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The IAS must go

Let me emphasise once again that India cannot achieve its potential just with so-called capitalism which is often (but wrongly) understood to mean (only) economic freedom. Without an appropriately designed machinery of governance, there can be no capitalism.

Apart from reforms to India's economic policy, therefore, VERY significant reforms are needed in the way we elect and remunerate our politicians, and in our bureaucracy.

I have outlined the reforms to the electoral system and bureaucracy at some length in BFN (chapters 4 and 5), and encourage you to go through these chapters in detail. In addition, I have summarised the reforms needed to India's bureaucracy in an article in the Times of India and a later article for Freedom First

PIease read these to appreciate the outlines of the system of bureaucracy that India needs so it can effectively deliver the few objectives of a good government in India. 

In brief, as you will note, the IAS must go. That COLONIAL system of bureaucracy is so badly antiquated and ineffective that it amazes me why we have not replaced it with a functional bureaucracy.

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6 thoughts on “The IAS must go
  1. jesvin

    So its all incompetence rather than corruption that affect public works?  What about the contractors who send inflated bills and do poor works and give kickbacks in return?

  2. Vijay Mohan

    Dear Jesvin.
    Incompetence and corruption go hand in hand , You need to go through BFN that explains why and how it happens.
    Its our system that gives incentives for corruption and nothing but problems for good work and innovation.
    90% of the people will go corrupt in this system.. some will stay incompetent  and silent. This system does not provide any room for competent persons to stay.
    On your case .. Both tha parties want profit .. the officer takes bribes and the contractor with no liablity and accountability and under protection of the bribed officer .. does everything to maximise the profit.

  3. COMMODORE B Mohanti

    I have joined your campaign through Change.Org.But what will it ultimately happen is something none can predict.IAS the avatar of ICS continues to wield autocratic power with no responsibility.We can call the cadre as “I Am Supreme”.Bureaucracy is a hated all over the world & more so in India.Earlier we can write the obituary of IAS the better

  4. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Commodore Mohanti, the only solution is to change the laws, the Constitution, etc. And that means the only way to do that is to form government. Swarna Bharat Party has been created for bringing good governance to India. Please join/ support it.

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