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Shameless Indian press doesn’t apologise to Australia

It is now over 24 hours since the news that Nitin Garg's teenaged killer has pleaded guity – was widely publicised in the Australian media. But only short, brief mentions in the Indian media: no analysis, no apologies, no contrition about attributing racist intentions to all Australians. Are they running this report every fifteen minutes in the headlines and clarifying that this was NOT a racist incident? No!!!

Do these FOOLS of the Indian media realise how much they have harmed the relationship between India and Australia? How many students they've turned off from getting educated in Australia? The harm caused is worth in the billions of dollars – both to the Australian economy and to the Indian (since these students would have received good quality education here, and learnt the basics of critical thinking, that is not taught to ANYONE in India).

When it comes to spreading falsehood the Indian media is king. The Indian foreign minister has proved himself to be a total ass long ago, as well. Unfortunately even Amitabh Bachchan got involved (has he apologised yet? – does he have a sense of contrition? I'd like him to come back and accept his hony. doctorate AND APOLOGISE TO THE AUSTRALIAN PEOPLE).

If you recall I also wrote about a VERY WELL KNOWN Indian writer who personally told me last year that over 100 Indians had been murdered in Australia. Such was the panic spread by the Indian media.

I came back to Australia and wrote this blog post on this issue, over one year ago

The simple truth is that (from the publicised cases): FIVE Indians were killed in Australia in the last few years. Of these five, TWO were killed by other Indians. That leave THREE. Of these three, ONE was killed by a common criminal, for his mobile phone (Nitin Garg).  (Another Indian killed an Indian child out of sheer stupidity). In addition, one Indian BURNT HIMSELF. Most of these cases were blown up in the Indian media as examples of Australia racism.

That leaves TWO unresolved deaths in the course of the last two years. Going by the record, there is a good likelihood that these are ordinary deaths/murders/suicides – no racial overtones. And let's not forget that in a population of nearly 200,000 Indians in Australia (perhaps more, including students), some untoward incidents occur on a regular basis.

Wikipedia shows that 3 out of 100,000 Indians are murdered in India every year. Going by the fact that TWO of the FIVE were killed by Indians themselves, these cases must be excluded from the Australian record.

If so, then the remaining unresolved cases (THREE out of 200,000 over the course of two years) aren't exceptional in any way: instead, they are FAR FEWER than expected.

I'd like the Indian press to conduct SERIOUS RESEARCH into this issue and APOLOGISE to Australia every fifteen minutes in its new headlines.

Note that I'm not denying that there is racism in Australia. Yes, there is what I call soft racism. It shows up in jobs. I've written a lot about it.

But no, there is virtually no "hard" racism. NO NATIONAL OBSESSION THAT INDIANS MUST BE KILLED. Instead, they are welcomed and well regarded (except that they may not get the jobs they are qualified for).

I also call upon this idiot S.K.Krishna to resign. IMMEDIATELY. He has brought great shame to the high traditions of Indian diplomacy. And also the High Commissioner of India to Australia – Sujatha Singh, for her outbursts in the TV and BAD ADVICE to the Indian people. She doesn't deserve to be in the IFS.

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16 thoughts on “Shameless Indian press doesn’t apologise to Australia
  1. Nitin Gulhane

    I do not why you are so angry. Most Indians living abroad understand very well that hard racism doesn't really exist in developed world…if you exclude some crazies which can be found everywhere in the world.
    Media is always looking for a sensational news and racism makes a good story…and they are doing what suits their business. Students who have urge and means to go abroad will continue to stream towards developed countries…if Australia loses, Canada and NewZealand will gain.
    Lets not get into ethics and morals. We Indians have come very far from that. We are one of the most corrupt country in the world for Godsakes.
    Don't overestimate media's power. People may get worked up for a while but Indians don't trust media as much. Medias credibility is just a couple of notches above the Govt machinaries credibility.
    So just chill. Such matters solve themselves.
    Media has forgotten Australia student issue and so will the public.
    Unrelated Note:
    Sanjeev, Have you written any article about IxS cadre and their comptenecy yet? I would like to read it. My experience with them is mostly weird. They all seem to be like gifted children. Intelligent, well spoken and gifted but still with child like understanding of the world.
    I know you won't like such statements and I am aware of your book BFN and have read about your views here and there…but I thought I would let you know my bias (which comes from my limited experience…but enough to look at all-powerful IxS cadre with disdain)

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    There’s a chapter on the bureaucracy in BFN. There’s nothing wrong with IAS officers as persons (in principle). Just like anyone else. Their incentives are TOTALLY screwed up, however.

  3. Paritosh J

    @ Sabhlok

    stop being an apologist for racist white Australia. have some spine and accept the truth. its they who are supposed to apologize, not us.

  4. Paritosh J

    @ Sabhlok

    so you mean, that reports of racism against Indians in Oz are false. that shows you are indeed a spineless sycophant for the white Aussies. man up Sabhlok, man up.

  5. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I’m sorry, but you’ve been TOTALLY misled by Indian media.

    Do read

    MOST Indians harmed in Australia were harmed by INDIANS, not Australians.

    I’ve covered this issue EXTENSIVELY on my blog. Overall both Indians in India and Indian media sided with imagination, not reality.

    Till today there is a MAD FRENZY among Indians and Indian students to get permanent residency in Australia. Surely there would be an EXODUS if there was any serious harm being caused to Indians in Australia.

    This is one more media myth. And the shameless Indian media won’t ever apoligise.

  6. Paritosh J

    @ Sabhlok

    some how it seems that your admiration for Australia has crossed all the limits of logic and sense. surely Indians must have been assaulted by other Indians in oz, but that doesnt mean that white aussies are not anti Indian racists.

    remember your own experience, the rude pushing down of sharad pawar, attacks on Indians in oz and many others. you dare not call them 'isolated incidents'. the reason why we get abused is bcoz we dont stand up for ourselves.

    your kind of aussie boot licking and sycophancy will garner only further contempt. have some spine and self respect.


  7. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    This was on the verge of incoherence so I almost rejected it, but then thought I’d give you a chance to prove your case:

    a) “that doesnt mean that white aussies are not anti Indian racists”. So you admit that Indians were killing/ harming each other and blaming Australians, and that STILL you believe “white aussies” were not attacking Indians? This is about allegations that Australians were ATTACKING INDIANS, not about “racism” which can mean many things. Please provide me PROOF that a disporportionate number of Indians were (or are being) harmed by non-Indians in Australia. Let’s check whether you can back up your wild allegations.

    b) ” you dare not call them ‘isolated incidents'” What do you mean? Did I EVER say that killing someone is an “isloated” incident? This is getting incoherent in the extreme.

    The rest is sheer rubbish but I’m publishing to let readers form their own opinion about your baseless and ignorant claims.


  8. Paritosh J

    @ Sabhlok

    a) yeah, i do accept that there were incidents where indians were involved in harming other indians in oz, but that doesnt mean that you ignore the larger and significant picture of white australian racism against indians. and if aussies attacking indians is not racism, then what is it?

    b) i never said that you are referring to killing someone as an isolated incident. i meant that indians being racially abused by aussies shudnt be considered as isolated incidents.

    c) it isnt surprising dat i too find your defending of aussies as a load of trash stinking with servitude

  9. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    “if aussies attacking indians is not racism, then what is it?”

    Sorry, you dont’ understand, do you? Any attacks were well within crime rates. There were no special attacks on Indians. Instead Indians were killing/harming each other/ burning their own car and blaming Austrlians.

    The facts aren’t with you. Why don’t you PROVE your case?

    The rest of your statements are irrelevant and I won’t comment.



  10. Paritosh J

    @ Sabhlok

    what evidence have YOU got to prove that it was Indians all the time attacking other Indians in Oz and that white Aussies have been not much racists. it clearly seems an attempt from your side to protect the racist acts of the Aussies by shifting the whole blame on Indians.

    the facts are infact self evident and dont need any special verification. the burden of proof lies on you Sabhlok. let me remind of that vicious e-mail circulating within Aussie policemen that Indian students should like Indians get killed on train roof tops. what does that show?

    i know that Indian media is a king of hypes, but that does not mean that Indians being assaulted in Aus is a myth. get your head right,  Mr Slave.

  11. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Very poor show, Paritosh. “the facts are infact self evident “.

    The only self-evident facts are that there was NO exceptional violence against Indians by Australians. It was pure fiction of the Indian media (and falsification by many Indian students). I have shown the facts clearly – not just once but on many blog posts.

    There is racism in Australia, but is is FAR LESS than the racism found in India. That, too, I’ve explained at length.

    I will close this now since you do not seem to have any facts. I, unfortunately for you, don’t go by feelings but by facts. ONLY.

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