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Web security – basic resources

Over the past few days I've learnt much more about web security that I'd normally care to. Here are some resources not just for "web-masters" but for ordinary folk doing ordinary things.  

a) Security for Gmail accounts:  I'd encourage you to sign up to updates from google about their gmail service. I'd also suggest that you take up the new system of two step sign in that works only with your mobile phone. I think this is a great improvement in security (there are alternatives in case the phone is not with you, or not operational for some reason).

b) Google online security blog: This is a nice place to get some useful tips, not just related to google but also other problems, and issues relating to wordpress, etc.

c) For webmasters like me

These resources are only the tip of the iceberg, but we have no choice but to stay one step ahead of the evil malicious people whose prime goal in life is to destroy other people's work and time. The good has no choice but to learn the ways of the evil, so as to defend against evil.

You and I have no choice but to learn far more about web security than we'd like to.

Please add useful links through your comments. Let's prepare to wage war against these sub-humans who masquerade as humans. 

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5 thoughts on “Web security – basic resources
  1. B Shantanu

    Sanjeev: I presume you had the plug-in for automatic back-ups of your blog? If not, pl let me know and I will send you the link. Sorry to hear of your travails…

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Thanks, Shantanu. Would appreciate a link. I use s3 backup system, but it turns out that did not back up the widgets (I periodically export blog posts as well). How does one backup widgets?

    More problematically was that all kinds of hackers had “injected” code into the UNIX shell, which meant that my websites were sending out fake messages (phishing). While backups are an issue, the most significant problem is web security. WordPress, in my view, is open slather. Anyone with basic php knowledge can go around exploiting loopholes to “inject” malicious code. The key is to know how to close the ‘gates’ without blocking out the key files. That’s where I need more guidance. I’ve installed a couple of security widgets, but would appreciate knowledge about those that work.


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