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China, India – pictures that speak a thousand words

The pictures are self-explanatory:

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5 thoughts on “China, India – pictures that speak a thousand words
  1. Sanjeev Sabhlok


    • Manish Chauhan 

      I beg to differ here Mr Sabhlok. Who so ever is comparing India and China, could do it in many different ways. One is expected to compare apples to apples not otherwise. I am not denying that China is progressing and way better than India, See More
      4 hours ago · 

    • India I promise to make you very rich This is not about city-based subways but long distance trains. However, this was merely to prompt some thought among Indians who are so smug with their pathetic growth rates in comparison to China (which is still very poor compared to Singapore/Taiwan).

      2 seconds ago · 

  2. Peeyush Pandey

    With due respect to your research nd all work, Sir i believe to form any policy in India one has to look over or take care of all the religion nd community, which is very very diversified….but i believe it is nt in the case of China…..only one religion is follwed no different languages which is very much in India….nd most important thing is that the polititians are hugely corrupted……i pesonally don see any hope for India becoming a super power….
    how ll u comment on this….?

  3. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Peeyush, you are right. India’s case is much more complex than China.

    But remember that India was RICHER than China (even on per capita basis) for most of the last 2000 years.

    India has problems, but it also has solutions. Its democracy, its freedom of speech. That is powerful. What is needed is that good people should now start entering politics.

    I too feel despondent like you, but if we work together, bring a new movement with RIGHT POLICIES (including freedom of religion), then India will once again become the golden bird of yore.


  4. Ranjit

    Very stupid to compare India and China! China has one thing that India will never have, and that’s its work ethic. It can not be matched by India because we don’t believe in killing ourselves in work. Simple as this.

    1. TOTAL patriarchal culture of India and China are gone. Hence, all this economic talk is meaningless and both are slave to whitemen.

    2. Before marriage, both countries looked at relations as sin. Now it’s common in both.

    India and China have BOTH messed up! You both have fallen into the trap of the whitemen :)

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