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Nongovernmental IPCC reports thousands of peer-reviewed articles that do not support problematic view of CO2

Reblogging since the mainstream media is apparently blocking out the voice of reason:
The release of a United Nations (UN) climate change report last week energized various politicians and environmental activists, who issued a new round of calls to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Some of the most fiery language in this regard came from Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA), who called upon Congress to “wake up and do everything in its power to reduce dangerous carbon pollution,” while Secretary of State John Kerry expressed similar sentiments in a State Department release, claiming that “unless we act dramatically and quickly, science tells us our climate and our way of life are literally in jeopardy.” 
Really? Is Earth’s climate so fragile that both it and our way of life are in jeopardy because of rising carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions?
In a word, no! The human impact on global climate is small; and any warming that may occur as a result of anthropogenic CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions is likely to have little effect on either Earth’s climate or biosphere, according to the recently-released contrasting report Climate Change Reconsidered II: Biological Impacts, which was produced by the independent Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC).
This alternative assessment reviews literally thousands of peer-reviewed scientific journal articles that do not support and often contradict the findings of the UN report. Whether the subject is the effects of warming and rising CO2 on plants, animals, or humans, the UN report invariably highlights the studies and models that paint global warming in the darkest possible hue, ignoring or downplaying those that don’t.
To borrow a telling phrase from their report, the UN sees nothing but “death, injury, and disrupted livelihoods” everywhere it looks—as do Senator Boxer, Secretary Kerry, and others. Climate Change Reconsidered II: Biological Impacts demonstrates that life on Earth is not suffering from rising temperatures and atmospheric CO2 levels. Citing reams of real-world data, it offers solid scientific evidence that most plants actually flourish when exposed to both higher temperatures and greater CO2 concentrations. In fact, it demonstrates that the planet’s terrestrial biosphere is undergoing a great greening, which is causing deserts to shrink and forests to expand, thereby enlarging and enhancing habitat for wildlife. And much the same story can be told of global warming and atmospheric CO2 enrichment’s impacts on terrestrial animals, aquatic life, and human health.
Why are these research findings and this positive perspective missing from the UN climate reports? Although the UN claims to be unbiased and to have based its assessments on the best available science, such is obviously not the case. And it is most fortunate, therefore, that the NIPCC report provides tangible evidence that the CO2-induced global warming and ocean acidification debate remains unsettled on multiple levels; for there are literally thousands of peer-reviewed scientific journal articles that do not support a catastrophic, or even problematic, view of atmospheric CO2 enrichment.
Unfortunately, climate alarmism has become the modus operandi of the UN assessment reports. This fact is sad, indeed, because in compiling these reports, the UN either was purposely blind to views that ran counter to the materials they utilized, or its authors did not invest the amount of time, energy, and resources needed to fully investigate an issue that has profound significance for all life on Earth. And as a result, the UN has seriously exaggerated many dire conclusions, distorted relevant facts, and omitted or ignored key scientific findings. Yet in spite of these failings, various politicians, governments, and institutions continue to rally around the UN climate reports and to utilize their contentions as justification to legislate reductions in CO2 emissions, such as epitomized by the remarks of Senator Boxer and Secretary Kerry.
Citing only studies that promote climate catastrophism as a basis for such regulation, while ignoring studies that suggest just the opposite, is simply wrong. Citizens of every nation deserve much better scientific scrutiny of this issue by their governments; and they should demand greater accountability from their elected officials as they attempt to provide it.
There it is, that’s my op-ed. It’s what some people apparently do not want you to read. While the over 3,000 peer-reviewed scientific references cited in Climate Change Reconsidered II: Biological Impacts are likely more than sufficient to establish scientific fact in a court of law, they are not sufficient to engage the real climate deniers in any debate. The rise in atmospheric CO2 is not having, nor will it have, a dangerous influence on the climate and biosphere. But don’t take my word for it, download and read the report for yourself (available at http://www.nipccreport.org). Compare it with the UN report. You be the judge!
Dr. Craig D. Idso is the lead editor and scientist for the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC).
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India should REJECT Eric X. Li’s fraudulent claims about China in his Ted talk

I spoke to an Indian today, who is persuaded by this talk which describes the "wonderful" Chinese one-party system:

But this talk is sheer nonsense. So the following REBUTTALS:

1) Please listen to this first. Most of Eric's claims are fraudulent. The same party he boasts about KILLED TENS OF MILLIONS. Why was that excluded from the 'boasts' about the one-party system? And the Tiananmen massacre? And the Falun Gong tortures? What life is it when you don't have a life but in prison if  you speak your mind? And what about the Tibetans? And if Facebook and youtube is blocked and you can't express yourself?

2) Now this: Why democracy still wins: A critique of Eric X. Li’s “A tale of two political systems”.

3) Then this: When a TED talk is a propaganda tool.

4) Then this: Eric X Li took his meritocracy shtick to TED Global and they ate it up. etc.

The talk is full of fundamental errors and false attributions.

First, there is no "single" Western idea. Even if there is any such idea, it is NOT about DEMOCRACY but about FREEDOM.

Democracy is fundamentally flawed. Most Western philosophers have long said that, from the time of Socrates onwards. The public choice school of thought has further clarified why it is so fraught. It has natural incentives to destroy public money and create a welfare state. (That doesn't mean democracy can't be made to work. It can – but requires very deep understanding of human incentives and ways to evaluate its natural excesses and keep them in check). The key idea we need is FREEDOM. That implies limited government and individual sovereignty. The government must be our SERVANT. 

The implication of the concept of freedom is absence of central planning and letting things evolve through competition.

What Eric does is not to compare China with FREE societies, but with democracies. 

BUT NO ONE EVER SAID THAT DEMOCRACY IS ENOUGH! Merely being a democracy doesn't imply freedom. India is not free even though it is a democracy. India's democracy is so badly flawed through socialist incentives that most of its outcomes are GUARANTEED to be bad (see BFN for details). 

So comparing China with democracies is a very bad idea. Compare China with FREE SOCIETIES. Free societies are mostly democracies, but not all democracies are free.

When we compare China with free societies we see how badly it performs. It has no self-correcting mechanisms, no liberties, no capacity for its people to grow. Through its central planning it has built huge debt and misallocated production. It is now more free (economically) than it was in the past – which explains its productivity, but its overall freedom is nothing compared to an ordinary modern free society.

Socialism has killed hundreds of millions of people in India – not necessarily directly, but indirectly. It is SOCIALISM that kills, whether it is part of a democracy (as in India) or a totalitarian regime (as in China). 

As China has increasingly abandoned its extreme forms of socialism, it is growing – as would automatically be expected.

But China is by no means a role model for anyone. The Chinese are fleeing China, just like Indians are fleeing India.

Let there be FREEDOM. That's what we are born for, not to be slaves to governments, whether democratically elected or one-party.

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Ramdev’s attempted explanation (through Jaideep Arya) doesn’t make ANY sense

As follow up to yesterday's blog posts (this, and this), I exchanged three emails with Jaideep Arya, President of Ramdev's Swabhiman Trust.

Later, a close relative of Ramdev (this excellent gentleman about whom I have the highest respect, was head of DAV schools in India) suggested that I should seek Ramdev's view.

Well, Jaideep is almost always present next to Ramdev, from morning till late night. The two work hand in hand, and Jaideep will not respond to me (unless in his personal capacity) without first checking with Ramdev. So I think I can safely treat this as Ramdev's own explanation.

But as you'll see, below, the explanation doesn't make any sense. So it is time for Ramdev to provide a better explain to the whole country.

I'm extracting from an email I sent earlier today to a number of people. The email contains Ramdev's explanation (through Jaideep Arya):


I've now been provided the precise word used by Ramdev: "bawra" – to describe Mahant.

So the conversation now goes like this (I've updated my blog):

BJP candidate Mahant Chand Nath says to Ramdev:

अच्छा एक किसी नें कहीं से पैसे ल्यानें में बड़ी दिक्कत होती है. हमारे पकड़े भीगये. 

Translation: "Well, we are facing lot of problems in getting money [to this constituency]. Our people were also caught [by the Election Commission]."

To which Ramdev replies in a whisper: 

आप बात करना बंद करो, बावरे हो क्या? यहाँ मत करो. [Laughs sheepishly]

Translation: "Don't be an IDIOT. Stop this conversation now! [Don't talk such things in public]."

I have written to Jaideep Arya and Siddhartha Ananta (also copying this email) but Jaideep wrote (compiled from his emails):

1) Pujya mahant chand Nath ji complaining to Pujya Swami ji about the Congress Conspiracy about disturbing the routine election Parchar

2) "Mahant chand Nath ji complaining to @yogrishiramdev about D Congress Conspiracy to complain EC time and again that He had spent Money in excess in Parchar Parsar

" Take this complaint as Conspiracy"

it means u r Biased,adament , u r not justifying the facts even.

3) Jaideep also tried to justify that "But EC authorize to spend 70 lacs in each constituency."

Jaideep's defence of Ramdev doesn't fit the facts. Here's why:

a) This is NOT about legal 70 lakhs. That kind of (legal) money is never seized. Only black money is seized. A party whose money is seized normally keeps quiet for fear of jail. But in this case Mahanta is admitting to HIS black money being seized.

b) There is NO reference to any Congress disturbing any routine "prachar". This is about difficulties in bringing MONEY into the constituency.

c) This is NOT a "complaint" by anyone. This is DIRECT discussion from the horses' mouth. And both horses then go and deny that such a conversation even took place. That was the give away.

So xx, with all due regards to you, I've done my due diligence with Ramdev's team (I can't call him Swami any longer), and the defence being provided to me is absurd and irrelevant. Instead, I'm being called "Biased,adament , u r not justifying the facts even."

Jaideep doesn't understand that I'm nobody's fool. I will ask even God 100s of questions before agreeing that an alleged God is God. So far no one has tried coming to me, claiming to be God. Prove to me that I'm wrong, and I'll change my mind. Don't attribute bias to me. Don't call me adamant. 

But this is as conclusive as any evidence goes that this was about black money. This is NOT about any Congress conspiracy and this is NOT about legal 70 lakhs.

Over to you. You can contact Ramdev and ask him to publicly tell me that I'm wrong. I dare him to do so. I KNOW he can't, and won't. There is NO other explanation.

If he IS able to prove to the whole country that this he does not support BJP's black money, I'll eat a humble pie and publicly apologise. 

But he forgets that I have heard directly from a BJP person who personally distributed 35 lakhs in cash in ONE night in one small section of Mumbai slums (in 2009). So I KNOW that BJP uses crores of black money in elections. This is not a myth. This is true. How, then, is Ramdev supporting BJP? His position is totally untenable. He is NOT an enemy of corruption but only an enemy of Congress. 

I, however, am an enemy of corruption – regardless of who does it. And anyone who supports the corrupt or consorts with the corrupt is also my enemy. So Ramdev is now in the enemy camp.

This is a LAME "explanation" and doesn't work with me.

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My request to Dr Jaideep Arya and Sh. Siddhartha Ananta of Ramdev’s Patanjali ashram

Here's a copy of an email I just sent out to Jaideep Arya and Siddhartha Ananta of Ramdev's Patanjali ashram:

Sub: Please leave this Dhongi Baba who says he is against black money but DIRECTLY supports it.

I'm upset beyond imagination at what happened in Alwar yesterday. I'd ask all GOOD people to abandon Ramdev at once. He is clearly CHEATING India.

He says one thing but does another. But worst is that he pretends to oppose black money but DIRECTLY SUPPORTS black money.


If you do not leave Ramdev at once I will assume you are part of the racket of misleading India.

Please speak out publicly also regarding anything that you may know about Ramdev's involvement in black money, since I've heard too many things about him, all of which can't be false – particularly given what happened in Alwar yesterday.

You know also very well that my strong attempts to get Patanjali audited by a group of eminent people was not acted upon by Ramdev/Acharaya.

Anyway, just to make clear, from now on Ramdev is in MY ENEMY CAMP – of those who have been destroying India. 

If Ramdev was serious about reform and integrity, he would have done what he clearly agreed with me: to set up a party based entirely on integrity. But he chose to support mega-corrupt BJP. 

Now he has been CAUGHT. He was perhaps afraid to work with me since I'd have caught out his lies. But no one can hide from the truth. Now the entire world knows what he is – a FAKE "opponent" of black money.

LET'S ALWAYS FOLLOW THE STRICT LINE OF TRUTH AND INTEGRITY else we can't help India. Please leave Ramdev and ask all good people to leave him.


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Ramdev is a ढोंगी. A fraud. 100% clear now that he DIRECTLY SUPPORTS BLACK MONEY.

During my many meetings with Ramdev I told him clearly that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will I directly support any corrupt party – and that includes BJP (or Modi). He knew this very well when he asked me to build a reform political party that would clean up India's governance. I took this seriously (since this is precisely what I've been working on for many years) and built the Swarna Bharat Party through FTI. This is PURELY our effort (not Ramdev's effort), but I took into account around 10 per cent of Ramdev's points – even those I did not agree with. (These I'll clean out now).

I have had VERY SIGNIFICANT and authentic input over the last year about Ramdev's empire not being really clean. Shady land deals, avoided taxes, and even direct black money. In crores. Lots of very reliable people have spoken to me about such things. I personally requested Acharya Balakrishna to allow FTI to conduct a full audit through some eminent people, but that did not go anywhere. I was of the view that if Ramdev's empire is clean, it should be thoroughly checked and (if found clean) declared to be clean by an eminent group of Indians. But leave that aside.

Today, I chanced upon this video. In this video BJP candidate Mahant Chand Nath says to Ramdev:

अच्छा एक किसी नें कहीं से पैसे ल्यानें में बड़ी दिक्कत होती है. हमारे पकड़े भी गये. 

Translation: "Well, we are facing lot of problems in getting money [to this constituency]. Our people were also caught [by the Election Commission]."

To which Ramdev replies in a whisper: 

आप बात करना बंद करो, बावरे हो क्या? यहाँ मत करो. [Laughs sheepishly]

Translation: "Don't be an IDIOT. Stop this conversation now! [Don't talk such things in public]."

Instead of reprimanding Mahant Chand Nath for having made use of BLACK MONEY (for only black money gets seized by the Election Commission), Ramdev asked him to HIDE the truth about black money from the public. If I were Ramdev I'd have got up on the stage and called for the police to ARREST this corrupt candidate.

It is shocking that someone would even DARE to discuss this issue with him. That indicates an expectation that Ramdev would be able to help in dealing with black money. But it is more than that. It is clear from this that Ramdev WOULD have been willing to advise (re: BLACK MONEY used in elections) – but in private

Ramdev's support for corrupt BJP has TOTALLY undermined his claim to fight against corruption. But here is a DIRECT CASE OF SUPPORT OF BLACK MONEY. Instead of getting this candidate behind bars (for the black money caught by the ECI was clearly was being used with this candidate's full knowledge), Ramdev is asking him to HIDE this issue. Discuss this black money "dhandha" in private. That's where all the crooks do their dealings. Behind the doors. In private. LOOT THE COUNTRY IN PRIVATE.

Ramdev has thus conclusively PROVEN that the stories about him that I've long heard are true. He not only supported corrupt BJP - thus BETRAYING what he had agreed with me (and instead of working with me on Swarna Bharat Party) – but here, instead of getting up on the stage and demanding that this candidate be arrested for use of black money, he is HUSHING UP THE USE OF BLACK MONEY.

Ramdev is a ढोंगी.   

रुपये-रुपये में फर्क? BJP का black money अच्छा! Congress का black money बुरा?

बदमाश. मिलि-भगत.

देश को अपना उल्लू समझ रखा है?

देश का लुटेरा. देश का दुश्मन.

मुंह में राम, बगल में छुरी.

It is SUCH people I've fought all my life, and now this man turns out to be one more of the SAME old CROOKS. I have ZERO tolerance for corruption or supporters of corruption.

I will forward this to the Election Commission of India to arrest the BJP candidate for direct proof of his involvement in black money.

Listen to the above carefully. [Updated: There was a rebuke ("idiot") that Ramdev uses that I couldn't fully decipher. This has now been clarified as "baware".] The rebuke is NOT to say: "Why in heaven's name are you using black money!" The rebuke is: "Why are you saying such things in public? This is secret business we should do outside the public limelight." But the rest is very clear.

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Prepare, my friend, to identify who is a “true” Hindu and who is not. Prepare for Hindu fatwas.

A FB friend, Saf Rizvi shared this with me (below). I don't know who the Pakistani poet is, but he has captured my sentiments of despondency on seeing the mad rush towards illiberal Hindu Raj in India.

As another FB friend wrote:

Navin Singh Hindutva and Hinduism are two different things. The former was a word coined by Savarkar to name n ideology which was created as a foil for militant Islam, it was to create ex nihilo, a hindu identity which was a mirror opposite of everything that was vile in Islam. Modi ' s development model added economics of cronyism to It where natural resources are transferred from state ownership to Corps, in return for pittance to create create a commodity exporting primitive economy which prides on jobless growth. India's social fabric and economy both are in grave danger. 

When I look at zombies chanting 'ab ki bar' I am reminded of a scene from the movie Independence day, where revellers gather on the terrace of a high rise to welcome the aliens


This is what a Pakistani poet has said in Delhi a week ago…. 


So it turned out you were just like us! 

Where were you hiding all this time, buddy? That stupidity, that ignorance we wallowed in for a century – look, it arrived at your shores too! 

Many congratulations to you! 

Raising the flag of religion, I guess now you’ll be setting up Hindu Raj? You too will commence to muddle everything up. 

You, too, will ravage your beautiful garden.

You, too, will sit and ponder – I can tell preparations are afoot – who is [truly] Hindu, who is not. I guess you’ll be passing fatwas soon!

Here, too [in Delhi, in India], it will become hard to survive. Here, too, you will sweat and bleed.You’ll barely make do joylessly.You will gasp for air like us.I used to wonder with such deep sorrow. 

And now, I laugh at the idea: it turned out you were just like us! 

We weren't [were? - a VERY CLEVER play on words] two nations after all! 

To hell with education and learning. Let’s sing the praises of ignorance. Don’t look at the potholes in your path: bring back instead the times of yore! 

Practice harder till you master the skill of always walking backwards. Let not a single thought of the present break your focus upon the past! 

Repeat the same thing over and over -over and over, say only this: How glorious was India in the past! 

How sublime was India in days gone by! Then, dear friends, you will arrive and get to heaven after all.

Yep. We've been there for a while now. Once you are there, once you’re in the same hell-hole, keep in touch and tell us how it goes!


Update. Saf Rizvi inform me that the poet is Fahmida Riaz:

Tum bilkul hum jaisey nikley
Aab tak Kahan chupay thay bhai
Voh moorkhta, voh ghaamarpan jis mai hum nay sadian gawaeen
Aakhir pahunchi dua tumhaari
Aray badhai bahut badhai

You turned out to be just like us;
Similarly stupid, wallowing in the past,
You’ve reached the same doorstep at last.
Congratulations, many congratulations.

Preyt dharm ka naach rahaa hai
Qaim Hindu raj karo gay
Saarey ultey kaj karogay apna chaman taraj karogay
Tum bhee baithey karogey sochaa
Kaun hai Hindu, kaun naheen hai
Tum Bhi Karo gay Fatway Jari

Ek jaap saa kartey jao
Barham Bar Yehi Dorhao
Kitna veer mahaan tha
Bharat Kaisa Alishaan tha Bharat”

Your demon [of] religion dances like a clown,
Whatever you do will be upside down.
You too will sit deep in thought and ponder,
Who is Hindu, who is not.
You too will issue
Fatwas Keep repeating the mantra like a parrot,
India was like the land of the brave”

(translated by Khushwant Singh) [Source]

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