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The end of the welfare state is nigh. Or is it?

This article in The Economist brings out the disastrous effects of social liberalism (or democratic liberalism) that has destroyed incentives wherever it has been implemented – particularly in Europe but also in the USA, UK, and Australia (for Australia see the books "Australia's Welfare Habit – and how to kick it" and "Reforming the Australian Welfare State" by Peter Saunders here).

The Godchildren of TH Green, Harold Laski and the Fabian socialists are alive and kicking in all Western societies, steadily chipping away at liberty. Living off the work of the hardworking entrepreneurs who are the ONLY ones who generate wealth in a society, these welfare socialists seek to redistribute wealth not just once but at every possible opportunity. Equity is their slogan, now well entrenched in "traditional" economics. 

The only good thing that happens is that every few decades the impracticability of this redistributional enterprise become self-evident, and this Ponzi game stops at least for a while. Belts tighten, lots of money is borrowed from future generations, and as things settle, the splurging starts once again.

The welfare state is a discredited, dangerous creed, but its followers remain legion. They may be in hiding today, but they will come out when the GFC stabilises.

Note therefore that when I talk of freedom for India I DO NOT refer to the West as a role model, since the West is besieged by leftists and Keynesians. Most Western societies are nanny states, and statist as well, with articificially administered prices of money (through central banking) 

The only hope for freedom in the world is that once countries like India finally get their act together and DO become free, their might and power will rip apart the fat in the West. Sadly, countries like India languish in the socialist twilight zone, unable to create the motivation or incentives for entrepreneurship. India needs to become free not only for itself – but to set the entire world in order.

If BFN is ever adopted in India, as one day I hope it will, its power of transformation will sear across the world and destroy all welfare states and leftist blood-suckers who live off the work of hard working entrepreneurs – for India will become competitive at a level totally unprecedented on earth.

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2 thoughts on “The end of the welfare state is nigh. Or is it?
  1. Dermot

    Only came on your blog today.Brilliant stuff.
    I live in one of these so called Western Welfare Utopia's.The welfare state is a joke,its a parasitic animal that turns people into dependent spongers and creates massive social divides.
    It also creates the most corrupt ,sophistic, demagogues for politicians.It's amazing that the idiot Politicians in the west have never read Man vs the welfare state by Henry Hazlitt and had a good look at the chapter on Uruguay.This is road they are going down and they will not stop until they have reached it.

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I too live in a welfare state (Australia). The only way these blood-sucking leftist ideologies will end is when large nations like India become super-competitive and force them to shed their fat. Unfortunately, India is smitten by socialists as well! So we can only wait and watch (I am trying to shift India, e.g. Freedom Team Will take some time).

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