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“As long as one is free to choose, one should always choose to be the world’s best” – Donald Trump

This is one statement of Trump that I had come across many years ago and made note of. I can’t readily find its source now, but he definitely said something on this line.

And I think this does summarise his approach.

Despite the many boo-boos he has made in this election, Trump has a burning desire – passion is the right word – for the US to be the world’s greatest country. That’s going to help the USA a lot. Without such a desire, nothing can ever change.

More importantly, he wants people to STAND ON THEIR OWN FEET. No government support. Self reliance, on the lines of Emerson.

Who knows, if he becomes President, the US could find its roots once again.

His brash approach reminds me somewhat of Walt Whitman.

I think the US is best served by such brashness. In self-belief, in high aspiration, in calling the spade a spade lies the redemption for the USA, which has been taken down a very wrong (socialist/ Keynesian) path by many of its recent Presidents.

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Donald Trump is 100 per right on excessive regulation and excessive taxes choking America’s growth

US regulation is a joke – almost like that of Europe. The country of Jefferson has imprisoned itself in the most absurd red tape.

Anyway, Donald Trump has called a spade a spade in this matter. Extracts from his press conference [Source] – see also my other posts from that press conference here and here.

14:30 I think the federal government should get out of the way. The federal government is in the way. The federal government – the regulations that they have – they’ve put the coal miners out of business.

Because I think ultimately coal will be very inexpensive and it’s got to get — you got to get rid of some of the regulations. I spoke to some of the mine owners, and they were surrounded by some of their miners. And they were showing me some of the regulations where it is on a daily basis going in checking, checking, checking. And they have people that do nothing but deal with regulators and it is out of control. It’s gotten out of control.

PATERSON: And what would you do about those market forces?

TRUMP: Well, the market forces are going to be whatever they are. You know, all I can do is free up the coal which I’m going to totally do. Get the companies back to work, market forces, that’s something I don’t want to get involved in, that’s a beautiful — to me a market force is a beautiful force.

21:50 Well I tell you two of them that are very, very important are lower taxes. We are the highest taxed nation in the world by far. Lower taxes. And the other one is we’re over-regulated. And I will tell you. I made a speech last night in front of a group and I said. Regulation. And what surprised me, really surprised me, – I’ve seen it over you know, ever since I been doing this for like 10 months or so – and regulation is even more of a problem for people than the taxes. Which surprised me. But they’re both problems, so we’re going to lower under my plan we are lowering taxes vary substantially as you know – for businesses, for middle income, for everybody, so taxes are going way down. We’re going to allow trillions of dollars to pour into the country that are right now outside of this country; where people and companies want to bring it in they can. And we’re going to get rid of the tremendous numbers of rules and regulations probably 75% of which are absolutely terrible for our country.

Let me repeat: MARKET FORCE IS A BEAUTIFUL FORCE. That surely suggests that Trump understands something about the market (even though he seems to oppose free trade).

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Donald Trump is 100 per cent right in naming radical Islam as an enemy of USA and of civilisation

Following on from my previous post, here, here’s another thing on which Donald Trump is 100 per cent right:

11:12 We have a radical Islamic terrorism problem. It’s a worldwide problem not just this country and we have to find a solution and we have to be vigilant and we have to be tough and smart we’ll see what happens.

16:54 As of this moment I am very unhappy when I look at the world of radical Islam. I’m very unhappy with it. We are going to find a problem and we’re going to come up with a solution. Obama could never come up with a solution.

Number one, he’s incompetent, and number two, the solution just is never going to be out there for him. He won’t even mention. He won’t even mention the words “radical Islamic terrorism”. I have many Muslim friends. They said to me: “Thank you, thank you. This is a problem. It’s a problem that has to get solved.” And we have to have turn ins. When you see people that are looking to do tremendous destruction, like in California with the fourteen people killed. They lived in a house where they had bombs all over the floor. Everybody knew that they were up to bad stuff, but nobody reported them. People have to report when they see bad stuff. [Source]

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Donald Trump is 100 per cent right on climate change and energy policy

I’ve not been listening Donald Trump’ speeches for two reasons: (1) until he became a serious candidate, it was pointless to do so; (2) I had very poor access to the internet for five months; got better just around three weeks ago.

Now that Trump is a serious contender, we need to understand what he stands for.


This is what he said: https://www.facebook.com/Channel4News/videos/vb.6622931938/10153776466491939/?type=2&theater

I give him a big tick on climate change. That he will pull out of the useless groupthink based climate accords. [SourceTrump to undo climate agenda, push coal]

See also: Trump: Cancel Paris, Cut Funds for UN Climate, Save the coal industry


And I give him a VERY BIG TICK on his understanding of energy. I’m extracting, below from his press conference yesterday (25 or 26 May 2016 – US time) [I’ve used Youtube transcription plus spent around an hour to transcribe more accurately a few things: Word version here]

14:30 I think the federal government should get out of the way. The federal government is in the way. We have so much potential energy that people wouldn’t even believe it. In fact, my speech today is on energy. Exactly what it was and is. The federal government – the regulations that they have – they’ve put the coal miners out of business. The coal mines are shut. What they’ve done to the coal. What Hillary Clinton she’s worse than Obama. She wants to. I mean she’s openly said – I want to put the coal miners out of business. I want to put the coal mines out of business. Essentially she saying I want to put the steel mills out of business. We’re not going to have any businesses left.

30:20 Well, Bernie is going to ban fracking, Hillary is going to ban fracking, Hillary is going to abolish the Second Amendment, OK, just in case you have any questions. She’s going to abolish the right to own guns. She’s going to abolish the Second Amendment. And I’m exactly the opposite. And I got the endorsement the other day from the NRA which was a great endorsement and a great honor for me. Because they are great amazing people. I’m a member of the NRA. My sons are members of the NRA. But they want to absolutely knock out fracking.

And you do that, you going to be back into the Middle East and we’re going to be begging for oil again. Its not going to happen now with me. We’re going to open it up. We’re going to be energy independent. We are going to have all sorts of energy. We will have everything you can think of, including solar.

And I know a lot about solar. The problem is solar is very expensive. It doesn’t really … you know, when you have a thirty year payback,that’s not exactly the greatest thing in the world. But I know a lot about solar and I’ve gone solar on occasion, but it’s a very, very expensive thing. Wind is very expensive. I mean wind is … without subsidy wind doesn’t work. You need massive subsidies for wind and there are places may be for wind, but if you go to various places in California, wind is killing all of the eagles. You know if you shoot an eagle or you kill an eagle, they’ll want to put you in jail for five years, and yet the windmills are killing hundreds and hundreds of eagles. One of the most beautiful, one of the most treasured birds. And they are killing by the hundreds but nothing happens. So wind is, you know, it’s a problem plus it’s very, very expensive and it doesn’t work without subsidy. So … but despite that I am into all types of energy.

You know Hillary Clinton wants to put the coal miners out of business. She wants to put the steel mills out of business.


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Bogus “biologist” Jeremy Griffith’s book: Freedom, the end of the human condition – a useless book, best trashed

I am very sceptical when people use titles such as “World Transformation Movement” and make wild generalisations in their videos.

So today there was this massively advertised book by one Jeremy Griffith in The Australian. A massive advertisement on the front page (online edition). Clearly a lot of money has been poured into advertising a free book.

A book called Freedom is naturally of great interest to me. So I quickly download and skimmed through key sections of the book.

I was disappointed from the start.

There is nothing remarkable in the book. It is written MOST UNSCIENTIFICALLY and makes bogus claims. The following is an example:

E.O. Wilson—that lord of lying, the master of keeping humanity away from any truth; indeed, the quintessential ‘liar…the antichrist’ (Bible, 1 John 2:22 ) , the ‘deceiver and the antichrist’ ( 2 John 1:7 ) , ‘The beast… given… to utter proud words and blasphemies’

And there are massive quotations from various religious scriptures, as if these documents mean anything to the world of science. Why do I need to read extracts from bogus books in order to understand the human condition?

So what you have here is a failed Christian/ religious man trying to feed us his delusions about how he understands reality and can fix the world.

Now, I’ve read Edward O Wilson and thoroughly enjoy his works, which are deeply scientific and knowledge-based.

That someone will hit out at EO Wilson so brutally and yet claim to be a scientist meant I had to investigate further. And this is what I found:

The problem is that Griffith’s writing presents a romanticised view of hunter-gatherer life.” [Source]


The problem is that this is a PATHETICALLY CONFUSED book. He distorts the truth to suit his preconceived notions, he has no understanding whatsoever of freedom in the real sense (political), and rambles into religious territory – which may well suit some confused people, but adds no value to the human race or the human condition.

And read this:

we can all now know that our insecure, egocentric need to validate ourselves through winning power, fame, fortune and glory is obsoleted.

Guess what! This man wants REAL GLORY – as head of a new religion called the World Transformation Movement! No desire for fame! Pah!

As I skimmed through the book for any real knowledge, I was severely disappointed. Pure CRAP. A severely garbled book.

And here is Jeremy Griffith the new messiah speaking:

we can immediately and completely change our mind’s attitude from living a selfish, self-preoccupied life and be, as it were, ‘born again’ to a consider-the-welfare-of-others-above-your-own-welfare, unconditionally selfless, soulful, pre-resigned-like way of thinking and living. While every resigned human naturally becomes extremely habituated to living for the relief of power, fame, fortune and glory, it is possible to completely relinquish that way of thinking and living and, in its place, adopt a completely different, unconditionally selfless way of thinking and behaving.

Hold it, what has any of this to do with knowledge? That too, false knowledge, that involves denying the basic science of human nature.

The issue before mankind is this: GIVEN human nature and colossal human ignorance, what system of human interaction can be devised that minimises violence and enhances human well-being and life on earth? As James Madison said:

The interest of the man must be connected with the constitutional rights of the place. It may be a reflection on human nature, that such devices should be necessary to control the abuses of government. But what is government itself, but the greatest of all reflections on human nature? If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself.

Refusal to even acknowledge the facts of human nature can only lead us seriously astray

The man doesn’t understand freedom and therefore the title of the book is misleading. By no means is this a book on freedom.

I’m afraid I must give the book a ZERO out of 10.


Review of Freedom, the end of the human condition, zero out of 10

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