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I’m am amateur and I delight in it

Here's a record of an interesting conversation on FB:

Nizam Ahmad (on FB) cited the following extract from my book, BFN:

"India chose the failed and disastrous model of socialism, a model that only failed countries have followed so far, such as the erstwhile USSR and its satellite states, North Korea and Cuba. We are no longer obliged to follow the worst ideas of mankind, just because Nehru and his followers advocated them". 

[Note, Mr. Nizam Ahmed is the founder of MOER, the free market think tank of Bangladesh, and is a good friend from many years]

One Mr. Nazmul Karim ‎joined in thus:

……….to every opinion there is an alternative idea and to every thought there can be a different view……this is quite an amateurish analysis by mr. sabhlok, an amateurish writer.

Nizam Ahmad responded:

NK: Is this your comment or Sanjeev's. Btw, Sanjeev is not a professional writer but he has the passion for 'freedom' that is denied or misunderstood due to dominant ideological pitch in India. There are a handful of such ‘freedom’ intellectuals/thinkers in India. He is quite an inspiration!

Nazmul Karim added:

That was my comment on sabhlok's remark. …. well I somehow never weigh the opinions of all these ex or retired bureaucrats . We have some ex s in Bangladesh continuously talking nonsense and only after they are out of job they have the solution of all problems on earth. 

Nizam Ahmad responded:

Well, our ex bureaucrats believe they are gods or that they had descended from above for our benefit. I mean the CSPs who were not as meritorious or as better trained than our dads were who came from the British period when quality of training, selection, or education was much superior to that of Pakistan & its CSP cadre. But, Ayub wanted to rule through a young cadre service and the whole country fell for it.

However, this person is not quite a bureaucrat & quit much before retirement.

My response:

Indeed, Nizam, I'm guilty as charged – of being an amateur. I might add that the truth is the truth regardless of who says it. And falsehoods, false regardless of the authority cited, so I’d prefer my work to be reviewed on CONTENT not on my “authority”.

A study of history shows that MOST significant work has been contributed by amateurs – those who did not take their “professional” status seriously enough to choke their curiosity. I delight in being considered an amateur. I see myself as a wholistic human being, whose exceptional academic qualifications and competitive achievements matter zilch. I treat “experts” with great critical scrutiny and demand evidence even from God (should such an entity exist). I still don’t know almost anything, and look forward to the day when mankind will know more.

Finally, a quick note. I resigned – not retired, from India’s most presitigious and elite service. And left it without anything in my hand: no private sector job, nothing. Just walked off. Ready to work as a manual labourer, if needed. I don’t know if this info will help Mr.Karim, but look, let’s not debate a non-issue about my career. 

The only thing that matters is: Have I EVER said ANYTHING incorrect? Anywhere?? That’s the question. If I did, I'd like to know so I can correct my incorrect knowledge and move closer to the truth.

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2 thoughts on “I’m am amateur and I delight in it
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