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Nine months – a progress report and review of this blog

Nine months ago I started an attempt to use blogging to spread the word to the people of India about the reforms India needs. Prior to that this blog lived on blogspot, but I hardly ever used it. It was truly an 'occasional' blog. Since June I must have put out at least 300 posts! No longer that 'occasional'.

In October 2010 I reported progress since June 2010, and found that total visits had increased from less than 100 to  900 per day. I thought, then, that the blog was likely to be a worthwhile effort. 

But things have slowed down. As at February 2010, visits have only just over doubled from the October level. Just about 2000 visitors visit this website (including blog) each day (see image below)The momentum of the first few months has not been sustained, but there has been some progress.

I hope I've helped spread more awareness about FTI and that at least some of the applicants who have applied to FTI in the last few months have been motivated by this blog. Finding even a handful of leaders this way would be a greatly satisfying thing for me.

I also notice that the number of people downloading Breaking Free of Nehru has increased – perhaps as a result of increased visitors to this blog. So far I estimate that at least (this is a conservative figure) 14,000 people have downloaded BFN. Perhaps another thousand have read the printed copy – and since many other copies exist, including on Google books, I'm not sure what the total number of readers is likely to be. Around 20,000? Surely that's too low a readership for this book, for a country the size of India. A drop in the ocean! 

Anyway, I plan to continue putting in at least some effort into this blog over the next few months, before pausing and reviewing the results again. The writing of DOF is languishing. That's my greatest trade-off and conflict. Time spent on this blog is at the expense of time on DOF. I plan to refocus on DOF soon, and bring down time spent on this blog.

Before I close, could I draw your attention to this blog post – and invite you to help spread the word about this blog and about FTI.

PS. It is a mystery to me why Alexa rankings have gone backward even though visits have more than doubled!

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