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Reverting to an “occasional” blog

I started this blog a few years ago on "blogspot". I used to post a few things once in a while out of curiosity. Not a serious piece of work, it was truly an "occasional" blog. It was lucky to get 30 visits on a busy day. Mostly 5-6 random vists per day. 

But by mid-2010 I thought I'd try making this into an active blog, just to see what happens – and whether my message can reach out further than simply through writing books. It was in June 2010, an year ago, that I shifted this blog from blogspot to this domain, and then began posting pretty regularly, sometimes even 5 times a day. But it was a huge learning experience. I had to learn so much from scratch, including things like web security (which I've not at all mastered, given its complexity). 

Despite a spate of hacking and phishing attacks, and all kinds of teething troublses, I've managed to post over 600 blog posts over the past year. And so on average well over 2,000 unique visitors visit this blog today compared with the average of 5-6, a few years ago. 

But my goal is not to be a blogger. I'm here to spread the message of liberty and to find good leaders. I should re-focus on these goals.

The completeion of one year's work is a good time to refocus and review my priorities.

1) My health has suffered intensely ever since 1998 when I took it upon myself to change India thorugh the political process (not by myself, but by finding people like myself and working together with them) – but only had a computer and the internet to start putting the change into motion. I basically hammered my body's capacities to the total limit. But our bodies are quite delicate. They have limitations, and demand attention. I need to devote more time to health.

2) Further, I have been hoping to finish DOF soon. It was supposed to finish last year, but even this year it looks like it won't finish, because of the enormous amount of time I've spent blogging. That's not good enough. Even though not many people read books, it is DOF that represents my philolsophy in detail and I must finish it and try to get it published.

Indeed, I stopped writing my montly article in Freedom First a few months ago on the ground that I wanted to spend time on DOF. Now it is time to reduce the distraction of an active blog, and re-focus on DOF. 

In other words, this blog is now reverting back to what it was at one time – an occasional blog; at least till I finish DOF.

I'll continue posting but far less than I currently do. Perhaps I'll now post once or twice a week – or most likely, less than that. We'll see how it goes. I don't want people to think I'm a blogger. I'm not. I'm a doer. I'm building an alternative government for India – through a systematic process, e.g. on FTI. I'm not a member of India's fertile chattering class – idle people destined to live lives as spectators. I'm interested in meeting and discussing issues ONLY with action oriented people – those who want to build a truly great India, and are willing to put in the effort necessary to make it happen. 

Given these considerations, I won't be responding to most comments, either. I've already restricted the comments I publish. Only comments that (I think) add value are published, the rest rejected. That means unless you've got something really useful to add, please don't comment! I'm looking for leaders. not commentators.

So if you are ready to contest elections under the banner of liberty, join FTI. I'd be happy to hold intensive discussions with you – but only on FTI's internal forum. Debating with those who have no intention of doing anything other than chatter and engage in idle talk is not my cup of tea.

In the meanwhile, please browse through the tags and categories on this blog for posts you've not read. You'll find tonnes of material – some of it might give you food for thought.

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