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Request for assistance in organising speaking engagements in February/March in India

Dear Readers of my blog

I’m writing this post to reach out widely about the possibility of organizing outreach events for the Freedom Team of India (

I’m visiting India in a few weeks. During this visit I propose to speak in as many small or big events as I possibly can, about the need for good people to come together to contest elections to promote freedom and good governance in India. While some events are already being organized separately, I would like to use this opportunity as fruitfully as possible. So I seek your support (and perhaps a little bit of help) in organising one or more small speaking engagements during the following dates:

– Late afternoon/evening on 14 February 2010 in Jorhat (or before 11:30 on 15 February)
– 16-18 Feb 2010 in Guwahati
– 24 Feb – 4 March 2010 in Delhi (I’m also happy to talk outside Delhi during this period, subject to my availability).

To interest people in listening to me, I can be introduced as the author of the book, "Breaking Free of Nehru" (Anthem Press, 2008,

The outline of my proposed talk is available at Slideshare and also can be downloaded here (this presentation was not used – only ex-tempore talks, with perhaps a flavour of these slides included). Also do read an article by a journalist that discusses this trip here.

As you are aware, FTI is a not-for-profit Trust which supports leaders who will contest elections in India in the coming years to advocate world-best policies that advance liberty and good governance. The over-arching framework of FTI is classical liberal – a framework that believes a government should establish general rules and enforce them well. Within this framework of the rule of law the individual can flourish largely with his own efforts.

The proposed structure/title of the talk is outlined below:

Topic: “India needs you! – An introduction to the Freedom Team of India”
Introduction: TBC: 5 mins
Talk: Sanjeev Sabhlok: 20-25 mins
Q&A – 15 mins
Vote of Thanks: TBC: 2 mins
Tea (if possible!): 15 mins

The hope is to keep events very simple without special preparation. Just an opportunity to talk to a few good people. Indeed, the events can be tailored to the needs, and shrunk somewhat if needed.

I’d appreciate if you can help. Please write to me at sabhlok AT yahoo DOT com.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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9 thoughts on “Request for assistance in organising speaking engagements in February/March in India
  1. Sanjeev

    No. However, you can yourself organise an outreach event and speak at various events. Also, Shantanu is exploring a talk in Bangalore in early February. Keep in touch with him.


  2. Vinayak Sharma

    I am residing in Himachal Pradesh near Kullu . Is there any programme of yours to visit in Himachal or Chandigarh….I am very much interested to meet you personally……
    Thanks !

  3. Sanjeev

    Dear Vinayak

    I have no current plan to visit Chandigarh, but if a fairly sizeable meeting of serious people who want to listen to the key concepts behind FTI can be assembled, I might be able to come over. Please let me know if you pursue this further.


  4. Sir Nicholas

    Hi Sanjeev,

    Would you consider coming to Ahmedabad/Gandhinagar if I could manage to convince the Gujarat National Law University authorities to feature a talk by you at the college premises?

  5. Sanjeev

    Dear Sir Nicholas

    I’m unable to make it to Ahmedabad. However, as good fortune would have it, I have an excellent FTI member in Ahmedabad, Kamal Sharma. Please see his profile at He is an IIM Ahmedabad product (PhD), and was till recently in Kazakhstan as CEO of a well known Indian-owned steel company.

    Kamal has confirmed that he is able (and I’m sure keen!) to speak about FTI and will do full justice to the topic at hand.

    Please write to me at sabhlok AT yahoo DOT com and let’s progress this further in consultation with Kamal.


  6. Anonymous

    Are you coming to Bihar or UP for your presentation. I wanted to organise a welcome for you like a Bihar, UP style.

    By the way Bihar’s GDP is growing 11% per year if you didnt know.

  7. Iris

    Sanjeev, do you think a visit to Mumbai for an outreach event on feb 27th evening might be possible ? Iris Madeira –
    I am Coordinator of the IFAN in India, and connected to a number of Libertarian institutions / individuals in India.


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