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FTI is a team of citizens, not Gods

Here's my blunt response to advice I received on Facebook:

Advice received 

Dear Sir, I appreciate your feelings but feel that, the pace at what your freedom team is working, will enable you form a govt only after 100years.

My request is that if you guys really wna do something for this world, you definitely need to ignite passion to sacrifice. 

All of you need to unite and prove to this world that only you guys can make desired changes/reform the country. 

The problem with u guys is tht, u all r too very learned to rule this democracy. 

Please unite and work on this mother earth and form a few enterprises like Ambanis and Birlas. If not this please try and deliver something worldclass to ppl of any part of the world. 

Leave philosophy, be fearless if you want to be a leader. 

Else freedom team's dream to reform this country will come to an end.

My response

Dear XX

I don't need your advice (which is fine; you can give it to me, but I don't act on anything that doesn't fit my plans). 

Instead, I need leaders. 

I am 100% clear that I'll do nothing till at least 1500 high quality leaders have assembled. India is not my 'dheka' nor anyone else's. It has to be everybody's joint responsibility. Including yours.

Personally I don't care however long FTI takes. Could be 2 million years. Irrelevant.

Freedom and good governance never came easily. It is not for me to serve you or India's needs. India has to wake up and take responsibility. Till it doesn't expect millions of FTIs to arise and fail. We are wasting our time asking FTI to do anything. It won't. It can't. FTI needs YOU and everyone to stand up and be counted. Then YOUR task and everyone's task is immediately accomplished.

See? Citizenship is the concept here. Not some God falling from the sky.




The sooner the educated classes of India realise that this is about team work and jointly resolving India's problems the better.

Let's not ask others to do things for us. Let's stand up and be counted.

Look forward to your joing FTI if you wish to stand up and be counted.

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