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I know that "Alexa" rank is not perfect and doesn't reflect the visits to a particular website accurately, but given lack of other options, it seems to be a reasonable indicator of a particular website's 'popularity'. I'm pleased that for the first time today, this blog (including its associated subdomains) has dropped below 220,000 internationally (1 month rank), with 89,000 in India (see images below).

The total traffic to my domain,, has increased NINE-fold since June 2010 when I transferred this blog from blogspot and started putting significant effort into it

My writings are still not reaching out as widely as I'd like them to reach out, but I can only do my best. As a karamyogi, I don't control the outcomes. I do what I must and leave the rest to others. I don't control the response of Indians to my repeated requests to FIGHT the black force. If they don't want improvements in India, I can't do anything about it. But if they want change I can GUARANTEE A TOTAL TRANSFORMATION OF INDIA – provided they work together to implement the world's best policies of freedom.

I write this blog ONLY for one reason – that you may consider joining or actively supporting the Freedom Team of India. Please join the team and organise resistance to the corrupt forces that rule India. Together WE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE. 

How you can help expand the reach of this message of freedom  

You can help by (a) passing this website's domain to your friends, (b) linking it to your blogs and websites, (c) talking about it on your Facebook groups. Also don't forget to do the same for FTI's domain:

And thanks for continuing your visits. Visiting this blog regularly will make it one of the most popular blogs in India, and thus help spread the message of freedom to the intended audience.

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