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Women of India unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains!

Unleash the woman power of India!

I have seen women perform innumerable senior professional roles in India, and almost invariably they are better leaders than men because of their outstanding communication and people management skills.

However, soon after they get married their focus narrows dramatically to their family and children, and then they are lost to mankind, becoming mothers first and citizens last.  The idea that they are equal citizens, responsible for the governance of their own nation, is lost somewhere in the midst of the daily grind of earning a living, looking after children, and performing innumerable household chores.

At that stage their ability to see the bigger picture declines rapidly. Political women – those who see the big picture of the way the world is governed, and understand how it impacts their daily lives – are a scarce commodity everywhere, particularly among married women with children. 

This need not be so. 

The leadership talent of women is grossly under-utilised in India. They are phenomenally capable as doctors, engineers, economists, and lawyers. Why should they reject the opportunity to lead politically? THEY SHOULD LEAD.

And if their husbands are bigoted fools who will not let them express their full potential, then LET GO SUCH HUSBANDS. You don't need them. Women must be EQUALLY free as men. In every way. There can be no compromise on this basic classical liberal position.

Good people skills are desperately needed within all political parties. It is not sufficient to have people (like me?!) who talk big. There must be leaders who can pack a credible punch to the political debate through people and communication skills. 

After seeing the revolutionary back to basics movement being led by women in USA, I'd like to see many more women join FTI than have joined so far. AT LEAST 50% of FTI members should be women. 

Come on women! You can do it!!!

(I may not agree with everything that Sarah Palin says, but I admire how she has brought women out of the closet in USA and into politics. That's a great achievement in itself. Go women! Your turn to lead the world.)

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