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Reject poison, accept liberty and humanity

The internet has allowed all kinds of people to get their message across. Misinformation, disinformation and dangerous ideas are passed on equally as are good ideas. That is the price we pay for liberty, for freedom of expression across the internet.

I won't name the person who sent me this message, but note that he bears an Indian name. The poisonous message reads thus:

Not a single rupee from any true Indian or India should go Porkistan. While the flood is destroying Porkistan, they still sending terrorists everyday in India and Paki Rangers firings at the Indian posts killing our guards such is their mentality. Besides, 70% of the donations will be nicked by those scoundrels anyway. We need to be strong with rogues and enemies. An enemy is a enemy only, show no mercy.

I've asked this person to unsubscribe me from his poisonous messages. Not my kind of thinking.

I agree that foreign aid often goes to fund corrupt dictators, but surely we must not become inhuman just because bad elements from Pakistan are constantly harming India. I don't know what is the best way to reach out to the millions of people affected by the worst floods in 80 years, but surely humanity requires us to help our neighbour, particularly the innocent ordinary citizens of Pakistan who are not the ones causing trouble for India.

Through this post I appeal to all Indians to reject all messages of hate and work towards the day when South Asia will be re-united, if not as a nation then at least as a customs union (I'm not in favour of monetary unions, given the experience of EU).

On this Independence day let us work towards liberty and humanity. 

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3 thoughts on “Reject poison, accept liberty and humanity
  1. Harsh Vora

    Hi Sanjeev — I appreciate your views on this. There are so many groups and "fan" pages on Facebook that say "F**k India" or "F**k Pakistan," and similar other groups. I tried to report such pages to the Facebook team. However, there are so many of them that it is almost impossible to report each of them. I doubt if Facebook pays enough attention to such "hate" pages. I soon realized that this has deep roots. All over internet, there are so much of such craps — now, even e-mails are not spared!

  2. Nitin Gulhane

    I don't see anything alarming with using F words for India and Pakistan. We humans get frustrated easily and we have our own biases towards religions, nationality, idealogies, professions etc. 
    If a Pakistani is venting against India, its very natural. Thats what their media taught them (to despise India). And its equally true for Indians…we have been taught that Pakistan is a rogue country. Truth, of course, is somewhere in between.
    WHile I do hope that people turn more gentle and nicer to each other, we don't want to become Elois (ineffectual super nice people in the book Time Machine by HG Wells).
    My policy: Use bad words when you want to vent…however, understand that idiots and crazies are equally distributed all over the world.

  3. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Dear Nitin

    Re: “My policy: Use bad words when you want to vent”

    I suggest this is the surest way to increase problems in the world. Respect others, and only then can we hope to resolve long standing problems. Anyway, I strongly encourage that the world stop using poisonous words against each other.

    (also see that I’m building, to complement the Facebook group: We have a long journey ahead. Let’s make it pleasant for everyone.



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