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Modi, please explain: “The bad cops are back in business; the good cops are in the boondocks”

People tell me to stop criticising Modi. Apparently it annoys a lot of people. 

I have a simple position: I criticise evil wherever I see it, with the hope that systems will kick into place and fix the problem. I don't care about any particular individual (whether Modi or Hiteswar Saikia – Jayalalithaa is a toddler in comparison). I care about systems, and keep offering the alternative system/s for consideration.

But it is important to not stop asking questions and demanding explanations for heinous crime.

So now, can Modi please explain this: "The bad cops are back in business; the good cops are in the boondocks"

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Fund raising appeal: Rs. 1 lakh to print and distribute the SKC agenda in December 2014. Please commit funds.

The SKC Federation has issued  a fund raising appeal. I'm reproducing it here.

Date of fund-raising appeal: 21 October 2014

Sone Ki Chidiya Federation is happy to announce that after more than 18 months of hard work, the First Edition of the Sone Ki Chidiya Total Reform Agenda will be ready to be published in December 2014.

It is planned that 1000 copies will be printed, of which around 500 will be distributed by post to the media and eminent people, and 500 copies will be retained for distribution during the year 2015. If all goes to plan, an improved second edition will be publised in end-2015, and so on till 2019. In the meanwhile translations of the agenda will also be prepared. But at this stage we intend to only publish the basic English edition.

To allow the First Edition to be printed, we have estimated that around Rs.1 lakh will be needed. 

At this stage we are only seeking commitments. SKC will call on the committed funds only after its audit for the previous year is completed. The audit is currently in progress. Once the audit is published, we will send a message to donors with details of how to send the money.

Please do not donate if you are not an Indian citizen. NRIs can donate but not OCIs/ PIOs. Note that donating to SKCF does not currently provide the donor with any income tax exemption. 

Any funds raised above Rs. 1 lakh will be retained by the Federation for future work of the reform movement. 

PLEASE CLICK THIS to complete a short form to make your commitment. Or visit http://goo.gl/forms/sEzpj5VzsV

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Although not a major system reform, a VERY good decision by Modi government re: RTI. Three cheers.

Narendra Modi government takes RTI to another level: All replies to be put online]

Need I say more?

There are FIVE RTI applications (prepared by me) lodged regarding Ramdev

I now hope that all five replies will go online very soon.

Either way, I'll put them online. 

Well done, Modi government.

Now someone needs to lodge an RTI regarding the Sugnyaben Commission. What has it investigated since it was first established?

Let's put as many RTIs to put all questions regarding Modi's involvement in the 2002 riots in the public domain. I've got a lot of questions. Happy for someone to write to me – I'll provide the material for various RTIs.


I am informed on FBDecision taken by UPA, being implemented by the new govt… Notification was made in 2013..

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A desperate call by a Muslim for help. Help me change the (fanatic) Muslim mind, he says. Let’s all rise to the occasion.

This is one of the very best articles I've read in a long time.

I've been challenging the West for many years to stop foreign aid, and to focus, instead, on promoting liberty. Ameer Ali is imploring the West to stop fighting the Muslim fanatics (who are stupid beyond imagination) but to engage them in discussion/ debate, and help CHANGE them.

I suspect that without this mental transformation of Muslim fanatics (I DON'T call them Islamists, only Muslim fanatics), the world will incrementally go backward. Basic freedoms are being rolled back in the West on grounds of protecting against terrorism. If this continues, then in due course there will be no difference between extremist Muslim nations and the West. 

Time to get serious. Let's heed the message of Ammer Ali. The entire world's future depends on it. The poison in the minds of Muslim fanatics can only be purged through debate.

West must engage with progressive Muslim world to end malaise by Ameer Ali.


ISLAMIC State, Boko Haram, the Taliban, al-Qa’ida and several more Islamist cults that have cropped up in the past couple of decades and are running amok … are only the most recent of a long series of blistering symptoms of a virulent disease that has afflicted the Muslim community, which accounts for almost a fifth of humanity. This disease is more than a millennium old and its germs were injected when the Islam of the philosophers was dethroned and the Islam of the clerics and jurists was put in its place.

An Islam based on doubt, reason and inquiry that was responsible for the glory of Islamic civilisation was replaced by an Islam founded on blind faith and conformity, causing stagnation and decay. It was a tragic turning point that marked the beginning of Islamic fundamentalism, from which various brands of Islamism have grown. What we witness now in the Middle East and elsewhere in the Muslim world is the bloody consequence of an obscurantist Islam. By blaming colonialism, imperialism, communism, Zionism and everyone else, Muslims are refusing to look within themselves for their malaise.

The Muslim world is in desperate need of a resurgence that can break its fossilised mindset from an obsolete fatwa-ridden and exclusivist fundamentalism, so it can re-read its own history in the light of rationalism.What Muslims need is not an Islamic state but a state of Islam governing their personal life, with religion as a moral compass.

Unfortunately,  it is ­difficult for a rational alternative to emerge from within and survive.

If the West is really keen to take the Muslim world along with it as a partner in building a world civilisation based on rationalism and enlightenment, then it should change its approach to Islam from military confrontation to a long-term ideological war.

What is needed is nothing short of a rescue mission to save a fifth of humanity from political, economic and social depredation.

The West is indebted to Islam for its own emergence from an age of darkness. The crusades, apart from the bloodshed and mayhem they caused, opened to the West the treasure troves of Islamic knowledge and achievements. While Muslims turned their back on rationalism and secular advancement, burned the writings of Averroes and discarded Avicenna, the West embraced these philosophers, rebuilt its civilisation and surpassed Islam. This debt must be acknowledged and the time has come for that debt to be repaid.

After the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the Western powers, particularly Britain, France and the US, viewed the Muslim Middle East as hunting grounds for economic resources, investment and markets. Geopolitical manoeuvres, artificial state creations, military installations and regime changes were all part of a Great Game to achieve that objective.

Compliant local rulers were installed who looked for legitimacy not from the people but from the clerics and armed forces. An artificial modernity eventuated, structured on a fossilised religious orthodoxy. The horrors that we now witness are the result of this mismatch between an imposed modernity and an outdated indigenous ideology.

Without a change in that ideology the Muslim world is doomed to collapse and self-destruction. The West has to engage in a rescue mission, coming to the assistance of a different class of Muslims.

Within the Muslim world there are intellectuals and progressive thinkers who have been crying out for an ideological battle. Many face stiff opposition from the orth­odoxy, and some are forced to mig­rate to the West. They need a platform and institutional support. Will the West provide these?

Ultimately it is Muslims who can and should change their destiny, but at the moment it seems to be a hopeless task, which is why the West is duty-bound to facilitate this change, not just in the interest of Muslims but of humanity.

Without this fundamental transformation of the Muslim mind no amount of development assistance, technological transfers and regime change can arrest the bloody tsunami lashing the shores of the Muslim world. One might even call this Western initiative a reinvented mission civilisatrice.

Ameer Ali was chairman of the Prime Minister’s Muslim Community Reference Group in 2006.

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RSS, if all Indians are Hindu, why is Babri Masjid not a Hindu monument? Rebuild it and let’s have peace in India.

RSS purports to use Hindutva in the geographical sense. It even claims that all Indians are Hindu.

1) RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat's comment

2) All India Publicity In-Charge of RSS, Manmohan Vaidya's comment

So far so good. I have no objection to using Hindu in the geographical sense. I call myself Scientific Hindu in the GEOGRAPHICAL sense – seeking to imbibe the very best from the great land of my birth: its tolerance, its critical thought, its religious freedom.

But note how quickly the true colours of RSS come to the fore. Each time it is busy pushing the TEMPLE agenda. The temple, if RSS doesn't know, is NOT a geographical but religious symbol. 

If all Indians are Hindu, why is Babri Masjid not Hindu? Why does RSS want a Ram temple? Why not rebuild the Babri Masjid which was destroyed by its brother organisation VHP?

RSS can fool some people some of the time but not all people all the time. 

RSS is a fanatical "Hindu" (in a very distorted religious sense) political organisation that has been frequently involved (behind the scenes) in violence. Let India be very clear about that.

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Sudesh Aggarwal of Smast Bharatiya party – the new CM of Haryana. Not.

I noted a few weeks ago that I walked out mid-way from a meeting with a VERY RICH man named Sudesh Agarwal, who imagined that Indians are fools and money can buy votes. He predicted he would be the next CM of Haryana.

I predicted his party would get ZERO seats.

I checked the results of a few constituencies and his party got less than 100 votes in some of them. Most independents did better.

Whatever may come of Sudesh Agarwal, this much is clear: the voter is no fool, and will need to see a strong team in order to be persuaded.

Sudesh had no one in his team and did not want anyone. Had no intention of engaging with anyone who may be capable. Was totally confident of his money power.

We have seen some such similar results in the Lok Sabha elections, as well – with another party which in which professionals used money, to no avail. No agenda, no team. Only money. That never works.

Not money but IDEAS and a STRONG TEAM counts. First.

Till the liberals understand this, they will flounder like Sudesh's "Smast Bharatiya Party".

1) Build a strong agenda.

2) Promote it extensively in great detail.

3) Build a strong team.

4) Then build a grassroots movement.

Keep doing this for 10 years.

THEN you may win.

The voter is not a fool. Always remember that. He picks the BEST ON OFFER. Always. And BJP was undoubtedly the best on offer.

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