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Can India catch up? Can Australia (or the West, more broadly) do better?

I've done some more work on a talk which I gave in March, and a second talk in July:

a) Can India catch up? (March 5, 2011)

b) Can India catch up? Can Australia do better? (June 1, 2011) (with draft Powerpoint slides).

I've polished up the slides CONSIDERABLY (here) now. 

Download these slides by clicking anywhere in the image below. Note: there are a lot of images and animation, so the PPT is 7 MB.

can india catch up?

As usual, comments appreciated. Also, happy to give a talk on this subject in Melbourne.


In these slides I refer to Detroit which lost 25% of its population in the last 10 years. Well, its houses also lost 55% of their value in the past few years (data).





India’s long-term growth potential and the implications for Australia by Ben Ralston, Wilson Au-Yeung and Bill Brummitt

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8 thoughts on “Can India catch up? Can Australia (or the West, more broadly) do better?
  1. ramesh

    Dear Sabhlok,
    Indeed excellent work!
    Can you precisely point out the exact factors which block the innovation and limit the things tried in r/o Freedom and Liberty in India (precise govt policies- interfering policies; interfering regulation; contracts not enforced;  interfering religious beliefs; insufficient value placed on science and critical thinking etc and host of others) and to what extent these have affected it? Of course you might have detailed the same in BFN and DoF. But can you point out here precisely for quick reference and easy convincing? That will be quite relevant here and may encourage reading the same (BFN, DoF) to all the novice ones in turn.
    Are not there sufficient experts and intelligentsias in the Government who can be convinced with these? What were the results of the earlier efforts with details of counter arguments and arguments? I know it is big and basic question but thought it relevant to repeat it here in anticipation of good basic knowledge of economics and may unveil subtle issues related to it.

    Of course I have not studied the economics from the professional point of view so these queries.

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Dear Ramesh
    The entire book, BFN is about these factors. I’m unable to type it out again, here. If people are so lazy that they can’t read a short book, so be it.

  3. ramesh

    Dear Sabhlok,
    You are right! People are definitely lazy for obvious reasons.
    We understand your own theory and agree with it almost. However can you point out how you were counteracted while discussing the above things with the opposite experts and how you failed to convince the same to them e.g. with Loksatta, Jago party, Professionals party etc etc if any? This will help us to know the reality and how the people think upon it in preference to you own theory. Please see emphasise here. As per my knowledge BFN doesn't cover it. If so, may you point out the exact chapter numbers or other links if any precise?

  4. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Ramesh, it is not my "theka" to convince everyone. If people are interested in finding out, they'll explore everything, including my book/s. 

    Let's move on. I honestly have more useful things to do than to persuade you. Please find out the answers for yourself by reading not just my work, but everything else you can lay your hands on. I'm not a messiah nor saviour, just an ordinary human like anyone else (and with significant RSI and other problems that I can't possibly type everything 1 billion times, one for each person of India who asks me.

    Thereafter, after you've understood the policy problems in India that destroy liberty, you'll be able to explain to the people when they ask.


  5. Ramesh

    Dear Sabhlok,
    Re: I honestly have more useful things to do than to persuade you.
    I wish myself a leader in making and assume that The test of a leader lies in his persuasion skills. I wanted to know your own style in r/o above subjects only to see if I myself could have assimilated it well in my own personality.  Leadership is tested during “Ego clashes”, I wished to know your those particular personal experiences and your handling of the same in such cases and not just the routine subjects as an innate friend.
    Essence is to apologies for having troubled you.

  6. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Dear Ramesh
    Don’t worry about my leadership skills. Worry about your own. And note this is NOT and never can be (for me!) an ego clash. I’m just too blunt for most people to understand. You don’t understand my constraints and demand things from me. That wont’ happen. You put your own homework, please.

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