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Freedom Team of India event on 27 February in Delhi

India FNF Alumni Network (IFAN)

in partnership with

Friedrich Naumann Stiftung fr die Freiheit

Invites you to a discussion on

India needs you! – An introduction to the Freedom Team of India

27 February 2010, New Delhi

Resource Person: Sanjeev Sabhlok, Freedom Team of India
Moderator: Barun Mitra, Liberty Institute

Registration: 1530 hrs onwards
Discussion: 1600 hrs 1800 hrs
Hi-Tea: 1800 hrs –1900 hrs

Venue: DLF Room, ASSOCHAM House, 47 Prithviraj Road, New Delhi 110 003

RSVP: Email: sabhlok AT yahoo DOT com, dipinder AT

PLEASE WRITE TO SEEK AN INVITATION. Participation by invitation only.

The Freedom Team of India (FTI), a not-for-profit trust created in 2009, is a forum for policy, strategy, and leadership development to promote freedom in India. Members of FTI are committed in principle to contest elections in India with appropriate preparation. They will offer their leadership to India along with a platform of world-best policies, hoping to directly reform Indias governance. FTI is not a political party. Proposed electoral activity will be conducted under a separate banner or platform. For more information on FTI visit

Sanjeev Sabhlok has a doctorate in economics from the University of Southern California. He joined the Indian Administrative Service in 1982 and resigned in January 2001to pursue possible political and other goals. Presently he works in Victoria (Australia) in regulatory policy. His 2008 book, “Breaking Free of Nehru” (Anthem Press) highlighted Indias expensive but disastrous experiment with socialism. It also offered a way forward for India to become a great nation with freedom and ethical governance. The Freedom Team of India is a major step forward in the proposed solution

Sanjeev is visiting India after a gap of two and a half years primarily to attend FTI’s first conference (in Mumbai) and to extend his search for leaders. He is keen to get meet those who believe in the principles and policies of liberty and have contemplated the possibility of participating in electoral politics to reform India‘s governance.

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2 thoughts on “Freedom Team of India event on 27 February in Delhi
  1. tnjjp77

    I am from chennai and my best wishes for the event.i may not be able to attend it. I HAVE PLANS TO UNDERTAKE A PADHAYATRA FROM MADRAS TO NEW DELHI TO HIGHLIGHT THE BLACK MONEY STASHED AWAY IN FOREIGN BANKS.

  2. Sanjay Mehrotra

    You should also say in your campaign how easy it is to catch black money circulators e.g. real estate transactions: a bulk of black money circulations happen there. If black money is lying stashed away in banks outside India it is not so unnerving as compared to the black money circulated in India and causing inflation. I am not an economist but that is what common sense says. So catch the black money circulators than money stashers. If no one will be able to use the black money in India they will stop stashing it away in Rupee currency.

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