures less than 60 per cent marks in an examination should be denied a chance to contest elections. “Before giving election tickets to anyone, we should make them take an exam. If they don’t score above 60 per cent, don’t give them a ticket,” he said.
“Yeh kya karte hain MP. Paanch saal tak aish karte hain, lootate hain desh ko… main jaanta hoon inko, inke gharon mein kya hai, mein jaanta hoon, aur inke background ko bhi (What do the MPs do? They enjoy the five years, loot the country. I know them, I know what they possess, I know their background).”
All this is going too far.
To both Kiran Bedi and Om Puri I say this: if you have it in you to do better than our current MPs, please step forward and contest elections and SHOW how it is done.
I would have invited you to join FTI but I'm getting a bit concerned about your approach. However, you can still consider applying, and FTI will consider your application. Or if you don't like liberty but are a socialist, then start a socialist party. Either way, enough of this throwing mud on India's democracy and circumventing its necessary discipline.
You don't do India any favours by undermining its democratic institutions built brick by brick over the past 60 years.

Om Puri regrets making derogatory remarks against politicians

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10 thoughts on “Don’t taunt MPs, Kiran Bedi. If you can do better, show how it is done
  1. nidhi

    I simply fail to understand your critisism about kiran bedi and also your belief in Swami Agnivesh.
    I mean look at this guy.why the hell he had to come in media and backstab .he could have kept his mouth shut for greater cause but ofcourse that is expected from people of high moral values.
    and why you belief that only selected members have the right to convey their thoughts and not unelected members.what  me and you doing here .are you not conveying your thinking to millions when they read your was simple choice of people for come or not to come in ramlila maidan.And their was nothing untrue in any of Bedi's statements she made. and she has moral credibilty to do so.
    These politisians did not even took  24 hrs when they increased their salaries but could not pass a bill for 42 years .
    I am not worried if thisbill will do any good or not but for sure if is a lesson for all deaf corrupted politicians who are unfortunately elected.
    civil society  has  done marvellous job of bringing masses together  for single cause .
    I strongly oppose you when  You say that People like Bedi have to go for election if they need to play the role they are playing. As the resposible citizen every one has that right and can do if masses are their to agree.

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Dear Nidhi

    I’m not denying anyone a right to speak, and indeed, if Kiran was doing this as part of a political movement I would even understand. Politics is hands on and yes, some dramatics may be appropriate.

    My concern is very similar to the concern I had with Ramdev’s movement. If these people are not INTO POLITICS, then they are must understand that they are basically under-selling themselves. They should enter politics IF THEY ARE BETTER THAN THE MPs – as they claim they are.

    I’m calling out from a long time for good people to come together and DEFEAT these corrupt forces.



    I DON’T CRITICISE idly. I seek solutions. I’m offering solutions – MUCH BETTER solutions. But we need a strong team of leaders to do so.


  3. Priya Shivani

    Sanjeev, agreed that demeaning and criticizing is not a long term solution. But both Kiran Bedi and Om Puri excelled in their respective fields, and they have the right to criticize people who don't excel in theirs. They made very good points, though expressed a bit theatrically. Politics may not be their forte so they certainly wont contest elections. When Om Puri says that there should be an exam for contestants, he is emphasizing the need for educated (and therefore principled) leaders. He is urging people to know who they vote for, to be more aware and not be lured by cheap election time tricks. He is a great actor, but he may not be the greatest leader, so let's look elsewhere for leaders for the country.

  4. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Are you the leader, Priya? I think this search for leaders must begin within ourselves. If everyone says “I’m not suitable”, then we hand over to the thugs who rule us. Is that the way a democracy is to function?

  5. priya shivani

    yes I hope to be a leadr. My application is with the fti. Have rdviewd the website but need some time o study the suggested readings to understand the ideology well. Currently reading bfn and planning to read other works soon. 


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