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Announcing a candidate solution to eye strain and dry eyes

In November 2010 I wrote about my severe eyestrain problem. My initial "solution" to the problem did not work. Many other readings and consultations occurred over the past eight months – to no avail. All the horses and all the kings's men couldn't get my eyes back to normal again. I won't go into detailed case history here (if you are interested, there's more info here)

But finally, in desperation I resorted to trying things I would otherwise never have. What I did – as an experiment on my own body – is described here (if you are interested).

The candidate solution to this problem is now the following:

I have made use of Manuka honey but I guess this will solution work with almost any honey: Wet your finger. Take a TINY dab of honey on the finger. Apply the finger on the eyelashes with eyes slightly open, allowing some of the honey to get into the eyes. This will SLIGHTLY sting for a few minutes. Within minutes you'll start experiencing relief. Do this as many times as needed (twice a day should be sufficient).

(Note: I've also used aloe vera in these two days but think that honey is the critical ingredient).

Immediately upon announcing this on Facebook a FB friend claimed that this was apparently well known in Ayurveda. I'm not sure. I'm afraid NOT one mention of this solution exists in the 1000s of websites I've scoured  (btw, I have set up three google alerts that tell me every day about ANY development reported in this area anywhere in the world) – or in the many nature cure books I've read, or in the tens of medical and other journal articles I've downloaded and read from electronic databases. Nor was this mentioned by any of the specialists (one in Melbourne, one in India) or the two other doctors I've consulted.

If it is indeed an Ayurvedic treatment, it is surely kept as a tight secret from the rest of the world. All I'd say to those who beat the drum about Ayurveda is that please don't hide your "treatments" in secret chambers in the bottom of a cave. Let the world know. 

There are millions suffering today – very badly. Let their pain and burning sensations be relieved if you know anything about a remedy to this (or other) problem. Share your knowledge.

I'm now getting close to normal (eyes are still sore and tender, but almost no itching, burning, or tiredness, nor strong headache). This is just the third day of my self-discovered remedy. I hope this will work out and actually cure my problem. I have good reasons to believe it will, since the relief experienced was from day one. Good medicine starts working instantly.

I've only used this remedy five times so far, and within a few days or weeks should be able to report whether it did indeed work. Currently it is only a candidate solution. But since this is a very debilitating problem, I'm putting this initial information out there in the open, to help anyone who is suffering. Even candidate solutions are hard to come by for this chronic problem.

Let me add that the following things DO NOT WORK: (a) artificial tears (b) anti-inflammatories. I suspect that Restasis also wouldn't work (although I haven't tried it). There are reports on the internet that it doesn't work. Given all this, the only strong candidate to remedy this chronic and debilitating problem is HONEY. Please let me know if you have tried or heard of a better remedy.


Now I've just found that there is indeed some info on honey as an Ayurvedic cure for this problem on the internet (here).

Of the three, honey has the most conventional research supporting its use. In a study published in the October 2006 issue of Cornea, researchers found that honey can help relieve the symptoms of dry eye due to a number of conditions.

22 May 2011: I guess given I've discovered the cure (or at least a palliative: only time will tell) for one of mankind's most chronic and debilitating problems, I ought to perhaps provide a hypothesis for why this remedy works.

Note that honey has not just anti-inflammatory properties but anti-bacterial properties. I hypothesise that it is possible that there are bacterial causes to this problem. This sounds radical but given the ultimate cause of peptic ulcers being a bacterial, this is not as far-fetched as it may appear to be. Further I would suggest that there are chemicals within honey that reduce inflammation and provide instant relief. 

More later when I think of some more plausible reasons. Basically these are SCIENTIFIC reasons. Let them be tested.

23 May 2011. Fifth day. Went well. Very mild sensation that eye is not 100% well. Applied a very tiny amount of honey before going to work. At work applied Thera tears twice. Came back from work and applied honey and aloe vera. At night I'm going to apply pure ghee mixed with triphla powder/solution (I've bought these from an Indian shop today). This will be in place of castor oil that I usually use.

On a normal day like this before I discovered this cure, I'd apply 3 strong anti-inflammatory drops at least 8 times a day in all, followed by a number of ordinary artificial tears, and then castor oil at night. I'd also apply hot towel. None of that now. I've NOT wasting time on applying heat or any such thing. Just a few seconds spent in applying honey. Very simple. And instantaneous results.

I've suddenly realised today how dramatically (and in a fluid manner) one's eyes can move, and how badly I had constricted them over the past few months. I'm now seeing the world again as it is meant to be seen: with wide open, relaxed eyes, that are not fussed about rapid movement from side to side, to see things.

I was also estimating the cost of treatment so far. With the tens of eye drops, lid-cleaner, a range of vitamins, astaxanthin, homeo "medicine", you name it, an e-book from the internet, and two expensive visits to the eye specialist (other visits were subsidised by the tax payer) – ALL TO NO AVAIL – I spent at least $500 so far on my eye treatment. ALL TO NO AVAIL (that's worth repeating!). Actually, I also bought myself a new computer monitor because I thought the monitor was giving me trouble (it wasn't). So that's nearly $700. PLUS THE PAIN.

And what's the cost of the solution? ZERO. Some honey that I had at home, some aloe vera from my backyard, and some pure ghee that I could well have used in place of castor oil (that's very cheap, though, so it doesn't really count). And HOURS spent in reading this and reading that.

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11 thoughts on “Announcing a candidate solution to eye strain and dry eyes
  1. Dr Tenzin Gogoi

    Causes For You:-
    Computer Use causes most people to blink less frequently (about 7 times per minute vs. a normal rate of around 22 times/minute). This leads to increased evaporation along with the fatigue and eye-strain associated with staring at a computer monitor. Any task requiring a great deal of concentration can result in decreased blink rate.
    Age  Dry eye syndrome affects 75% of people over age 65. Tear volume decreases from that at age 18 as much as 60% by age 65.
    Treatment:-Unique way to treat the underlying causes of dry eye by oral administration of dietary nutritional supplements. These stimulate the natural production of lubricants and supporting elements (oils and mucin), as opposed to the superficial treatment of the symptoms of dry eye by administration of topical lubricants (eye drops). Interestingly, studies have shown that, in addition to restoring normal production of lubricants in the eyes, normal lubrication has been restored in other affected parts of the body, as mucous membranes of the mouth and vagina, and interior body surfaces such as joints and synovial membranes. This further affirms the nutritional basis of the Dry Eye Syndrome.
    A proprietary blend of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and the nutrient co-factors, Vitamins A, C, B6, and magnesium to successfully produce the GLA downstream anti-inflammatory prostaglandin metabolites PGE1 and PGE3. This anti-inflammatory metabolite cannot be consistently produced with other recommended EFA (Flax Oil) dry eye treatments because the delta six desaturase (D6D) enzyme necessary for the LA to GLA conversion is frequently lost in the aging process.
    A medicine named BioTears Plus capsukes contains all of the ingredients, plus additional ingredients proven to address the androgen, auto immune, allergic and surgical dry eye patient.I recommend either you Buy it online or get help from a friend in USA.

  2. ramesh

    Dear Sabhlok,
    Please do take daily fresh "mod aaleli kadadhanne" (in marathi). I am cent percent sure it will improve your general stamina, health not to talk about eye strain. I do use the same daily. You will find the change within few weeks. Give a try.

  3. ramesh

    Dear Sabhlok,
    Sorry for my poor English. I did not get the English term at once. It is simply FRESH "sprouted beans and pulses" along with FRESH green or otherwise vegetables. However note that It should be "jawari or desi" i.e. natural. It should not be "hybrid" or genetically modified or artificially grown. It is proven to contain much much more than what Dr Tenzin Gogoi advises in above comment. I myself and entire family has been benefited from it very much especially in r/o my mothers eyes. Convenient alternative is "nutralite or simillar products (no, I am not advertising them). But these are only partly and far less effective than what I suggested.  I did not get it on net. Some friend who attended Ramdevas Yoga Shibir advised me same. I was knowing it since a long time. But hardly used it till recently when I was hit by chicken guinea. We are taking it since a year. Tremendously effective. Sorry if I have told you nothing new.
    Happy to share your experience.

  4. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Thanks Ramesh, much appreciated.

    Dr Gogoi’s solution simply doesn’t work because I’ve tried such things for a very long time now (8 months) – indeed, that’s all that’s known to the entire medical profession so far – and can vouchsafe that the honey treatment (and some aloe vera) has worked wonders in just 2 days, and today I almost felt completely normal. It is amazing how bad I was and what a huge difference I’m experiencing on the 4th day of my self-discovered treatment.

    This is indeed the holy grail for the MOST common eye problem in the world. More than half the people who visit ophthalmologists do so because of dry eyes. And NO ophthalmologist in the ENTIRE WORLD has a solution for this problem.

    I have. And I’ve published it. Now it is for the experts to investigate why it works.

    Please note that it is impossible for dietary treatments to deliver results of this sort. Will explore “nutralite” further. Diet has long term benefits. Medicine should work IMMEDIATELY. This remedy (honey+aloe vera) has yielded me virtually instantaneous results.

    I’m going to continue to refine this remedy that I’ve discovered, through personal experience. Nothing better than an experiment on one’s own body to discover a cure.


  5. Dr Tenzin Gogoi

    1)You could have directed above comment directly towards me.However one must be known to all dimensions rather then blindly following information from ehow website.
    2)Just read a article on ehow about Ancient Indian cure for dry eyes i.e honey now by the way are you Aware Honey has considerable content of Hydrogen peroxide?All eye solutions are Saline but hydrogen peroxide isn't saline.Do little search on contents of honey and find a MSDS sheet of hydrogen peroxide.
    3)I respect your search on compiling But Hydrogen peroxide is formed in a slow-release manner by the enzyme glucose oxidase present in honey. It becomes active only when honey is diluted, requires oxygen to be available for the reaction (thus it may not work under wound dressings, in wound cavities or in the gut), is active only when the acidity of honey is neutralized by body fluids, can be destroyed by the protein-digesting enzymes present in wound fluids, and is destroyed when honey is exposed to heat and light.[62] Honey chelates and deactivates free iron, which would otherwise catalyze the formation of oxygen free radicalsfrom hydrogen peroxide, leading to inflammation. Also, the antioxidant constituents in honey help clean up oxygen free radicals present.[64]

    C6H12O6 + H2O + O2 → C6H12O7 + H2O2 (glucose oxidase reaction)

    When honey is used topically (as, for example, a wound dressing), hydrogen peroxide is produced by dilution of the honey with body fluids. As a result, hydrogen peroxide is released slowly and acts as an antiseptic. {WIKIPEDIA}
    4)I h've read your Case history all products you were using were none other than advertising gimmicks {Only for drugs} I still recommend Bio tears plus.

  6. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Dear Dr Gogoi

    You make a very serious mistake when you assume I’m “following” any website.

    I’ve not only consulted reputed eye specialists in Australia and India but also two doctors and one optician. I’ve read virtually all major MEDICAL journal articles on this subject published in the last 10 years. And 1000s of websites.

    I’ve also tried 10s of eye drops including anti-inflammatories prescribed by doctors.


    As a KNOWLEDGEABLE patient I know BOTH the latest state of art knowledge and also my own body. I have the advantage, therefore of knowing what is TRUE.

    Let me state clearly that honey (and aloe vera + castor oil) has been working very well for me for the past five days. I NEVER got any significant relief from any other remedy.

    Also this remedy was discovered by me, not obtained from a website. I thought of it, THEN checked google, then tried it out and yes, it works.

    I’m almost normal as I write this. NO medicine has even come remotely to offering the kind of relief I’m currently obtaining. Not 100% cured but I don’t care so long as I’m able to experience this level of comfort. This is only my 5th day of experimentation. Let’s discuss after 1 month’s treatment.


  7. raj

    Thanks for sharing this cure. I was suffering from severe eyestrain and I remember reading about your experiments. I applied two drops of honey in each eye and went to bed. My eye pain has almost disappeared. I will continue for few more days.

  8. Teriz Mosley

    I just found this page and am wondering how your eyes are doing. I’m excited to try this. My vision has gotten so bad that I have to wear 2.25 magnifiers and cant wear a contact anymore because of the dry eyes. Are you still happy with the honey? I was wondering how you mix the honey and ghee and apply it–with an eye dropper? It’s a little sticky for that it seems.

  9. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Teriz, I’m sorry but after a very long time of research and personal investigation it turned out that I had acute eyes strain, not dry eyes. It is over 8 months since I found that out and still trying to resolve the issue, but due to the eye strain exercises (see I’m now better.

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