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Second open letter to self-styled “Dalits”

My first open letter to so-called (self-styled) Dalits led to some interesting responses (see comments on that post). Comments from a person named Kumarpushp who is clearly very angry with 'Hindus' and wants a separate nation for Dalits, have prompted this second open letter.

So here goes:

Letter #2

Dear "Dalits",

Continuing my first letter, let me ask the simple question again: Who made you "Dalit"? Did I do that? No. So who? You. 

And so you, the “Dalits” can reject Hinduism outright. Right? What you need to do is to overthrow your OWN chains. Assert you are a human. Assert you are a Brahmin (should that be such a desirable ‘title’). Create your own religion (should that be necessary).

Spit on anyone who dares to spit on you. Stand up tall. Be free.

Spit too on anyone who offers you ‘bheekh’ such as ‘reservations’. It is HUMILIATING in the extreme to be offered a special privilege, a handout, charity. Charity is only for beggars (unless you are in a desperate immediately urgent situation), not for a man.

And learn the meaning of freedom. Join the Freedom Team of India. Read BFN. Read DOF. Remember this basic truth: That unless YOU become a man and stand up for yourself, no one will stand up for youI have NO sympathy for you if you call yourselves 'Dalit'.

Stand up man!! Join the mainstream of humanity by asserting your equality. 

Why has no so-called Dalit not yet joined FTI? That is because you are afraid of freedom? Surely not! Please join FTI. Let's liberate India and overthrow all its chains.

I wish you the best of success in your journey to independence and freedom.



PS. When you examine the roots of poverty, you'll find it is rooted in socialist policy (BFN explains it clearly). So, even if you get a separate nation, Dalitstan (which is not going to happen! let me assure you of that), the problem of poverty still won't go away unless you change the system of governance and the policies that India follows. You'll still need to understand how policy works. You'll still need to follow the things I talk about in BFN.

Hence, please forget these outdated anachronistic 'caste' titles that your ancestors tried to give you, and start learning about how free men can live together in harmony and peace, thus achieving great prosperity. Join me in freedom, as an equal. 

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