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My batchmate killed by corruption. You could be next.

As if the shock of of hearing about the mass killings by terrorists on 26/11/08 was not bad enough, my batchmate Hemanta Karkare (1982, IPS), the chief of the Mumbai Anti-Terrorist Squad, was shot dead by the terrorists that day. It was extremely disheartening to read some idle commentary in the media, suggesting that Hemanta's bravery was misplaced and that he risked his life unnecessarily. The 1982 batch of Indian civil services was not convinced by these useless comments and saluted his bravery. [Apologies to those who saw an earlier version of this blog post; I had accidentally called Hemanta, "Harsh" in a couple of places.]

Now the truth has been exposed. See this article: Lies, betrayal and denial in Bombay by Vir Sanghvi (Hindustan Times) 3 July 2010. It is clear that Harsh was KILLED BECAUSE OF CORRUPTION IN HIGH PLACES AND BETRAYAL BY THE POLICE. Harsh is now  redeemed as the brave warrior he was. And India must hang its head in shame for having let louts and gangsters govern it.


It has now been established "that the [bullet proof] jacket [that he wore] was clearly sub-standard and had been rejected by the police after tests showed that it offered no protection against AK-47s or 9 mm carbines. Despite this test, top cops okayed the purchase anyway. Obviously, somebody took a kickback — and killed Hemant Karkare.

"Further, Headlines Today has also accessed Karkare’s autopsy report. This shows that he was shot in the shoulder and chest — precisely those areas that the jacket was supposed to cover. So, a good quality jacket could have saved his life."



And nothing condones the behaviour of the police in not sending the reinforcements he asked for. "Karkare asked for reinforcements to be sent to Cama Hospital where Kasab and his partner Ismail were operating. Though the control room is at the police headquarters, around two minutes from the hospital, no forces were despatched for half an hour. As a consequence, Kasab and Ismail simply strolled out of the hospital unchallenged and headed for Rang Bhavan Lane. They were spotted there by policemen but the control room neglected to inform Karkare.

"Karkare believed that Kasab and Ismail were being tackled by policemen at Cama Hospital when his car drove into Rang Bhavan Lane. He had no idea that he was driving into an ambush."


Don't be deluded that corruption doesn't matter, or that you are safe. India's well heeled elites who mingle SHAMELESSLY with Congress and BJP parties (among other corrupt outfits) have totally lost their moral sense. They, and those Indian citizens who ignore corruption will be next in line. Corruption and misgovernance doesn't spare anyone.

India's security is riddled with holes. India has not only become a very weak state, it is completely hollowed from within, like a wooden building hollowed out by termites. When major security challenges arise (if, God forbid, when a major confrontation occurs with China) this structure could well collapse into smithereens. 

But forget the rest of the Indians. The buck stops with you, with each of us. If you are serious about living in a safe and free India, with integrity in public life, then join the Freedom Team. Become a Freedom Partner. Join the fight of the white force against the black. 

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One thought on “My batchmate killed by corruption. You could be next.
  1. Dr Tenzin Gogoi

    Vest Investigation closed
    In an investigation, Headline Today, an Indian news agency, found that a substandard bulletproof jacket had been issued to Mr. Karkare. Though, according to the post mortem report, the quality of the vest was not a factor in his death[16] concerns in the media about the quality of the vest continue[17] because the vest itself was, according to Indian authorities, misplaced in the hospital.[18{WIKIPEDIA}

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