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Been one of those weeks hence low blog posting. 

1) Pre-Easter, workloads tend to pile up sky high, particularly given this time there are three public holidays in Victoria in a row (also, there was a mega-social event last Saturday of the Victorian Assam association – the Rangali Bihu celebrations – for which I was the "official photographer" and had to spend over 6 hours in taking, and then consolidating photographs, so time has been slipping by quickly – which is all to the good).

2) One more phishing attack occurred on the website on 18 April, just after my previous blog post on 17 April. That sent me scurruying to not only fix the problem (again!) but to learn more about website security. In doing so I managed to damage my blog, in restoring which all kinds of difficulties were encountered. I've now prepared a consolidated Word document to help me manage my blogs given rampant internet criminality. Any assistance – on helping me make this blog and website truly secure – would be highly appreciated. It is draining my time – and time is life.  

3) My 12 1/2 year old RSI problem, developed in Los Angeles in 1998 due to excessive typing, has been steadily coming back over the past five months, which means I must reduce computer use and follow my own prescriptions. I have already been forced to give up my weekly hour of tennis some months ago. Too much blogging! Bhagwad, stop bothering me! :)

4) And finally – this bit for those who have been following this as a "real life" example of critical thinking that I strongly advocate – my eystrain problem (see also this blog ) which has been bothering me since October 2010 took an interesting twist yesterday with my second visit to the eye specialist suggesting that I might have an inflammatory condition (in addition perhaps to dry eyes potentially attributable to excessive staring at the computer screen) possibly related to an allergic response. 


Though the specialist, yesterday, did not ask for this particular detail, I am now working on a third hypothesis for its cause that links it to hayfever. My first hypothesis was that I had RSI of an eyelid muscle. That, I rejected fairly soon, after further research and thinking. Second alternative was that some of my tear ducts had stopped working properly because of starting at the computer screen. That, too, I now think, is likely to have been incorrect. 

The third hypothesis, now, is that my eye strain is an allergic response to the worst hayfever season in Melbourne in years. I had a truly horrendous hayfever (pollen allergy) in late 2010, and had to take medication every day for nearly two months, just before the onset of my eye problem.

And so, finally, after six visits to doctors and two to optometrists, and all my "critical thinking" and "research" skills  (which clearly are not as good as I'd have liked them to be!), I'm finally beginning to link the dots. I hope this third hypothesis is the right one, in which case I can expect some relief in the eyes with appropriate eyedrops, not the generic tears that I've been using. Diagnosis is the hardest part of any problem. Six months for a simple diagnosis. True, I'm not sure yet whether this diagnosis is correct, but this illustrates the great challenge of careful thinking in the face of complexity. 

Fortunately, also during this week I've been reading up some excellent stuff on regulatory policy in my spare time (a book by Richard Gordon entitled, Regulation and Economic Analysis – thoroughly recommend that you read it), and have assembled a barrage of arguments to blow Bhagwad Jal's grossly misplaced concept of a "fundamental right to suicide" out of the water. I hope to give Bhagwad's arguments a comprehensive and total burial in my next blog post on this topic.

I'm not in a rush to return to my blog, though. In my list of priorities, my health comes first and everything else must necessarily follow. I also want to spend more time on DOF, which is badly languishing. 

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