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Please give the Indian voter a chance to change things

Below is another extract from a recent Facebook conversation.

I continue to believe that the situation in India can be changed DRAMATICALLY for the better relatively easily ONCE the people have given a mandate for change. I continue to believe that the plan of action outlined in BFN (chapter 6) WILL resolve 80% of India's major governance problems within less than five years flat, and set the framework for resolution of the remaining 20% within the next 5 years. I can even give a very serious guarantee, if needed, by staking things of great significance to me. 

The quality of governance matters. Good policies matter. That has been made more and more clear to me by observing how Victoria (the state in the Better Regulation Unit of which I work in), has significantly outperformed others states in Australia on virtually every yardstick over the past decade. In a few days time I'll provide a link here to a new public document to show you how good regulation matters. In the meanwhile read last year's progress report, linked here (the second last link from the bottom) that covers a portion (small portion) of the governance frameworks of Victoria. 

Not only regulation, but good management of government agencies matters. A VERY LARGE regulator had a satisfaction rating (by its clients) of 68% a few years ago. Good management practices have transformed its satisfaction rating to 97% from its clients, better than most businesses can dream of. In comparison, an average Indian regulator would probably have a satisfaction rating of 3%.

Now for the Facebook exchange I referred to above.

A friend who argues that change is just too hard

Corruption and incompetence in India is open secret, This is the way things and managed and done in India and people say India is going to be a super power !!! CWG is show case of ANARCHY in India.. 

Just imagine enormity of efforts when someone would take up the responsibility of putting everything in order. Every department, every arm of government, even judiciary, media, legislature will have to be dealt with and that too with iron hand, then there are those private operators with big money bags with vested interests, Bahubalis… .. NOT AN EASY TASK… under present constitutional framework… 

When someone says "Let us change the government, and new Gov. will put everything in order.. the person is too NAIVE to understand intricacies of job at hand… !! Such people are staying in fools paradise !!!

My response

Dear XX

For 60 years no serious effort to oppose socialist misgovernance has been assembled. The people have never been given a chance to vote for a serious national liberal political party. Do not underestimate the desire for change. 

The gap is LEADERS. India is a land of educated sheep. That is the problem. Some think they are so smart they can predict the voters' choices before even forming a serious opposition group.



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