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Beware acupuncture – a sham

I had the misfortune of being in such bad shape with RSI between late 1998 and late 2002 – with medical "experts" not having the SLIGHTEST clue about how to treat it – that I was forced to try out virtually everything under the sun before I finally worked out (myself) the cure.

My RSI cure site is the most popular on google – if you type in "rsi cure" or "cure rsi". Indeed, if you've had RSI you have almost certainly visited my site by now – a site built using only critical thinking and careful analysis – a site that helps  – free of cost – thousands of people across the world. Knowledge is power, and the knowledge I provide on on my website about curing RSI is powerful – because it is TRUE. Use it, if you ever experience RSI.

But now about acupuncture.

During that period when I had no choice but to try out everything under the sun, I paid a LOT of money to get acupuncture "treatment" and drink Chinese medicine. If I tell you the amount I spent, you're mind will boggle.

But none of this Chinese stuff worked. So, on my website I wrote, many years ago, about things that don't work, here:

These following ‘specialists’ are TOTALLY IGNORANT !!! about RSI: General practitioners (MBBS, MDs etc.), hand surgeons, neuro-specialists, occupational physicians, chiropractors, acupuncturists, homeopaths, physiotherapists, kineseologists, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Sarno’s TMS, etc. 

Well, I now have formal confirmation that acupuncture is a sham.

“The traditional principles of acupuncture are deeply flawed, as there is no evidence at all to demonstrate the existence of Ch’I or meridians.”

“By focusing on the increasing number of high-quality research papers, reliable conclusions from systematic reviews make it clear that acupuncture does not work for a whole range of conditions, except as a placebo. Hence, if you see acupuncture being advertised by a clinic, then you can assume that it does not really work, except possibly in the treatment of some types of pain and nausea.” [from the book, Trick or Treatment? Alternative Medicine on Trial, by Edzard Ernst and Simon Singh] – source.

(I don't know what these "possible" types of pain or nausea are – I'm very suspicious about such provisos).

Btw, I have discussed Edzard Ernst's work earlier on this blog, as well.

So, dear friend, if you live in India or elsewhere, never imagine that phenomenon which can't be explained by science can possibly exist. For they don't. 

I was a fool to waste my money (and time) on acupuncture. But I had no choice. There was no knowledge about how to cure RSI in those bad old days – till I discovered the cure.

But you have the benefit of observing the results of my foolishness – and CONCLUSIVE scientific proof – to learn from. So shun acupuncture. 

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