One-stop shop to make India 20 times richer

Hobbes was right. Pre-state societies had 100 times higher murder rates than modern societies.

As I’ve elaborated in DOF with a lot of evidence, “a team of Spanish researchers pretty much settled the debate. Hobbes was right: man is inherently bad, but civilisation can make us less so.” [Source]

Not for nothing do I call Hobbes the founder of liberty (along with Locke). The man was the first truly scientific political philosopher. He was a political scientist.

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The violent Indian. A Secretary to the Government and a “liberal”. But what about freedom of speech and occupation?

Both are self-explanatory. Both arise from the doormat issue. I’m examining the latter – since the said person has sworn to defend liberty by joining FTI. I’m trying to get the person to reverse his public stance.

The first – a threat of “peril” – now that’s something. What peril? I’m assuming some violence? Or use of government force (i.e. gun/ law – same thing)

Screenshot since this man may well delete his tweet:

Second one, from a “liberal”

मार-मार के भर्ता बना दो सालों का! Can you, NRI/OCI/PIO nationalists? बाक़ी देश में हम amazon dot in से निपट लेंगे।

Who is the scoundrel who manufactured those doormats in the first place?

Amazon might have had a lousy screening process, which couldn’t check which vendor was placing what product on its platform for sale. There is now a debate over whether Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj went overboard in condemning Amazon and threatening it with cancellation of visas of its officials. The company hasn’t tendered an unconditional apology despite the threat. Whether that has affected the stature of the FM is secondary. She responded to the political urge of being seen on the side of outraged nationalists. Her usual, prompt responsiveness has been established again. We appreciate the politician while we may have different views on the conduct of the minister in her.

My question is to the divided house of nationalists. Forget what Sushma Swaraj did or did not do. What are you doing? Identify the manufacturer(s) of the doormats who attempted a desecration of our National Flag.

A Google search shows “Prop It Up” is a brand whose firm is based in Northeastern Minneapolis of the United States. And no, Amazon is not the only platform where it’s selling its stuff. It’s on Flipkart, Snapdeal, eBay and a host of sites and apps that mainly sell furniture and furnishings like Urban Ladder, Pepperfry, etc. मार-मार के भर्ता बना दो सालों का! Can you, NRI/OCI/PIO nationalists? बाक़ी देश में हम amazon dot in से निपट लेंगे।

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Sorry people, I spoke too soon. Dhruva Rathee is a hardcore socialist.

Following on from my post here.

Thanks to a couple of people who alerted me to his general political views – here.

I’m afraid this is really disappointing. Just as I was beginning to think we may have a sensible person in India, turns out he is just like the rest of them. He may not be a rabid RSS fanatic, but he’s equally bad. I hope people like him learn some good policy in this lifetime, else India is RUINED. Totally ruined.

ANYWAY – let me try to connect to him.

Screenshot below:

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