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FTI’s unique selling proposition and target ‘market’

What is FTI's USP (unique selling proposition) and market?

a) To those who vote Congress but are uncomfortable with its corruption and extreme socialism, with hundreds of wasteful "schemes", FTI offers a corruption-free and socialism-free WORLD-CLASS government.

b) To those who vote BJP but are uncomfortable with its corruption and tactical tendency to mix religion and politics, FTI offers a corruption-free WORLD-CLASS government that treats all religions equally, and insists on basic standards (and discipline) from all.

FTI offers justice, law and order and infrastructure. And poverty elimination. 

I don't think any political force in India can match that.

I would like to suggest that about half the voters of Congress and half the voters of BJP will be persuaded to vote for FTI members – ONCE IT IS READY TO LAUNCH – thus creating a huge national political force (of course, at the moment FTI is not a credible force given the paucity of enough HIGH QUALITY leaders). In my view, that should be enough, in the first-past-the-post system, to comfortably win 300 parliamentary seats.

The market has already changed. The mood in India has shifted against socialism.

FTI is now not an outlier but is pitching for the median voter who is SICK of corruption, socialism and religious meddling in politics.

I am certain that should the right number of leaders assemble, FTI has a reasonable chance of winning even in 2014 (although 2019 sounds more plausible).

This is one more reason for young high quality leaders to join FTI. The country beckons.

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