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Remembering my teachers

Today is Teachers Day in India, a day to remember and commemorate our teachers, whether they were our teachers in school, college, university or elsewhere.

My memory for names is fading but I clearly see the faces of my hundreds of teachers from various schools and colleges (listed below), and the painstaking efforts they put in to teach me whatever little I know. Some of them particularly come to mind, not that others didn't contribute equally or more:

  • Jagdish Hasija who taught me drawing and oil painting which set me off on a 'career' of art which unfortunately I never could complete, but will, one day. 
  • Mrs. Milan in Timpany School who taught me English perhaps remains etched in my mind as the most painstaking teacher of the English language.
  • My fantastic teacher of biology in KV Picket (I forget her real name which is such a shame, I just have her 'pet name' in mind today which I won't put out on this blog!) who made me passionate about botany. 
  • Mr Wadhwa who taught Mathematics in KV Jalandhar – he drove away all fear of maths from my mind (I shouldn't forget Charu here, my school friend, for spending hours with me teaching me trigonometry in Secunderabad).
  • Prof. Setya in DAV Jalandhar who spent his precious time at home drilling me in maths so I could always top the university. 
  • Prof. Magill at USC who drove the lessons of the price system into my head in the most elegant and beautiful manner through his hyperplane dance, and introduced me to Hayek. 
  • And then those who taught only through books, never a face to face interaction (including some like J.S. Mill who died well before I was born).

And there are so many more who come to mind. Hundreds of wonderful teachers. Including my mother and father. Hats off to teachers across the world, in particular to the teachers of India. Theirs is a profession often poorly paid but upon the shoulders of which each generation builds its foundations and goes on to achieve more than its ancestors did.

List of places where I studied:

University of Melbourne – Melbourne Business School (Mt. Eliza)

University of Southern California

Curtin University of Technology, Perth

All India Management Association (Correspondence)

Panjab University (Correspondence)

Guru Nanak Dev University (DAV College, Jullundur)

Kendriya Vidyalaya, Jullundur Cantonement

Kendriya Vidyalaya, Picket, Secunderabad

Kendriya Vidyalaya, Southern Command, Poona

Timpany School, Vishakhapatnam

Salwan Public School, New Delhi

St. Auxilium, Shillong

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