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Recent public talks by FTI members

Since July 2009 FTI members have been speaking in public forums about the changes needed in India and about what FTI is doing to bring about these changes. These outreach events include:

1. Indore, Madhaya Pradesh, 2 July to 9 July 2009 [Shantanu Bhagwat]

2. Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh, 30 August 2009 [Anil Sharma]

3. Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, 2 September 2009 [Anil Sharma]

4. Bangalore (March 2010) [Sanjay Mehrotra]

5. Guwahati and Delhi, Feb/Mar 2010 [PDF report] | Videos [Sanjeev Sabhlok]

In addition two recent talks have helped spread the message:

6. At IIT Delhi by Shantanu Bhagwat on 2 August 2010 [Shantanu Bhagwat]

7. At TEDx in Kakinada by Dipinder Sekhon on 21 August 2010 [Dipinder Sekhon]

While more about these talks (e.g. writeups/ videos) will be published in due course, the slides used by Shantanu and Dipinder are now available, and are presented below. Enjoy!

Shantanu Bhagwat's talk

Shantanu's talk is an excellent representation of FTI views.

Dipinder Sekhon's talk

Dipinder Sekhon spoke at a TEDx event in Kakinada (AP) on Aug 21 (Ref: Here are his slides. 

India's Second Freedom Struggle: Removing Corruption from Politics

View more presentations from Dipinder Sekhon.
FTI members are India's leaders of tomorrow. Please join me in congratulating these bright young Indians on their brilliant performance!
And if possible, please join FTI!
Here's a photo of a poster for Shantanu's talk (click for larger image)
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