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The UK Met office spits the dummy. The sun does CAUSE climate.

Finally, a few weeks ago, even the Meterological Office in UK has spit the dummy and spoken the truth (something smothered by the CO2 fanatics). The SUN makes a big difference to global temperatures.

Scientists at the Met Office and elsewhere are beginning [!!!!] to understand the effect of the 11-year solar cycle on climate. When sunspots and other solar activity are at a minimum, the effect is similar to that of El Niño: more easterly winds and cold winter weather for Britain.
We now believe that [the solar cycle] accounts for 50 per cent of the variability from year to year,” says Scaife. With solar physicists predicting a long-term reduction in the intensity of the solar cycle – and possibly its complete disappearance for a few decades, as happened during the so-called Maunder Minimum from 1645 to 1715 – this could be an ominous signal for icy winters ahead, despite global warming. [Source]
I have written quite a bit on this simple truth about the role of the sun – see this for instance. I can't fathom why more focus is not being given to study the effects of the sun on climate. Why this blind focus on CO2 (which has SIGNIFICANT beneficial effects on crop production, and has very limited capacity to heat the climate given it is FOOD for plants, animals, and bacteria, and is at a concentration where further greenhouse effects are MINIMAL)?
I trust given this WIDELY AVAILABLE information – that even the Met Office in UK admits that the sun matters, would it be too much to expect those who are fanatically working to impose all kinds of taxes on the community to "solve" a NON-PROBLEM, to pause and think again?
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4 thoughts on “The UK Met office spits the dummy. The sun does CAUSE climate.
  1. chaitanya

    Hi Sanjeev, can you please point to any of your posts where you clearly establish beyond doubt that new CO2 added to atmosphere is a "NON-PROBLEM". If there is no such post already, may i request you to prepare one for the benefit of everyone.

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Dear Chaitanya

    I've clearly established – to my satisfaction (and I have a VERY high standard of proof) that increased CO2 is not only a non-problem, it creates a NET BENEFIT for mankind – AND all life on earth.

    I've cited numerous references – please search (on the top right hand side) for CO2 and you'll get plenty of references. Also check the CO2 tag. Time permitting I'll start a separate page on this subject on which I'm convinced beyond reasonable doubt that we are being taken for a BIG ride by IPCC.


  3. Supratim

    Thanks, Sanjeev, for posting this.
    About time, I think, that the Malthusians of Climate change "science" are found out.


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