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Videos of my talks in Delhi in February-March 2010

I have the pleasure of publishing on the internet the full videos of two of my talks delivered in Delhi in February-March this year. These videos are also simultaneously being published on the FTI website.

I'd like to thank  Manali Shah of IFAN and CCS and Ram Atri of FTI for organising the recordings, and  Dipinder Sekhon of FTI for uploading these on Veoh. I downloaded the recordings uploaded by Dipinder and combined them, a process which has unfortunately doubled their size. (If I get access to the original recordings, I'll upload a less bulky version in due course.)

If you could not attend these talks please consider going through these videos which will give you a better sense about what the Freedom Team is working towards. 

Since these videos are quite large in size, you might prefer to download them and view them on your own computer at your leisure. Use the downwards pointing arrow on the control panel of the videos to download. Thereafter you can use Real Player or other media players to view the downloaded file on your computer.

As you might already be aware, a short summary of these (and other) talks along with a few photographs was provided in  the March 2010 issue of the FTI magazine. In addition, the pre-ASSOCHAM talk chit-chat of 27 February has been uploaded by Dipinder at Veoh for those interested: (here and here).

a) Outreach event sponsored by IFAN, 27 Feb, Delhi

The video, below,  is over 2 hours in duration, and will consume 915 MB in  bandwidth. 

[flv: 480 368]

b) Chetna, at the Centre for Civil Society, 3 March, Delhi

The video, below, of this outreach event  is 1 hour and 56 minutes long, and will consume 608 MB  bandwidth. 

[flv: 480 368]
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5 thoughts on “Videos of my talks in Delhi in February-March 2010
  1. Jack

    @sanjeev loading…..

    This is a sluggish flash player. I would suggest you to upload the video either on Youtube or on Minus (

    Your blog take a lot of time to load, please use content delivery network like Max CDN or Cloudflare (free).

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Re: uploading video – please feel free to save the video and upload anywhere you wish.

    Re: slow blog. I agree. The database has perhaps reached capacity. Bandwidth consumption is also above 200 GB monthly limit. This is causing me trouble as well. I’ve started account with Cloudfire. Let’s see if it helps.


  3. allwyn

    still loading ..and the small arrow which i think is download just opens a new tab to FTI site ..ders no option to download I tried with a mozilla video pluggin too which works fine on youtube but failed here.

  4. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Thanks, Allwyn, This seems to have got messed up. I’ll make note of it and try to fix it in the next few days/weeks. Please bear with me.


  5. AD

    Sir, the VEOH links seem to be spam links (I don’t trust the video player it asks me to download, most probably is an adware).

    Can you just provide direct download links for these videos instead? That would be better than the options you currently have. The best option would be to slice the video into smaller parts & upload to YouTube.

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