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Help me to help you: spread the word

Dear Reader

We are both (you and I) in the business of reforming India's governance. Even if you can't contribute money to the Freedom Team or join it yet, you can help by spreading the word. I've organised a few things for you to do, which won't take much of your time.

a) Join these Facebook groups: Click on every one of the links. In one second, you'd have helped spread the word through Facebook. If you have a further moment, invite your Facebook friends as well.

b) Join me on Networked blogs. I aim to be listed in the top 50 blogs in each of my three categories ("liberty", "economics" and "india") so that more like-minded people can find me.  So click here to go to my Networked blog and do rate the blog.

c) Use the Alexa toolbar. A higher Alexa rank helps get a higher "Indirank" and therefore a better profile in that blog directory. While my control panel has been reporting a significant increase in unique visitors over the past five months, Alexa is reporting a decline! That is perhaps because most of my visitors aren't using the Alexa toolbar. So please install it – click: Alexa toolbarThat way my blog's visits will be reported more accurately giving a higher rank on Indiblogger thus (presumably) helping to find the right kind of people.

d) Stumbleupon this blog. If you have a stumbleupon account, share my blog posts that you like. This service then sends those links to random visitors – some of whom might be just the kind of person FTI needs.

And lastly, just tell others about this blog. You never know who we'll find this way. The more the readers of this blog, the greater the probability of reaching the right person, and sooner can the movement for reforms of India's governance begin.

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