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Sanjeev do something – u just talk/write

1) "sanjeev…u just talk/write….do something pro active" – comment on Facebook

2) "I have a question for you, which I heard from someone who is liberal, have its own political group like FTI, that why you are not in India to implement the policies of FTI? When I heard the question, I also thought about it that yes why you are working with Australia goverment? I am not against that good things can not come from outside of India, because I believe in that "let the good things come to your ears from all 10 directions", but just want to know"

OK guys. Good questions. Not the first time I've got such questions, and not the last time either! So here's a copy of my response to person (2):


Dear xyz

Have a read of: and then pl. let me know if you have any question.
Second, will you find me 1500 outstanding leaders and Rs. 200 crores, and 2 lakhs freedom partners? If so I'm happy to come to India. Else not. No point wasting my time running around the bush.
[Note: Please read the comments below. These are important!]
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3 thoughts on “Sanjeev do something – u just talk/write
  1. Milind Kotwal

    Dear Sanjeev,
    Your second demand is rediculous, if someone is able to identify 1500 outstanding leaders and Rs. 200 crores, and 2 lakhs volunteers why should he hand them over to you? If some one could do it he is surely a better leader than you… Please think it over..!
    Milind Kotwal

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Dear Milind

    Please read what I've suggested at page 202-03 of Breaking Free of Nehru:

    "But why would any such person join me, given that I have not a spare paisa in my pocket, and political parties need thousand crores of rupees to succeed? I believe that good people will join me because of my clarity of vision and strategy that will help to deliver much better lives for them and for their children. It is in the self-interest of Indians to embrace my ideas, particularly if they do not want to be: 

    • known as the third generation in independent India that stood by, doing nothing to fight the plague of corruption that racks the vitals of this country;

    • left alone in India in their old age with their children having abandoned the country; or
    • killed prematurely by pollution, poverty, ignorance, disease or potholes.
    People would join me because they agree with me. For instance, I am not asking anyone to be corrupt, or to do any wrong thing. Instead, I am asking people to become the leader they want India to have and in doing so, make India, their own country, into the greatest country on
    earth. Surely, that is something worth doing?"

    In brief, also, I DON'T want ANY followers! That would be the very death-knell of freedom. I want equal citizens to join with me – unfortunately India has only a very few citizens, mostly clerks or sheep, or worse! The Team of leaders that assembles will offer to reform India. I will be ONE member of that team.

    In other words, if you are interested in reform please consider whether you are a leader or not.  If you are please consider my proposal as if it was YOUR proposal. And check whether it makes sense. If it doesn't do nothing. If it does, join FTI and work with other like minded people.

    Simple? And when all these leaders have assembled, and together worked out the resourcing, then I will return full time (subject to the points I've already published elsewhere). Indeed I may not be needed. 

    I am doing this as part of my joint responsibility for India, not for myself. I'm quite happy within myself and don't need any power or perks to feel on top of the world. If I can help provide India with a platform where WE can ALL work together for reform and good governance, I'd feel even happier.



  3. Juhy

    Sanjeev u really have zero error plan and great vision with no grey areas BUT instead we be on the receiving end… You should encourage
    and push all the members into active performing mode.. Just by citing the bestest of recipes from the mastermind chefs across won’t fetch the result…. It’s something like asking… First I want to be sure of gaining first division only then I will appear in examination…sorry but ideally have highest hopes from you…. Since I am also from Guwahati nd my husband into forest services… I have see great ideas developing and dying just bcz system is ruled by 10 different HEADS( literally)…. I don’t see much happening in real except for the virtual fleeting success… Give a thought!!!

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