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Three medical cures announced in ten years and the medical world responds with stunned silence!

I'm not surprised that like any other discovery made by mankind over the millennia, my announcement of the cure for dry eyes and eye strain has been greeted with stunned silence from the medical community.

I've experienced this – being totally ignored by those who are supposed to be genuinely interested in curing humanity of its diseases and pain – earlier as well.

Cure for RSI

When I put out the cure for RSI a few years ago on the internet, there was no flurry of excitement among the medical community. No doctor cared to ask me what exactly had worked and why. 

That is natural since not only would thousands of doctors have lost their jobs (the cure does NOT involve going to doctors),  but many hand surgeons would have become redundant (the cure does NOT involve surgery), and most physios, chiropractors, homeopaths, ergonomists, alexander and feldenkrais "experts" would have gone out of business. BILLIONS of dollars would have been lost and these people forced to do something PRODUCTIVE because the solution to a chronic and difficult problem for mankind has now been found and put out on the internet FREE of cost.

I find that doctors not only don't have the answers to MOST of humanity's health problems but they HATE this simple truth. And, indeed, they hate the Truth. Period.

Above all, they hate the idea that an ordinary patient, with due diligence and the exercise of critical thinking, has found out the remedy that they DID NOT KNOW ABOUT, and is now disseminating it FREE of cost!

Heel pain

Later, I put out a cure for chronic and debilitating heel pain. Millions of people experience this problem but most doctors have NO cure for this. I have. Upon finding the solution, I put it out there on the internet for FREE. Were this solution to be made widely known, thousands of physios would go out of business (and millions of doctors would have less work do to).

And so there was no excitement, no dissemination of that solution widely. Doctors and physios HATE the truth. Not even the government medicare and other systems – which are held hostage by doctors and their monopolistic associations.

Eye strain solution

My eye strain remedy works like magic. It is the sixth day now, and I'm so close to normal that I can't even begin to describe it. Almost 95% normal. And NO EYE SPECIALIST is needed to cure this problem. Not even an ordinary MBBS doctor.

Clearly, no wave of enthusiasm has greeted the announcement of this remedy. Half the opthalmologists in the world would now become redundant (this problem accounts for HALF the visits to opthalmologists every day), and the billion dollar eye-drops businesses would collapse.

No wonder there is no excitement!

Satyameva Jayate (the truth triumphs)

The only good thing is that the truth always prevails in the end.

Fortunately, my solution for RSI is now the #1 website you will find when you type in "rsi cure" on a search engine (or words to that effect). It receives over 70 visits each day from people in pain, who want to find a solution after WASTING thousands of dollars on doctors and hundreds of hours on useless "professionals" and their BOGUS "treatments".

I believe by now I must have helped many more people with their RSI problems – and I mean GENUINELY HELPED – by now, than any individual doctor could possibly help (even if he knew the cure).

Due to the internet the truth now spreads faster. Slow but steady. Falsehoods fall by the wayside. The truth rises to the top. No monopoly of "doctors" to prevent the spread of the truth. 

Mankind is now on a GENUINE journey towards the truth, given the internet.

Today, even the most humble and common person (like me) can announce his discoveries, and have the world benefit from his knowledge, REGARDLESS of the millions of "professionals" whose SOLE goal in life is to block the spread of the truth. I'd urge "professionals" to become lovers of the truth, else their days are numbered. You'll be out-googled by the common man.

Note that what I've said here in relation to doctors applies equally to economists, climate "scientists". EVERY "profession" today acts as a monopoly against the truth.

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4 thoughts on “Three medical cures announced in ten years and the medical world responds with stunned silence!
  1. Anuj

    Your work reminds me of Lorenzo's oil (Do check the case and the movie). This goes on to show that individual innovation and diligence can sometimes much better results than big science.
    Considering the popularity on the RSI cure, you should also mention it in RSI entries on Wikipedia.

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I had a quick look on Wiki re: Lorenzo’s oil. Indeed, that’s the fundamental problem. I’ve visited doctors for a handful of problems in my life, and they have ONLY got EXTREMELY SIMPLE ones right, like bacterial infection.

    They get completely foxed by anything that is slightly complex. I can go on an on (I think I’ve already said this on my blog once or twice), but I had to virtually always seek multiple doctors/ read a lot/ just be lucky to survive (one doctor gave me DVT due to his negligence and lack of understanding of the body).

    The mistakes of the “medical profession” are legendary. Even till recently, they were diagnosing as psycho-somatic things that were bacterial (peptic ulcer). My experience with this profession has been very poor. They are not only IGNORANT, but deeply RESISTANT to the truth. It is much easier, therefore, to fix oneself using one’s own brain and curiosity, where such ability exists (i.e. with chronic disease where there is time to find out the cure oneself).

    True, on balance, we need doctors. But we can’t survive this life without using our own brain.


  3. Anuj

    Can't agree more. My own experience with the majority of doctors has been their singular inability to utilize their brain (ofcourse there are exceptions). Maybe it has got something to do with the way profession is regulated and the way they are trained. Another factor is how most of the innovation in the medical industry is done by pharma industry and most doctors do little original thinking.

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