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Is this a joke? Rahul Gandhi honest?!


I was surprised beyond my WILDEST imagination when I came across this comment by Times of India (reported in The Age).

"An editorial about the Games crisis on the front page of Thursday's Times of India said: "The job on hand – enormous and important for the country's prestige – needs someone whose integrity is not questioned. It must also be a person with the authority to mobilise the best people for this Project Salvage. Someone like Rahul Gandhi.''"

Has Times of India also been bought?? BIG TIME!! Even the remotest semblance of integrity in the press in India lost?? What is this, a free press or a joke??? 

Mr Rahul Gandhi, as well all know, is heir to India's most corrupt dynasty. Some people – and I have plenty of material on this but won't go into details here – argue that the degeneration started in Nehru's time itself, but I'm inclined to lay the biggest share of blame on Indira Gandhi who was the GodMother of corruption in India. (see my image of her below painted when I was 16 ). But Nehru as the Godfather of socialism in India laid down the socialist policies that created corruption. The Congress specialises in  deliberately eliminating anyone with integrity. I recall how quickly I was kicked out as Director of Rural Development in Assam in 1991 by the TOTALLY CORRUPT Congress Chief Minster the moment I stood firm on not meeting his demands – and of my corrupt Rural Development Minister. 

Rahul Gandhi, as the real head of India's most organisation, is FULLY REPONSIBLE for the corruption in India. How can he save the Commonwealth Games???

He could have, had he wanted, followed the prescriptions in BFN, and work towards eliminating corruption. But he is FULLY COMPLICIT. How many crores of rupees of black money did he use during his elections in Amethi? And how much did he declare? How many (thousands of?) millions of dollars in black money is stashed way in his and his mother's Swiss accounts? Why does he NOT put in place policies that will destroy corruption – because he BENEFITS from them. Why does he not resign from Congress and start a new party if he is so honest? Why does he not renounce socialism? All too convenient for him to latch on to the monstrously corrupt Congress. 

My comments on Facebook: (a much more detailed comment on the same lines in Towards A Great India, March 2010)

I wrote the following on Facebook some time ago. Worth reproducing:

I don't know much about him [Rahul] except that he has chosen to represent the MOST CORRUPT organisation in independent India, an organisation that has destroyed the lives of millions, STOLEN thousands of crores of public money, and in generally, been one of the most anti-India outfits one can think of (along with other major political parties).

Rahul might have been born pure and innocent (as a baby) but through his actions he has lost the right to represent me or people like me. He is the head of a criminal outfit today, hence if at all I'm interested in him it would be to bring him and people like him to book. 

In general I'm not interested in a particular cockroach out of thousands of cockroaches in Congress (I). I'm interested in destroying the entire cockroach nest. 

To destroy this cockroach nest, I am interested in finding citizen-who respect themselves and are willing to fight corrupt organisations like the Congress. If you are true leader, I'm more interested in you and would like you to join FTI to fight the criminals who rule India. Please rise and become a genuine citizen. That is a great challenge for Indian educated middle classes.


Please note that corruption STARTS AT THE TOP. That has always been the case. It starts by people spending CRORES OF BLACK MONEY DURING ELECTIONS. Where did this money come from? From LOOTING INDIA. Who loots India? People like Rahul Gandhi? From where? From the exchequer, from giving illegal favours to industrialists, from defence 'deals', etc. etc. etc. 

Who has led this loot since independence? 

– The Congress, but also most other parties in India.

In general, I'm not interested in discussing specific politicians. We need to find GENUINELY GOOD CITIZENS IN INDIA (if such people exist) and motivate them to contest elections under a common banner to fight the criminals who rule India.


Please try to understand our corrupt electoral system (there is a chapter on that in my book). It is time for people to get involved in their own country and find out how it functions. 

Only then they can rise and oppose bad leadership.


My painting of Indira Gandhi when I was 16 (1975)

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40 thoughts on “Is this a joke? Rahul Gandhi honest?!
  1. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Vishal's comment on Facebook: "I disagree. If the source of water is bad you may want to start with filter and then eventually close the tap. Indians will not one day wake up and say that they are fed up with the system and start a revolution. We are a nation of clerks where blood boils slowly but we are human and one day and will start behaving like humans. Filter is awakening and reminding that we are humans"

    My response:  Vishal, I'm not interested in RTI myself but I fully support it. RTI is part of citizen vigilance and can't be avoided even in the most liberal society. However, I'd like to focus in VERY LIMITED TIME on getting rid of the dirty water. Everyone has their priorities and capacities. Mine are better tuned to getting rid of the source of muck, not in cleaning up the muck, which if I had wished I could have spent my entire life in the IAS, doing.

  2. Nitin Gulhane

    Is Rahul Gandhi a face of a most corrupt dynasty? Yes. Does it mean he is a bad guy? No.
    News of corruption doesn't bother me but it bothers me when I see people get angered by it.
    One has to be really stupid (or head of Anti-corruption Beuro) to NOT know that in India corruption is everywhere. You want driving license? Rs 2000. Want to register newly purchased house? Rs 20000. Want to get marriage certificate? Rs 1000. Do we really expect that money spinner like CWG will be corruption free? If one does, he needs some growing up to do.
    Are we blind to not see this? There are millions of jokers who attend political rallies without understanding that it costs Rs 25 to 40 lakhs to carry out that drama.
    India is full of people who will go anywhere if given 3 vada pav's per day and free transportation, extreme poverty is responsible for that. I don't blame them. However, it gets my goat when so-called honest Indians get all emotional when they see large crowds to cheer their favorite clown. This is true for Congress, BJP and BSP and ShivSena and MNS and CPI.
    The money that gets spend in elections need to be recuperated. And second generation usually pays for that….and it pays with massive interest.
    This disastrous infrastructure that we see in India is a result of blind faith of our previous generation. If we make a mistake now, our kids will pay for that…and they will pay dearly.
    I am amazed when I see people wanting their small kid to grow up and be a rich man…if things continue to be like this, we will be lucky if our kids remain alive.
    I am amazed when I see people wanting uninterrupted electricity…if things continue to be like this, our kids will not get water to drink….heavy rains notwithstanding.
    This doesn't mean that all is lost for India. No. I am very hopeful of the new generation. I am very positive that India can turn the corner.
    All it takes is a few good men.

  3. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Dear Nitin,

    Re: "Is Rahul Gandhi a face of a most corrupt dynasty? Yes. Does it mean he is a bad guy? No."

    I disagree. If a person knowingly breaks the laws of the land and then wants to be PM, he is a bad evil monster. I do not mince words.  I question your moral sense and suggest you learn to distinguish truth from untruth, honest from dishonesty.

    Second, "The money that gets spend in elections need to be recuperated. " Yes. I have shown exactly how this can be done HONESTLY. See BFN ( Looks like people don't like to read books that clarify things. Have you read it? Is there any defect in that solution? We want honesty, then we must follow such suggestions. Else don't claim that dishonesty has an excuse. No excuses.

    Rahul Gandhi is evil. Period. He has joined the corrupt system instead of reforming it. He is finished, as far as I am concerned. Tainted. Damaged goods. Not fit for India. Fit for prison.



  4. Bill Hothi

    Dear Sanjiv,
    Some people want to wash off their hands and push the problem to next generation….can't be done. We need tough decisions to be taken now otherwise, you can see the mess. The latest chaos is common wealth or whatever games we are hosting in Delhi. There is open knowledge that crores have already been digested. Are you going to tell your grand kids to recover that money… not at all.
    People need to wake up and wake up now. Weed these politians out.
    There is no shortage of leaders but everyone is scared to come forward.

  5. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Dear Bill

    I agree there is no shortage of leaders. What is needed is the will to change. It is all in the mind. I am not a big guy (only 5'6") but my will, combined with the will of others like me who want to transform India, WILL SUCCEED.

    I would like all genuine leaders of India to stand up and be counted. The clarion call for leaders was issued when FTI was started. It is now more than a year since its formalisation as a legal entity. It is high time for good leaders to assemble. That is the basic first step.

    Let us take charge of our own country and throw away these gangsters who make all kinds of excuses to be corrupt. Looting the country is the primary goal of our leaders. This cannot be allowed to continue. Please help find leaders for FTI. This generation CAN change things. Let us get together. The task is big, but definitely doable. 



  6. Bill Hothi

    Dear Sanjiv,
    There is one more thing to finding the leaders……..also finding the teams who are going to make sure that the work of that area leader is being done as it is percieved by him with obvious confidene of the FTI organization. I am putting that kind of team in two of my interest areas. I am of the opinion that our thread bare approach also needs to be understood. I have talked to some of my people who are not affraid of such goons and will stand. The system has been corrupted so much that a very bold leader and equally bold agenda needs to be followed if we are to win people. After all freedom movement started from grass roots and threw away the Goras.
    Even under british raaj, the problem was Indians who were fighting each other. There were never enough Britishers to do anything worth the while on their own.
    Now also, the problem appears to be the people who are corrupt to the core and Babu's merely take advantage.
    Although, emergency is never the solution but I saw in 1977 or there about, the general public was on the straight line in one day. Slowly but surely, the system got corrupted within months. I am not defending any leader here as I know  that the leader was corrupt and emergency was enforced to save her behind. But, there was a lesson which I learned about public following and very short respite from the goons.
    Leaders do not make excuses but act. The time is now and we need to shake such guys at national level. Witin my group, where the leaders are not at short supply but, their attitude is same what has been shown by some therefore, do I consider them the leaders! probably not.
    They will definitely be on the band wagon once the movement is underway.
    Let us talk little more on this issue as my idea is clear and the truth always hurts but this time, it should hurt the corrupt politicans theri cottery .
    Regards with the hope that border line guys fall on our side to join the movement and do something about it. Physical law states that

  7. Bill Hothi

    I appologise for computer screw up as the comments got put up without my command but all I want to add to the above account that
    Woek done is measured by the actual work, there has to be tons of preparations before and I do not deny it and also do not feel that it will be easy.

  8. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Dear Bill

    The first step is to find the leaders. Already a good number of outstanding people have assembled, as you are aware. These leaders will obviously consider all methods to ensure quality work at all levels. This is the preparation stage. Pl. also see:




  9. Nitin Gulhane

    See BFN ( Looks like people don't like to read books that clarify things. Have you read it? Is there any defect in that solution? We want honesty, then we must follow such suggestions. Else don't claim that dishonesty has an excuse. No excuses.
    Dear Sanjeev, No. I haven't read this book yet. I came across yoru blog just a few days ago and that too accidently. I am hooked to it now and intend to read all your writings soon.
    I have had a cursory look at some of your articles and from what I understand is that you intend to start a movement to work towards complete development of India. While I don't see your plan of action, I am sure you already have some idea about how to go about it. A quick internet serach also reveals that you have a fairly large fan base and well wishers…however, I still don't know where are you in your path.
    I would like to know how you are planning to nurture new leaders. While there is no dearth of leaders in India, finding a good leader who is honest, hardworking, selfless and who will follow the path shown by others is very difficult. IMO, a good leader and his/her mentor should connect at some level but must not establish a guru-shishya relationship (a common occurance in Indian politics). A good leader must be autonomous even if his goals rhyme with the party goals.
    You come from IAS and so here are my questions:
    1. Are you open to criticism from your well wishers?
    2. How much dissent you would tolerate from your supporters?
    3. Do you beleive that we humans can easily judge people and their intentions? I don't. Would you feel betrayed if you find that half of your supporters were actually cheats trying to use you to further their agenda?
    My own survey says that Indians are willing to vote ANYBODY who catches their fancy…irrespective of the political party they belong to. It does take a lot of marketing and subtle (and not so subtle) self promotion to win an election.
    I also have concluded that it is relatively easy to be an MLA than an MP. MLA typically has more homogeneous bunch of people to address whereas MPs have to listen to a cross section of people.
    Sanjeev, I know I am writing this without actually familiarizing myself with your work…so I shoudl stop here.
    Thanks for the good work. I as a common man of India is very impressed.

  10. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Dear Nitin

    I strongly and vehemently resist the idea of having "followers". My goal for India is to find and build citizens, who think for themselves. Pl. see chapters 5 and 6 of the draft manuscript The Discovery of Freedom (

    I have clarified this issue many times, more recently at:

    I am a simple common man and want to remain as such. Just fulfilling what I think is my joint responsibility to India. All I need is 1500 other common men and women who think likewise and then we can significantly improve India for ourselves and for everybody.

    Look forward to your further comments after you've read a bit more. 



  11. Nitin Gulhane

    Another thing I must state is that I myself intend to contest Maharastra state assembly elections in 2014 from Pune. Its going to be a challenge as absolutely nobody knows me right now. I don't have political or financial backing. And I am not the best speaker in the town. And I am a straight talker. However, I have the burning desire to server the public in my own way.
    Here is my plan:
    Declare the following:
    1. Anybody who wants to vote for me must be willing to put in some hours each month for the city.
    2. Anybody who expects 24 hours unintrrupted electricity or a job for himself or his kids must not vote for me. Actually, I don't want vote from anybody who needs something from their MLA.
    3. My first priority is to make Pune city a healthy city by cleaning it up and planting more trees…and all of this will have to be done without any help from the govt.  and administration.
    4. I as an MLA may not be able to do any 'chamatkar' but will work 10 hours each day on the streets of the city.
    5. With the help of fellow citizens, I would like to bring emergency medical services and paramedics to the citizens of Pune. I hate it when I see state of accident victims and would like to provide help within 20 minutes to every accident victim.
    6. I also need an emergency response team to help victims of floods, terrorist attacks and earthquakes. Its saddening to see when bleeding people are dragged by citizens as ambulances never reach the site of crime.
    7. I would like to bathe and feed every begger in the city. I cannot stand the sight of half naked kids begging. I know this is a racket run by some villains but it has to stop. Once people know that the food, clothes and shelter is available to these kids, they will stop giving money to these kids and the racket will be destroyed. Pretty dangerous action but somebody has to do it.
    I am planning to do some soft marketing starting early 2011. I am an eternal optimist so I strongly beleive that I will find my way to convince people. Honest??? I know honesty is a prime thing that most people are looking for in their representative. Right now only person who is convinced about my honesty is myself.
    -Nitin Gulhane

  12. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Dear Nitin

    Your aim is laudable but futile. We need systems that will ensure all the things you want to achieve.  FTI ( has been started with the aim of changing the laws, enforcements systems, and administrative systems to deliver outstanding quality of governance. You might consider joining it. Since it is a policy-based platform you'd need to be a classical liberal in your approach and understanding of policy. We have a few members in Pune/Mumbai. You can meet/contact them as well.



  13. Vijay Mohan

    Dear Sanjeev,
    The Way our media is highlighting every single deed and making this "Raul Vinci" a hero .. We gonna have a great struggle.. i suspect he is the next candidate for PM by Congress.
    You know the media is not free .. Its controlled by some vested interests ..
    Just a serious joke .. whenever i discuss this "Raul vinci" chapter with any girl … She is only for "Raul Vinci" /…no matter whats the case,.
    So until and unless all good powers unite … mission India is difficult..

  14. Bhagwad Jal Park

    You've repeatedly used words like "Evil" and "Monster" while describing Rahul Gandhi. Can you define these terms? Can you define Evil? One must be honest and take things as they are without draping an image onto them. If he's a monster and evil it means there's nothing good about him. He has horns and eats children. That's what a monster does.
    You say that you believe only in critical thinking. Is this critical thinking? Reducing a person and demonizing them is critical thinking? You've repeatedly made emotional appeals and broad generalizations that are untenable in your essay. Now I have no problems with that – BUT you also make the claim that you indulge in critical thinking. You must stick to that assertion.
    Define your terms first and proceed accordingly. This article is a rant. Nothing more.

  15. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Dear Bhagwad

    EVIL is that which destroys, harms.
    MONSTER is that which destroys in great abundance.

    Such words are used to describe destructive people and groups of people. Extreme examples (I’m not suggesting the Rahul and his group are in that league) include Stalin (Nehru was his great fan), or the communists of USSR (Congress loved those mega-criminals despite the Gulag and terrorist killings of the Russians and others).

    There has been NO GROUP more destructive in independent India than the Congress, closely followed by BJP. Corruption is just one tiny part of the evil. I refer to FAR GREATER evils as well: destruction of freedoms, destruction of lives through starvation, destruction of lives through communal rioting. Anyone who joins this evil group partakes of this evil. The one who heads (or effectively heads) this group is the most evil of all.

    Any problem with the simple logic here? Calling the spade a spade is no longer acceptable?


  16. Bhagwad Jal Park

    I agree that we must call a spade a spade. But we must talk only about spades and not anything else. For example, here is one sentence of yours:
    "Rahul Gandhi, as the real head of India's most organisation, is FULLY REPONSIBLE for the corruption in India"
    To substantiate your claim that Rahul Gandhi is "Fully responsible" for all the corruption in India, you have to show that it's because of HIM that every single corrupt act in India takes place. For example, a person pays a bribe to someone in the passport office. You have to show that if Rahul Gandhi wasn't born, then that bribe would not have been paid. That is what I (and presumably others) understand by "fully responsible."
    Perhaps you use the words "fully responsible" in a different way here, but I confess I'm not able to lay any other interpretation to the phrase. Another word is "real head" of xyz. Perhaps you have some information that I and others do not, but I'm not convinced that he's the single most important leader in the Congress and that whatever he says is law. I would say that Sonia Gandhi at the very least has a veto power, and that doesn't make him the "real head."
    I'm not usually this pedantic. But since you've insisted several times that you only use critical thinking, I'm holding you to a higher standard than I would others. I normally ignore plain rhetoric and misleading statements on blogs, but I was a bit surprised to find you using these tools.

  17. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Dear Bhagwad

    If you have read BFN you know how corruption works in India (I've only outlined it a bit). It is led by our political parties, from the highest levels. I've seen it first hand, and if you doubt me, please find out any honest person in government who has worked with our Ministers and find out whether I'm wrong. This is SCIENTIFIC knowledge. 

    The moment Rahul Gandhi decided to join this gang of corrupt people known as Congress, he became responsible for its corruption and misgovernance. Everyone who joins the Congress becomes FULLY responsible for its crimes. At the minimum they become an accomplice. 

    You can't say, if you voluntarily join a gang of criminals, that you are only a mere observer with no guilt. That is how MMS has got tainted as well. Beyond redemption. And Shashi Tharoor and so many others. There is simply NO WAY to join a totally corrupt organisation and pretend one is not a criminal. But Rahul Gandhi is no ordinary person like MMS who is actually honest and is trying to rise above the mess around him. Rahul has joined the inner circle – of his mother. He is the leader of the gang.

    The only way Rahul Gandhi could have demonstrated that he is NOT responsible for corruption (and bad policy) in India is by RESIGNING from this atrociously corrupt political party, by disclosing the corrupt assets of his family, and by  bringing his own family members and Congress colleagues to book. And THEN  starting a movement for reform. From a clean slate.

    I won't enter into further debates. If you believe that Rahul Gandhi is honest I'm afraid you don't know the basics of how India runs.



  18. Bhagwad Jal Park

    I'm afraid you're making the false dichotomy fallacy. I never said that Rahul Gandhi is honest. I've mentioned twice before that you musn't put words in my mouth and attack statements I didn't make. I request you not to do so for the third time.
    I said I have a problem with the word "fully" responsible. There is a whole range of responsibility between "fully" responsible and "innocent." Do you really disagree with me on this?

  19. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Sure, I agree, Bhagwad. I’ve extensively discussed these details (kinds of harm, kinds and levels of responsibility) in DOF.

    Please note, though, that here we are talking of an EXTREME form of harm: harm that is felt by millions of people. By joining such criminal groups that have broken the nation’s laws, that have throttled freedom, you effectively support them and justify their actions. By NOT, as a senior leader of Congress, putting 99% of the Congressmen permanently behind bars (and that Rahul Gandhi can easily do if he were honest: he has that kind of power today), he becomes DIRECTLY AND FULLY implicated.

    In response to your question, can I ask you to please show me ONE human being that Hitler personally killed? One Jew that he personally gassed? So does that mean he is NOT FULLY responsible for the crimes of the Nazis?

    The LEADER of large (and in this case MASSIVE) corrupt organisations are FULLY responsible because of the sheer magnitude of their crime. By not acting in EVERY way to block and destroy murderers (in the case of Hitler) and criminals (in the case of Rahul) they are fully implicated.

    I trust this resolves the issue.

    If I were Rahul Gandhi, I’d have done 100% different things to what Rahul has done. I therefore KNOW that he is fully responsible. And other major leaders too, are fully responsible. Each of them HAD and HAS the power to change, but they DON’T.

    I think this debate is going nowhere. Let’s call it a day. I’ve got better things to do than debate the specific level of dishonesty of the leader of India’s most corrupt political party, a party that has RUINED India.


  20. Bhagwad Jal Park

    I think you give a single person too much power. No single person has the influence to remove corruption in India. Nor can any single person take the blame as you suggest.
    Even Hitler was not FULLY responsible. He was aided and abetted. Of course, he also was solely responsible for propelling the Nazi government to power. Something you cannot claim Rahul Gandhi has done. It's a false analogy.

  21. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Dear Bhagwad

    Fair enough. I think you’ve got me on the technicality. I admit that Rajiv Gandhi is not fully responsible. When accountability is lodged at people’s doorsteps, even people like Saddam Hussain could only be tried on specific instances, not on the generality of his crimes. Legally speaking you are right.

    If we leave technicalities aside, you are wrong. Rahul Gandhi could EASILY have shifted things had he wanted to. He did not want to. He joined the bandwagon and got his ‘entitlement’ at the top, near the driver’s seat. The mafia leader’s son has chosen to join the mafia. No one coerced him. The gang lives on. MEGA corruption and bad policy will live on – and lives on through him. India will be looted. As before. True he is not the one who started it, but he joined the relay race. I hold him FULLY responsible – not in the legal sense I would use in a legal prosecution, but for having sold his soul for petty money and power, for failing to do what he could have. Responsibility also lies with us for things we choose not to do.


  22. Bhagwad Jal Park

    It's an interesting thought. But think about it. Suppose you were in his place and really wanted to change things. The first thing I would do is to get into a position of real power without breaking down the structure completely. If he went ahead and did everything as you suggest, he would probably be thrown out and never allowed in no matter who he is.
    If I were him I would spend my time consolidating my power and then making change come slowly in a way that doesn't jeopordize my position and in a way that is sustainable. Otherwise my good will be undone after I die.
    I like idealism. But it's even better to be really practical first.

  23. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Dear Bhagwad

    Self-respect. Self-respect.

    Rahul Gandhi has no self-respect. IF is he is honest (all people are born honest), and IF is capable (which he has shown no signs of), then the next thing of value is self-respect. No self-respecting honest and capable person would tolerate working with a corrupt organisation.

    His name carries so much weight that if he had resigned and declared his open rebellion, and offered a route (e.g. BFN), the ENTIRE country would have fallen in behind him.

    He can’t do that now, just as MMS has permanently got a black mark on his forehead by joining this party. It is over for him.

    What is more valuable? “Practicality” which is nonsense (only in extreme cases can means become subordinate to ends), or self-respect and showing the right way to the people of India. Always standing firm for the right thing?

    I am totally irrelevant to India without my self-respect. If I had joined the gang you would have never heard the true me. You would have blacklisted me along with the entire IAS most of which is deeply corrupt. Long ago I recognised that I was losing my self-respect by being in the IAS. That bothered me quite a bit. Then when I met so many ministers and chief ministers SOLELY interested in making money, and with NO policy ideas, then it was just too much to tolerate.

    I had to choose self-respect and living with my spine erect, or bending under the load of ‘practicality’.

    I’m not an idealist. I just DON’T CARE to be any corrupt rascal’s slave.

    A self-respecting (+honest+competent) Rahul Gandhi would have DEFINITELY transformed India. He lost his chance. He is now mixed deeply with the scum of the Congress party and can’t be distinguished from that muck.

    Being “idealistic” is the MOST PRACTICAL solution to almost everything in life. There was no magic to Gandhi. He just stood by his guns. Politely but firmly. That’s all it takes. Citizenship.


  24. Ashish Deodhar

    You have made quite a few very big accusations against Rahul Gandhi in particular and his family in general. Although I am not a big fan of the Nehru/Gandhi family, I am not going to put them in the dock for the heck of it.
    But I will wait to see some evidence that suggests that:
    a) Rahul Gandhi is the "real head" of the Congress party
    b) The Gandhi family has money (any amount) stashed in Swiss banks – which bank? what account numbers? how exactly do you know?
    c) any evidence that he was engaged in, or ever endorsed, any form of corruption – I know your response to that would be that his membership of the Congress party itself points to the endorsement of corruption but I am sure you understand that that won't wash!
    d) Rahul Gandhi, to the best of my knowledge, is not even a minister in this cabinet. He is just another Congress MP and is trying hard to remain one.
    You sound much like the Hindutva loonies when you attack TOI for saying something in favor of the Congress. Please understand that media houses need not have been *bought* by monsters and evils just because they don't reflect your opinions!
    You say you don't know much about Rahul Gandhi but you also claim to know all the above about him. That's absurd.
    I think I would go with Bhagwad here to say that this post comes across more as a rant than a thoughtful opinion. It looks like a very lazy effort, perhaps written in a fit a anger. Almost as if Sanjeev Sabhlok hasn't written this post himself.
    But I know you could write far better than this. 

  25. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Dear Ashish

    You have to read this post in combination with BFN chapters 4-6, and everything I say about socialism (e.g. its killings through omission not necessarily commission) in DOF. Plus perhaps sit with me and listen to the precise ways how the Congress party runs.

    Please leave the Hindutva group out of this. I have a personal vendetta against corruption. Being a destroyer of corruption doesn’t make me a Hindutva fan!

    You have NO IDEA Ashish, how India runs. Sorry if this sounds too vast a generalisation, but I’m afraid that’s the only thing that comes to mind.

    Please work inside the government, interact with these people, see how they FLEECE the public at every step, how they encourage black money. Talk to people from US companies who have been personally asked by our leaders to pay cash in Swiss banks as a pre-condition of licence, etc. etc. In other words, reproduce the well over ten years of experience I have in this area (I spent 6 out of my 18 years in the IAS in studies abroad) before you question my conclusion about Rahul Gandhi.

    You are most welcome to treat these corrupt gangsters – the breakers of ALL the laws of India – as potentially honest. I don’t. I KNOW their ‘practical’ solutions, their compromises at each step, their destruction of all good systems that have left India as the world’s most corrupt and poor nation (for its size). Third World, even though most of its people are first rate.

    I speak the truth and don’t care if others appreciate it or not. Not bothered if you don’t agree. Please yourself.

    Much of this also applies to the BJP, although I must admit to a SLIGHTLY lesser extent (from what I know of it, which is much less than what I know of Congress). Both are MAJOR law breakers. Both are floating in black money. Both are PURELY after power and money.


  26. Ashish Deodhar

    I don't contest any of what you said Sanjeev. You are doing a great job of fighting corruption and I can't even begin to comprehend the extent of it as much as you do.
    I don't think anyone in India needs to be told that our politicians are corrupt. The problem I had with your post is that it was a personal attack on an individual and with serious accusations without any supporting evidence whatsoever. Such a post doesn't do justice to your stature in this "war on corruption" and makes you look like just one of those random bloggers who know nothing better than ranting against anyone and everyone!
    I am sure that wasn't your objective!

  27. Bhagwad Jal Park

    This is where we disagree:
    "if he had resigned and declared his open rebellion, and offered a route (e.g. BFN), the ENTIRE country would have fallen in behind him."
    There is NO WAY one person can EVER have that much power. Real change doesn't come from leaders. It comes from everyone. And that will take more time than I will live on this planet. Only change that is slow and steady is sustainable.

  28. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Fair enough, Bhagwad

    From what I know, India is CLAMOURING FOR REFORM. If Rahul had any of the qualities I have discussed, he would have done whatever he could and have offered a chance to those who wish to join him in that journey, to do so. Millions would have joined him. Particularly given the profile he had (when he was not contaminated beyond repair).

    But this is a counter-factual. The fact is that he is today a major leader (next in line for full leadership) of the most corrupt organisation in the world. None of the possibilities for reform exist any longer. He is finished.


  29. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Ashish's comment that I accidentally clicked the 'delete' button on WordPress control panel. I have been able to retrieve it from the email that WordPress sends me. Here is is. Apologies, Ashish.

    I don't contest any of what you said Sanjeev. You are doing a great job of fighting corruption and I can't even begin to comprehend the extent of it as much as you do.
    I don't think anyone in India needs to be told that our politicians are corrupt. The problem I had with your post is that it was a personal attack on an individual and with serious accusations without any supporting evidence whatsoever. Such a post doesn't do justice to your stature in this "war on corruption" and makes you look like just one of those random bloggers who know nothing better than ranting against anyone and everyone!
    I am sure that wasn't your objective!

  30. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Dear Ashish

    One thing let me repeat. I do not worry about being misunderstood. I will be. It is the nature of human relations and communication.

    If there are people out there in whose opinion I am lowered in “stature” because I call a spade a spade, so be it. I don’t care for their opinions. And yes, I'm very rough with the corrupt. These gangsters have destroyed India, my country. I do not lightly treat these kinds of people. This is a war, whether anyone else joins me in it or not.

    Let me speak unhindered, Ashish. This is my personal blog, not an FTI blog where the team must (and I fully agree) always present the view of the entire team. I'm happy for my views to be drowned out or moderated by the Team, but on my blog (my public diary, a web log) I speak directly, unhindered, free. 



  31. ashutosh

    sanjeev , you may be right that rahul gandhi is corrupt, as he do not speak about CWG scam and adarsh society scam about their partyman, but currently most of the politicians, govt. employees in india are corrupt …i think there is two reason behind this..
    1st. our political structure and 2nd. our culture of ahimsa…our political system is dual system of central and state govt. with ambiguous distribution of power such that no one takes the responsibility.
    one thing you see that a person who becomes IAS get appx 35 thousand salary per month  (honestly) … even everyone know that IAS is one of the toughest exam in world dont u think it is unfare to give an IAS such a low salary. so our govt. itself say that earn your money yourself.
     our culture of ahimsa is spreaded so much in everywhere including our judicial system such that no one get  punishment…it seems  we are  not interested in punishment. so if a good intelligent  person by luck reach to the PM post who can change these systems may help india. or we need revolution, but in  india honest  people follow ahimsa and dishonest  people have no it seems we are loosing battle?

  32. Dr Tenzin Gogoi

    A suit has been filed in the high court in Lucknow seeking information 
    about the alleged detention of Congress MP Rahul Gandhi and his 
    Columbian girlfriend by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 

    According to the public interest litigation, Rahul, the son of Congress 
    president Sonia Gandhi, and his companion were released after being 
    detained at Boston airport following the intervention of the Prime 
    Minister’s Office. 

    At that time, Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the Indian prime minister and 
    Rahul was not a member of the Parliament. “Vajpayee’s principal 
    secretary and then national security adviser Brajesh Misra spoke to top 
    US authorities to enable Rahul Gandhi and his girlfriend to get away,” 
    claimed Prem Chandra Sharma, who moved the court along with three 

    The petition alleged that Rahul was found in illegal possession of 
    about $ 200,000. And it was in that connection that the FBI had 
    detained him along with his girlfriend on Sep 21, 2001. The FBI was 
    said to have sought an explanation about Rahul’s possession of such a 
    huge amount of money, which he was unable to provide, the petition 

    The petition sought a writ of mandamus to the Indian ambassador to the 
    US as well as the union home secretary to make a disclosure about the 
    entire episode.Rahul was having an Italian passport and was carrying suitcase full of dollars
    I just found this very interesting article that once Rahul was involved in gang rape kind of thing and no news channel reported check this out-;;;;
    OTHER Do Check this out Once he was caught with drugs and million of Dollars I would be glad if you do some research on this matter–

  33. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Dear Dr Gogoi

    Could I request you to assess the evidence and provide your considered judgement? You are presumably at least as well-qualified as me, and equally competent. So what’s your view?


  34. Dr Tenzin Gogoi

    Dear Sanjeev
    I had never ever earlier even came to know of such an incident has ever happened of rape but I am well aware of Rahul being arrested at Boston on that I am pretty sure in 2001 our area’s former MP who is also my 3-house adjacent neighbor was holding imp minister portfolio in Bjp’s Delhi cabinet rest you are intelligent to guess that’s reason few months back when Atal was at AIIMs Congress president went visiting him nearly alternate days.

  35. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    The rape matter seems a bit odd. There should have been an FIR, at least. I haven’t had time to think more, so no further comment.

    The arrest issue seems to have some legs. The Times of India and Hindu reported it in some form or shape. Subramanian Swamy talked about it in a statement. All kinds of things are being alleged. I don’t know what is true.

    Rahul Gandhi is guaranteed to be in possession (or in control) of billions of dollars of black money that belongs to his family; money that is used during elections. That he might have possessed a huge amount of illegal cash with him in 2001 is VERY LIKELY. I hope someday FBI will tell us the truth about this instead of sheltering someone who is a direct supporter of corruption in India.


  36. Dr Tenzin Gogoi

    Dear Sanjeev,
    I don't but Why Times Of India people have DELETED that article on Rahul Gandhi?
    Secondly about that case about girl sukanya.
    Now High court believes that Petitioner against Rahul have some weight and Rahulji is sent a notice by court on 1st March,2011 this not Been reported my media nor any single opposition party.
    On March 1, the Lucknow Bench of Allahabad High Court issued a notice to him over a petition seeking information about the whereabouts of a missing girl and her family. The petitioner, Kishore Samrite—a former Samajwadi Party lawmaker from Madhya Pradesh—has accused the Congress general secretary and five of his ‘foreigner friends’ of criminal assault on a 24-year-old girl who’d gone to meet him in Amethi on December 13, 2006. The petitioner has alleged that the girl, Sukanya Singh, has been missing ever since.

    The very fact that the high court issued the notice to Rahul is a serious development in itself, as it suggests that the court finds some merit in the petitioner’s case. The petitioner wants the court to issue a writ of habeas corpus to the lawmaker to produce the girl.
    The Sukanya Singh case has clearly given some heavy ammunition to Rahul’s political enemies, though it’s yet to be established whether the case itself is genuine or part of a political vendetta. So far, his political opponents have refrained from commenting over the matter. But they’re not going to keep quiet for long.??

    See this :-

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