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BJP is 100 per cent corrupt. Please don’t pull wool over our eyes, Advani

One corrupt leader after another pretends that corruption doesn't exist.

Taking the example of Gujarat, Advani also said that there would be no corruption if the senior leadership was clean and effective. 

"Practically speaking, Gujarat does not have any Lokpal bill. But there is no corruption there. Because if the senior leadership is upright and clean, there will be no corruption," he said. [Source]

The reality is that Gujarat government PROMISED to have a Lokayukta in 2008 to the High court, but has REFUSED to have one because its Ministers who are deeply involved in land and other scandals will go behind the bars.

Not ONE step has been taken by any political party to reduce corruption over the past 60 years. 

And now they act as if they were saints!

Very cute!



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5 thoughts on “BJP is 100 per cent corrupt. Please don’t pull wool over our eyes, Advani
  1. Manoj

    Your earlier posts on classical libertarian economics were educative at times and mildly amusing at others. But the latest ones like this fall under the class of rants. You are arrogant and don’t even realize you contradict your own stands – does the term ‘strawman’ ring a bell?

    To simplify, the logic is the same as asking if you have a full-time policeman stationed in your home? If you don’t, you must be committing unspeakable crimes at home !! Sad to see someone with your knowledge and exposure is have the same level of reasoning and learning ability as that of ‘Indians’ whom you criticize with gay abandon.

    Much more sarcastic language comes to mind, I will refrain from using it, and ask you what is your source of information on the corrupt BJP in Gujarat, since it’s obviously superior to all the sources being frantically sifted by both Congress AND the Advani camp in BJP for the past decade.


  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    BJP MPs and MLAs use HUGE amounts of black money to contest elections and are 100 per cent corrupt.

    Didn’t you know that?

    I challenge ANYONE in BJP to assert that they do not use 100s of crores of black money during elections.


  3. Manoj


    Thanks for replying. While I am not blind to say Modi is winning on love and affection alone, my provocateur post was to express a much bigger concern – while someone else intelligent and patriotic has understood a part of the problem, just as you have done, none of these smart men make an effort to reconcile and collaborate with people who have similar intentions, quibbling on whether the monster before us has to be shot by a AK-47 or a 303, while the monster continues to swallow Indians at an unprecedented rate for 6 decades !!

    Granted that some of Kejriwal’s ideas are utopian, but then some of yours are too. It shouldn’t stop me from supporting him, as I support you and think of how we can align these thoughts and get enough elephant slayers together, rather than get into over-drive on criticism.

    Never does a perfect world pop-in – it has to be built brick by painstaking brick, so future generations of Indians praise us, not curse us – we owe it to our children. I would like to contribute towards the massive collaboration this requires, as the damage is deep and continuing.


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