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Congress and BJP are equally corrupt

Not that this is news, but the point made by the compromised Times of India (below) is valid. [Why is TOI compromised? See here].

Indeed, both sides of Indian politics are not only TOTALLY CORRUPTED but their policies are dangerously HARMFUL to India's well-being. It shocks me to see so-called "lovers of freedom" who are also "Friends of BJP" and who believe that people like Narendra Modi are good for India. (Modi is definitely not good for India!).

BJP has always been as corrupt as the Congress. The are both made of the same clay. They both represent the worst that India has to offer.

Indeed, corruption is the LEAST of India's problems. Misgovernance and bad policies harm India hundreds of  times more dangerous than "mere" corruption. Corruption is the creation of bad policy, any way. It can be quickly stopped – if there is a will.

So the only issue for India to consider is this: who is ready to deliver good policies to India? And the answer is that there is ONLY ONE SOLUTION for India – to have its best leaders join  the Freedom Team of India ( and lead India to freedom and good policy that generates health, education, and prosperity.

== TOI comment  === 

"The BJP did well to up the ante on corruption and force the Congress to remove its chief minister in Maharashtra and the IT and communications minister at the Centre. Now, it's time the BJP looked within and ensured its leaders too measured up to the ethical standards the party has demanded from its political rivals. 

"In this season of scams the new man in the limelight is B S Yeddyurappa, who heads the BJP's only government in south India. The opposition in Karnataka has just released documents that accuse chief minister Yeddyurappa of favouring his family members and associates in land deals. The alleged beneficiaries include the CM's two sons, state BJP president K S Eswarappa, home and transport minister R Ashoka and IT minister Katta Subramanya Naidu. Land meant for public projects and industry were denotified and distributed by the CM, despite bureaucrats pointing out that his orders were in violation of rules and regulations. Yeddyurappa's defence against charges of nepotism and irregularities is even more shocking. The CM said he only followed his predecessors. To back his claim and, perhaps, to silence his opponents, Yeddyurappa said the government was willing to consider a probe into all land allotments over the past 10 years. The defence is untenable. Corruption in the past can't be cited to justify current actions. By all means probe previous out-of-turn land allotments and take remedial action. That, however, should not come in the way of clearing the present mess in Karnataka. A clean-up there is urgently called for."

(Source: here)

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8 thoughts on “Congress and BJP are equally corrupt
  1. Info

    Write me the details of corruption by BJP and also list all corruption of Congress along with names so that we differentiate.You just can not tell that Congress and BJP are equally corrupt.Just becoze some petty issues have erupted in Karnataka,you have termed BJP as corrupt.
    Since independence tell me what are the developments made in the country by Congress and what all have been done by BJP. I am not a Hindu fanatic though I am a true Hindu.Hindus are suppressed in their own country by the non secular party Congress mainly laid by Sonia Maino.
    When hindu speaks,they become extremists. What sin Baba Ramdev did ?Why the oppression by the tyrant congress is not making wave in the country?
    How many people talk of Godhra…? Its only because of Paid Media like NDTV especially by Barkha made news of Post Godhra day n night which made Modi as a sinner. Yes he might have done wrong..But what is the state of his own state and see other states.
    BJP might not be 100% correct.But they are the nationalist thinkers..Measure the developments done by BJP in their 5 yrs rule.They have intellectuals not crooks  like Congress.
    People need to bring BJP  in the next election as they are the only alternative to corrupt congress.

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Dear Info:

    a) BJP uses black money in elections (I have personal evidence)
    b) BJP has REFUSED to bring any systemic change to reduce corruption

    Further, BJP has only arisen in the past few years and we only know its records since late 1990s. Before that there was only Congress.

    Yes, Modi is a good administrator. But he is doing NOTHING to shift the system so corruption will be removed.

    No, if people bring BJP then nothing will change. BJP does NOT know anything about good policy. And please don’t talk to me about “Hindus” as if (a) all Hindus are BJP supporters or that (b) others don’t exist in India.


  3. Vasanth

    At last i have seen one intelliegent man , who knows wats corruption and ever party is corrupt. Root of corruption is for running the political party.Other forms of corruption are small and will not impact any our economy. Political corruption also does not have an impact on economy but its greed of our politicians accumulate welth for their own self using this power, which makes mony accumulate at small section of Bussiness & ploitician. What would be solution for that , only electoral refroms not JAN LOKPAL BILL. JLB will create a parallel government and will not solve corruption. I congratulate the author who seems to be knowlegeable to give solutions for solving Corruption. We are all mesmeriesed to belive the JLB is the answer for corruption By vested RSS , BJP to gorner votes in the next election. Don’t want to belive an Retired army driver , Failed burocrate , and Failed NGO rather give this to Knowledgeable committe of Scocial Sceintis and Economist who are better able to provide soluitons.

  4. Prince

    I agree that both party are equally corrumpt. did freedom team or sbp gave procedure draft to bring good govererance/system or remove corruption/poverty etc.
    Intially BJP were also gave many speeches on corruption, poverty issue etc before creating party. Due to which we dont trust on leader’s speech or bhashanbaaji.
    Now i got to know the importance of procedure draft , gazzet notification from Right to Recall party group. Thanks to RTR group for aware of draft, Gazett notification.

  5. Prince

    Sorry for late response.

    Law Draft: Draft is detailed procedure of proposal & instructoin given to gov. employees. Also, draft contains information about the source of funding & methods by which the common citizen can prevent the misuse the draft procedure.
    Why no changes can come without Drafts? Because govt has lakhs of employees, the need detailed instructoin(also caled law-draft) to implement the proposal. If the lakhs of employees are told to reduce corruption or any other problems of the country they cann’t do it without detailed instruction(draft).

    For more details or queries of draft, gazzet notification and solution draft of many issues(corruption, poverty, foriegn dominancy etc), please join group
    or visit the website


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