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Another book, The Discovery of Freedom!

I was reading Jim Powell's book, "The Triumph of Liberty" yesterday and found that Rose Wilder Lane had written a book in 1943 by the same name as the one I'm currently writing (The Discovery of Freedom).

Apparently 1000 copies were printed, and sold out. Despite the few copies sold she became extremely influential in the American libertarian movement. She was not happy with her book and wouldn't permit a reprint. 

Fortunately, it looks like the copyrights on the book may have expired. I've found the PDF version of Wilder Lane's book (on The Fund for American Studies website under The International Institute for Political and Economic Studies) and uploaded it at: It is 10 MB so be patient.

I've also quickly converted to Word (since it is more useful for marking/editing while reading), and uploaded at: This version is only 760KB, so it is easy to download. Be careful since some of the words didn't transcribe properly from PDF to Word.

Based largely on Jim Powell's recommendations at the moment, I commend this book to you. Over the next few days/weeks I'll read it word by word, and provide a separate book review.

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