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Synopsis of "Breaking Free of Nehru"

The book discusses the impact of Nehruvian socialism on freedom in India. It reflects on Indias post-independence experience and finds that India needs to move well beyond socialist paradigms towards freedom and innovation if it wishes to retrieve its status as a great nation.

It then traces the causes of India’s political and bureaucratic corruption, its poverty, and its large, illiterate population. The book then proposes numerous ways to transform India’s governance thorough competitive, freedom-based, solutions.

Solutions recommended range from a re-write of the Indian Constitution in order to make it simpler and clearly focused on freedom, to the radical restructure of the Indian public services based on modern public sector reforms across the world. It advocates state funding of elections, raising the salaries of politicians significantly, freeing the labour market, imposing carbon taxes on pollution, seeking compensatory payments from developed countries for their prior carbon emissions, and complete privatisation of school and university education.

It argues that India can, and should, aspire to be the worlds best in everything it does. I believe that no Indian should settle for anything less than that.


My ‘business’ model for this book is to supply it freely on the internet for wider dissemination of the message, and to hope that someone will find it worthwhile to print and distribute this book cheaply in India. I’d therefore request you to review this book on your blog and to send out the link to the book to your friends.

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