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Indians killed in Australia in allegedly racist splurge in violence

It was a bit of shock to me during my trip in India to find out that not only are most people I met totally confused about the security situation in Australia, but that an extremely eminent person, one of India’s greatest thinkers, is of the view that 100 (ONE HUNDRED) Indians students have been so far killed in allegedly racist violence in Australia.

To me this means a total victory for the disinformation spread by the Indian media which has so ‘beautifully’ turned the reality up side down. My understanding is this (supported from my research and readings so far), that: Melbourne is perhaps the safest city in Australia, and Australia is perhaps the safest place (overall) compared with the rest of the world. [also see this article] It is quite a freakish distortion of reality to suggest that one of the safest big cities in the world (or one of the safest countries) is a place of mass killings: almost as if a genocide is underway against Indians!


The unfortunate reality is that NO ONE OF COMPETENCE has provided a systematic analysis of issues so far. Definitely not in the Indian media or Government but also in the Australian media or Government. I don’t have time to conduct such analysis but I have written extensively on this issue on my blogs and elsewhere on the internet – suggesting how such an analysis may be undertaken. Let me continue to make this simple and OBVIOUS suggestion: that someone COMPETENT who understands data properly be charged with an objective study that is peer reviewed and published in an international journal of high quality. In the meanwhile let all of us simply offer our views but not rush to judgement.


In the meanwhile, on this blog I will list the precise names, reported details and circumstances of the deaths of Indians students (and other Indians) in Australia in recent years.

If anyone IN THE WORLD has more information on this please let me know – at sabhlok AT yahoo DOT com. Let the facts speak and all fanciful flights of fancy be put to rest.

List of Indian students/ Indians killed in Australia: Killers not known (or only suspected)

1. Pradeep Kumar

2. Nitin Garg

It is not clear to me yet from the published facts of which I am aware that this was in any way a racial attack, or who did it.

Finally, on 17 June 2010, a possible 15 year old suspect announced by the Police: The Police announce that “”Our inquiries, at this stage, we don’t believe it was racially motivated

The conclusion, after inquiry:

3. Upkar Singh Babbal

It is not clear to me yet from the published facts of which I am aware that this was in any way a racial attack, or who did it.

List of Indian students/ Indians allegedly killed by Indians in Australia

1. Navdeep Singh Dhaliwal and brother, Kawaldeep Singh Dhaliwal

Two Indains in Perth allegedly killed by another Indian

Police charge against Jagdeep Singh an Indian:

2. Ranjodh Singh – a semi-burnt Indian found in NSW

Reality: Indian couple arrested for the murder

List of Indian student/s who have committed violence against themselves but blamed ‘racial Australians’ for that

1. Jaspreet Singh (a student allegedly “set” alight in Melbourne but who set his car on fire himself)

In my view this is purely in the speculative realm and if any of these people were actually Indians or killed (i.e. not suicides) I’m not aware of them.

References to my other write-ups on this issue – some far more extensive than this.

a) Fully agree with Brumby on this

b) The Indian media need to show restraint.

c) Amitabh Bachchan’s baseless generalisation about Australia

d) How justified are India’s beliefs about Australian racism?


1. How many foreign visitors to India have been assaulted/killed? Chanced upon this article: There must surely be some evidence of this somewhere within the Indian system?

2. Why is S M Krishna so keen to make comments on the death of a person of Indian origin in Australia? Does India make similar comment on the death of countless children who are lost in India every day, not to talk of every year. Perhaps a million children are lost/killed/trafficked in India each year. Does the PM of India make comments for each child? If not then why this endless commentary on every incident that occurs to any person of Indian origin in Melbourne?

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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5 thoughts on “Indians killed in Australia in allegedly racist splurge in violence
  1. Sanjay Mehrotra

    Sanjeev – I picked up this stat from one of the news links you attached. Is this the correct stat? How do we explain this then? I know we have to normalize data with late night jobs done by Indians:

    Mr Bhushan also argued that Indians were overrepresented in crime statistics with Indian students making up only 1 out of a 1000 living in Melbourne but accounting for 1 in every 20 attacks.

  2. Sanjeev

    Thanks, Sanjay

    I believe that the data suggested are highly suspect and ill-formed – and not published. I’d like to know the source, as well as the entire original data.

    I’m therefore suggesting a peer-reviewed analysis published in a high quality journal – that would include publication of the relevant datasets for critical examination – apart from a comprehensive analysis of independent variables.

    Let’s apply critical thinking – that’s all I’m saying: and be wary of believing in things just because we may want to believe in them.


  3. Likadope

    I find it odd that so many Punjabi names are here if it’s merely “Indians” that were being attacked. Like everything this was clearly blown out of proportion.

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