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BJP is totally corrupt – not just Congress

Many a time people claim that the Congress is corrupt but apparently BJP is not. Modi (the possible murderer) is cited. An honest murderer?

The reality is obviously different, and I've pointed it out repeatedly over that past 13 years. (recent example here). I don't need to rub it in, but the facts speak for themselves (and such "findings" are always the tip of the iceberg given corruption is always subtle and "under the table"):

Mr. Hegde said the inquiry conducted by his team revealed two instances of violations by the Chief Minister and his family. The first pertained to the case “of a company that is dealing in iron, which made a donation of Rs. 10 crore to a trust managed by family members of the Chief Minister.” Terming the payment “abnormal,” he said: “The company, which made the donation, was itself not financially strong or stable.”
The second case pertained to the purchase of a one-acre plot at Rachenahalli, for which the same company paid the trust an inflated price. “The company paid Rs. 20 crore, whereas, according to the guidance value, the land [price] could not have been more than Rs.1.25 crore or Rs.1.40 crore.”
Mr. Hegde said the investigation “showed a lot of discrepancies.” “The evidence led to the incontrovertible conclusion on my part that these payments have been made for reasons other than genuine…” [Source]
Well, guess what – such things are common practices among ALL politicians in India (save the unsuccessful, like Sharad Joshi and JP of Loksatta- leaving aside parties and independents who did not even get elected). For instance Mr Hiteswar Saikia, a mere school teacher (or some such thing, I now forget), became SUPER-RICH immediately after joining politics. He shamelessly built a mansion just across Dispur, the capital of Assam. And of course no one caught him. But I PERSONALLY know of his total corruption. Everything in his government was contaminated.

The reality is that ONLY the corrupt can join India's politics. That has been explained very clearly in BFN. That is the entry price for a ticket to politics in India.

I can say that I have worked with NUMEROUS politicians in my life and have only heard of one who was honest but that was in the pre-Indira Gandhi era – Sarat Chandra Sinha, a man I knew (because he was MLA from a constituency in the district I was Additional Deputy Commissioner in the 1980s, but never worked under. But that era of such giants passed India long ago. But note that he was a socialist, so his being honest was ultimately pointless – for he helped make the whole country dishonest. 
The solution to this? A radical systematic change. 

Who's going to do it? The Freedom Team of India. No one else on the horizon seems to have even the slightest clue about how to change this situation.


Dust in your eyes (re: B.S. Yeddyurappa).

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6 thoughts on “BJP is totally corrupt – not just Congress
  1. Shekhar

    I have 2 things to say
    1.  The Municipal Corporations are as corrupt as the political parties, if not more. This is visible through poor quality of infrastructure, health, etc ( inspite of promising decent civic amenities to the public during polls & charging them heavy tax amount for the same..)
    2. The corrupt have become fearless as there is no proper execution of laws to punish the guilty & even the opposition parties are as corrupt as the ruling party, if not more..All we can do is to be satisfied if the leader/ MP of our region is relatively less corrupt than others, as put by me in my article "Power of Relativity"

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok


    I’m afraid that is a cynical and defeatist perspective. If you can offer better governance then join politics.

    Else the voter doesn’t need your “advice” on how to pick relatively better candidates. They have done that since 1950.


  3. Shekhar

    Even I am afraid it is a realistic perspective sir..
    Your "Freedom Team of India" is far too idealistic in nature..
    One can join politics but unfortunately one innocent person in the sea of corrupt cannot make much difference..
    Waiting for your "Advice" on how to offer better governance…


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