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Freedom News: Morality of Capitalism

Here's an email I received from Tom Palmer, Executive Vice President of Atlas Foundation. In response I've posted the link to the Morality of Capitalism book on my blog (right hand side, bottom). I'm now also providing this info to the readers of this blog as part of Freedom News series that I've begun.

The Morality of Capitalism project

Dear Sanjeev,  

Capitalism needs you. It suffers from inept, incompetent, and weak-kneed defenses. It's blamed for everything bad that ever happens, and never gets the credit for the good it creates. It's lifted hundreds and hundreds of millions of people out of poverty, but it's hated for "creating inequality."  

We could blame the intellectuals, academia, the media, radicalized trust fund babies with money to burn…. but I want to be honest with you. In fact, we're to blame. We simply must do a better job of explaining the morality of capitalism and motivating our friends, our children, our co-workers, our students, our families and our businesses to stand up for property, for freedom of exchange, for entrepreneurial freedom, and forcapitalism.  
This year we're rolling out a major program to defend capitalism vigorously – it is not only more efficient, but it is as morally superior to socialism and interventionism. We need your help to unlock a substantial sum of money with which to do it.  
Atlas's  "Morality of Free Enterprise" project will:
  • Put 100,000 copies of our new book The Morality of Capitalism in the hands of students across the U.S., Canada and Europe with our partner Students for Liberty, to counter the relentless propaganda they get from their teachers. The Moralityof Capitalism includes brand new material from pro-capitalism writers who are fighting for capitalism in China, Russia, and Africa and who make our case with a rigor and power that American students will appreciate;
  • Sponsor essay contests in 13 languages to encourage young people all over the world to read – for the first time – the best arguments for the morality ofcapitalism; and then – of even greater importance – to think through them, to weigh them, and then to articulate their own arguments for capitalism;
  • Identify the best students through the essay contestsand bring them to Freedom Schools to increase both their understanding of and their ability to debate, defend and upholdcapitalism.
  • Translate the best arguments for capitalism into Russian, Chinese, Arabic, and many other languages and publish them in books, online, and in the popular press;
  • Create dozens of videos that will reach hundreds of thousands of people with short, engaging, and clear arguments for liberty (our first one, The Morality ofProfit has had over 20,000 views in just a couple of weeks);and
  • Bring the message directly to hundreds of thousands of young people on their campuses, by organizing Freedom-on-the-Road tours to campuses worldwide.
  • More information is available in this brochure.
We have a lot of intellectual power on our side. The Morality of Capitalism contains essays by philosophers and economists, activists and writers, and includes contributions by two Nobel Prize winners: Vernon Smith (Economics) and Mario Vargas Llosa (Literature).  
Vargas Llosa is Atlas's Temple Leadership Fellow and a champion in the global fight forcapitalism.  He's bold and unafraid, and he has the stature to retake the moral heights from the anti-capitalists.  
Vargas Llosa is not alone. We work with thousands of people – mainly young and all energetic – who believe in capitalism. They want to take the battle to the enemy and to assail them in their securest strongholds on the moral high ground, from which they have dictated the terms of the debate for generations.  
I'm writing to ask you to help our young colleagues to do the job. We're working in the US, Canada and Europe with the Students for Liberty to put our book The Morality ofCapitalism in the hands of college and high school students.
A grant from the John Templeton Foundation got the program started. We've laid the groundwork. Now comes the delivery stage. Your help is needed to put the books in the hands of students, put the videos on their computer screens, and bring a "Freedom Bus" directly to their campuses.
I know that we won't win this battle overnight. The enemies of capitalism are well funded and accustomed to controlling the terms of the debate. Fighting againstcapitalism is a career for them. But for those very reasons, I think we can win.  
We've got the facts, the arguments, and justice on our side. We've got the message.  We've got the people. We've got the energy. We need your help to unlock the funds that will do the job.
I encourage you to make a tax-deductible investment in Atlas's global campaign to defend free market capitalism. Your investment will be doubled thanks to the support ofanother Atlas supporter. Please act today.
Dr. Tom G. Palmer
Executive Vice President

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