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Shekhar Gupta turns out to be a useless Congress lackey, after all. I’m switching him off.

A few days ago, Supratim suggested that Shekhar Gupta is a sensible Indian journalist. I tried out a few of his articles, and today, read this one. I'm sorry, Supratim, but I'm done with this fool. He makes the most absurd statements!

(a) "Over the past three weeks I have been stopped by ordinary people at airports, in shopping malls, at a petrol pump, in a spiritual ashram, at the national athletic games in Bangalore and so on with a question that seems to have become a clamour: why are you in the media so scared of the Gandhis? Why is no one exposing their humongous stash overseas? It is all bunkum, of course"

(b) Re: MMS "He is still trusted and respected as one of our most selfless, honest leaders ever."

I'm sorry, Supratim, but I'm getting out of this guy's RSS feed right now! He showed promise in his previous article that I thought was otherwise brilliant – despite strong pro-Congress proclivities which I pointed out. I thought he was talking some sense – which is a rarity in an Indian journalist. But this article is BEYOND ridiculous.

Shekhar thinks that people of India are fooled so easily! (I had used stronger words earlier, but a friend suggested I don't have to do that to get my message across. I agree.) He is writing as if he were paid to prepare a defence of the Congress "high command" in the media. I don't say he is being paid but by making such statements he is displaying ZERO interest in finding out the truth. At one time there was a man called Arun Shourie who headed Indian Express. What happened to that independence? That courage?

The Congress is THE MOST THOROUGHLY CORRUPT ENTITY – perhaps the most corrupt of any country, and MMS heads this THOROUGHLY CORRUPT ENTITY in Parliament. How in heaven's name can this man MMS be even REMOTELY considered honest? And how does Shekhar so blithely dismiss the foreign holdings of the leaders of Congress? What nonsense does Shekhar spout.

I'm off Indian journalists, Supratim. They are all lackeys of one party or other.

No one has the courage to put out an independent opinion, the unadulterated truth. We are left to our own devices (and experience).

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7 thoughts on “Shekhar Gupta turns out to be a useless Congress lackey, after all. I’m switching him off.
  1. Supratim

    Just saw this post, Sanjeev, on Shekhar Gupta.
    I fully agree with your second comment – about Gupta's gratuitous freeie to MMS – who, in India, really holds MMS to be honest any longer??? But, it could also be seen as a further suggestion to MMS to speak up, instead of staying silent – similar to pleas from people (mainly the middle-class)  who believed in MMS in the past.
    RE: your first comment – I think that is pulled out of context. Gupta is talking about the conspiracy theories, when he says bunkum – to take that and imply that he is rubbishing the swiss banks issue is a huge stretch. Given the amount of conspiracy theories that float around in India, it is not an invalid remark.
    I have heard Gupta speak in semi-public gatherings on a few occasions (both paid and unpaid speaker slots) – and he does not pull any punches. If anything, he can be accused of a BJP bias, not a Congress one.
    On balance, having read Gupta for the past 7-8 years, I still hold him to the most thoughtful and incisive print journalist in india, among political commentators.

  2. Sameer

    The only journalist I respect (I've used the word on purpose) today is P.Sainath. He's apolitical to the core, despite an ideological bent to the left. Though to his credit, I have not come across a single write-up of his (and I've been reading him for close to 20 years now) where he has praised the reds. He's objective, observant & has a lovely sense of humour. His columns can be read here.

  3. Raghav

    These Political journalist always has Political affirmation but I really want your interview with shekhar Gupta. I want your interview with all the famous journalist. You are the only unapologetic Right wing Economists party. There are number of people waiting for Right wing Economists party in India and you are hiding somewhere at the bottom with your ego. Come at the top and stop wasting time.

    The only way you will able to propogate your ideas through large number of people when you come on TV channels and media channel such as Print, Lallantop etc. I wish you come to media channel and expose yourself in political arena and give interview through that large number of people will know you and fund your party.

    Please please please please please. It’s a request

  4. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I do what I can. I don’t mind interviews but no journalist wants to do them. I’m focusing on building other leaders for India, e.g. Anil Ghanwat, Rabi Kant Bharti.

  5. Raghav

    You have interesting story, you have a vision, You have an intellect, you know inside out about India’s problem since you have worked in Indian Administration. You run a party which is the only Capitalist party in the country. Everything is unique about your party.

    Everyone would want to have an interview with you every famous journalist. Even the popular Youtubers would like to have you on their platform.

    I wish you will be Popular and the only way you would be popular, if you come to the camera regularly, then many people would join your party.

    Especially people desperately want a right wing Economic party but they never heard of you because you don’t come on the camera. I gave your manifesto to some of my friend and they all like it.

    Please do come on the mainstream TV channels and have approach Popular YouTube channel to propogate your ideas. (Lower down the ego and think for bigger picture)

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