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Radio host in Australia calls India a “shithole” – thanks for “strengthening” the India-Australia relationship

Thanks to Yadu Singh for alerting me to this very stupid radio host, Kyle Sandilands. [official site here]

Listen to him here (40 seconds) on yesterday's radio.

First he DEGRADES the whole of India into a toilet, then he goes on blathering RUBBISH about the Ganges and the people of India who bathe in the Ganges.

(Fortunately, Jackie was sensible. Good on her.) 

Why do I care about such totally stupid people? I don't.

I know that plenty of such people exist in Australia and elsewhere, but to have an ill-informed fool like Kyle paid by some radio company to prattle like a total idiot and to CONFIRM to thousands of listeners their stupid beliefs is an issue. Not for me. But for his employer. This crass fool is fit to be fired, and sent to school.  

Yes, there is free speech. And so fools should have a right to express their foolish views freely. Whether their employer pays them to prattle, is also the employers' business. If there is a market for such fools, then such fools will be promoted up the ladder.

But I would have FIRED this fool Kyle immediately had I owned a radio station. 

There are stupidities of this kind that spread GREAT ill-will, and confirm the many existing beliefs of people. I've formed seriously adverse views about Australian "soft" racism, and this radio commentary confirms that such beliefs are widespread. For instance, I've met MANY ignorant and arrogant people in top positions in Australia. And I've seen and heard pretty much similar things about India from highly educated Australians, a few outstanding exceptions notwithstanding (I therefore don't intend to generalise about Australia).

With such people presenting DIRECT PROOF about widely shared Australian attitudes to India, how does Australia EVER hope to build good relationships with what is almost certain, in the coming decades, to become the world's largest economy for the rest of mankind's history?

Does Australia NOT want Indian tourists? Does Australia NOT want Indian investment? Does Australia want to have itself dogged by claims of being a boorish, ignorant, racist nation for ever?

I've experienced AGONISING ignorance about India (and this radio show conforms it), and that is NOT TENABLE. 

I suggest that this fool, Kyle be sacked. And that Australia start teaching its students about India. 



Additional note: In the past many incidents have been often imaginary (or accidental), whereas this case is not an accident. It is a genuine reflection of the attitudes many Australians have about India. There is is no good faith involved in Kyle's misrepresentation of Australia.


Govt approves World Bank assistance to clean Ganga. The World Bank will support India by providing technical assistance and financing of one billion dollars Submitted on 09/23/2011


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11 thoughts on “Radio host in Australia calls India a “shithole” – thanks for “strengthening” the India-Australia relationship
  1. Sanjeev Sabhlok
    (From FAcebook) Only yesterday, I read an article in Sydney Morning Herald about Media Authority in Australia to investigate comments by Alan Jones on Climate change (link below). The article states that "Under the commercial broadcasting code of conduct, broadcasters are 
    required to make reasonable efforts to ensure that factual material is
    accurate, and are given 30 days to make a correction after they receive 
    an initial complaint".​ness/media-and-marketing/m​edia-authority-to-investig​ate-complaint-about-jones-​comment-20110727-1i0bg.htm​l

    I hope that radio station will apologises about these stupid infactual comments by Kyle

  2. Harsh Vora

    Himanshu — Where in Bhagavad Gita is it mentioned that we should forgive 100 mistakes? On the contrary, Krishna asks Arjuna to relinquish feverishness and ignorance and proactively fight for righteousness. Unfortunately, we have become utterly passive over the years. We don't prefer to step out of our homes and combat corruption. We don't prefer to combat ignorance by actively reading books that teach us good policies. I would suggest that you stop citing from things (in this case, Gita) you are unsure about!!!

  3. Yadu Singh

    Kyle Sandilands makes anti-India comments and then even brings River Ganges into it, ridiculing beliefs and practices of Hinduism.
    Not acceptable to me and my friends.
    We have lodged a complaint with the Station manager, 2Day FM. Let us see what they do. We will pursue it to its logical end.
    Dr Yadu Singh
    President, Council of Indian Australians Inc
    Sydney, Australia

  4. Patrick

    This person Kyle Sandilands has caused hype in Australia too by insulting people that are obese and even made up "jokes" about the Jewish holocaust he really is an idiot even most Australians think he is an idiot. I really hope the international relations between Australia and India can be kept stable it would benefit both countries immensely. India is one of the largest economies in the world today and Australia can assist by providing uranium for its nuclear reactors and reasonable prices and investing in Indian businesses so Australian dollars can be moved through the Indian economy. i really hope we can learn to live with each other's cultural difference's and i would like to say sorry to all Indians for this deeply offensive and horrible remark. India is a wonderful country with wonderful culture and people and in true Aussie style.  this guy needs to shut-up and stop being a jerk!!!

  5. Name

    Yadu: Choose your issues/battles carefully.  In this case, by making a mountain out of a molehill, you have already lost the battle and done a disservice to India. 

  6. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I disagree. This is the more visible part of Australia’s underbelly – soft racism and poor knowledge about India. Yadu has done the right thing, and I’m fully behind him.

  7. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Wild and baseless slander is a symptom of an underlying disease of stereotyping. To label AN ENTIRE NATION this way – and to supplement it through extremely ill-informed and offensive comments re: the Ganges river to support this stereotyping, is only possible when you look down upon an ENTIRE NATION.

    That, in my view, is evidence of deep ignorance, educational system failure, and arrogance – typical associates of what I call soft racism. This kind of thinking underpins the SIGNIFICANT DISCRIMINATION that many Indians undergo in Australia.

    Such rubbish must be nipped in the bud – by booting out Kyle and letting him go to school and get some education.

  8. Yanqui Desh

    If i was a radio jock who wants to get ratings by shocking my listeners, i would probably say Aussies are a bunch of inbred mongrels descended from scum who were too shitty to be held in English prisons. Should the Aussies ask for my apology and sue me for my "brilliance"? Didnt a wise man once say "dogs may bark, but elephants dont pay heed" or something to that effect?
    This is needless over-sensitivity to a silly issue. We Indians need to grow a thick skin and focus on fixing whats really wrong (starting with the filth in the Ganga)

  9. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Dear Yanqui

    I would not publish your kind of language lest it be implied that I support such sentiments. Let me make clear that not all Australians are like Kyle. Not all are ignorant. So I do not agree with your tone about “Aussies”.

    This is not Kyle’s problem, though. He has been made ignorant by an education system that does not teach anything sensible about India, and by a press that highlights only the shortcomings of India. They don’t show the Infosys campus in Bengluru or talk about the many other positives of India.

    The problem with Kyle is that he is allowed to talk such ignorant garbage and get away with it be merely issuing an “apology”. How facile.

    And no, if India does not FIGHT BACK against such comments, such sentiments will further gain fire. Yes, you are right that India should fix what is wrong (and I disagree that Ganga is as polluted as is claimed by some – Rajiv Gandhi poured hundreds of crores of rupees of infrastructure in the 1980s to fix the pollution problem in the Ganges, and no, organic waste is NOT pollution. It may not be very pretty, but it is PERFECTLY FINE. The river can absorb all of it, and flourish – as it has for thousands of years. So let’s be very clear that it is only INDUSTRIAL waste that is a concern, and Kyle was not talking about that – for that would imply that India was in its early stages of industrialisation, and Kyle doesn’t even know that.

    Kyle’s ignorant remarks must be condemned by any right thinking person – but not all Aussies are such fools like him.



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