World 2.0

1) Download Breaking Free of Nehru
2) Download Sone Ki Chidiya Agenda

World 2.0

World 2.0 is any ordinary webpage (nothing else!) that aims to promote global freedom and peace. it does so by bringing freedom loving people together. In particular, it links freedom movements including political parties and think tanks. On World 2.0 you can get:

a) a link to your freedom movementpolitical party or think tank under the relevant continent's page; and

b) become a co-blogger, publishing on freedom. Write to me and I'll give you blog access. Simple!

What else can you do?

1) Join the World 2.0 Facebook group.

2) Write about freedom. Talk about it.

3) Provide links on your websites or blogs to  websites linked on this page.

This is one of India's most popular blogs.

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(1) Please make sure you:
   (a) have read the Sone Ki Chidiya Total Reform Agenda; and
   (b) are an organ donor.
(2) Be aware that any comment that is abusive or does not add value will be rejected.


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