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It is a shame that these Hindutva people never read (nor can understand) any original work.

The article they use to claim that Sanskrit is a language suitable for computers says nothing of that sort.
Examples of illiterate Hindutva maniacs:


Rajnath Singh:

And, of course BJP has gone overboard in making Sanskrit compulsory based on these mindless claims


The cited article said nothing about Sanskrit being most suitable for computers.

If Sanskrit had been most suitable for computers, the world would have used it by now.

If any Hindutva understands either Sanskrit or computers AND if Sanskrit is suitable for computers, there was nothing to prevent these people from using it as a computer language to show how it works more efficiently than various computer languages like BASIC, COBOL, C+.

Here’s an article that further rubbishes this nonsensical claim:

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Hindutvas are all of India’s low IQ, zero ethics Hindus. Further proof. Tue, 25 Aug 2015 23:37:48 +0000

It is shameful but there is a Hindutva fanatic (surely a Modi bhakt, as well), who has set up an account to impersonate Prof. Richard Fox Young.

These cowards, with zero intellectual ability and integrity, tend to lie, cheat, plagiarise and even threaten death (and some of them actually kill – like the cowards they are). The lowest level of scum, such is their highest standard. No animal is as lowly as the Hindutvas.

Shame on such people. They are a blight on Hinduism and on the fair name of India.

Five shameless Hindutvas are also following this impersonator.


2015-08-26 09_35_20-Greenshot

Screenshot of followers (there are more than 5 now)


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Comments from Indians against socialism: on the petition. Glad some people are speaking up. Sun, 23 Aug 2015 10:21:06 +0000

The petitioners have crossed 100 (actually two people have signed twice, so the actual individuals are only 98, so far). Comments made so far:

=======THE PETITION=====

I want to live in a 100% Liberal INDIA!!! If India has to become the next superpower, Socialism has to end, every bit of it!!!, Akshay Shah, Mumbai, India.


Socialism is the cancer that ails India. It must be eliminated., Anil Sharma, Croydon, United Kingdom.


I believe in freedom. Do you? Socialism discourages performance, Anubhav Lal, India.


Socialism is one of the root cause of problems India is facing today., Anubhava Srivastava, India.


Social is inherently an illogical construct as it doesn’t take into account humans work. It also anti liberty and enslaves people., Anurag Awasthi, Seattle, WA.


It is theft in disguise, Asim Farooqi, India.


I want India to abolish socialism and fly like a free bird., Avigyan Mitra, New delhi, India.


Socialism will never ever serve the cause of social justice, Babu Joseph, Kottayam, India.


Socialism has done enormous harm to India., Baladevan Rangaraju, New Delhi, .


India deserves true freedom, liberty and empowererment of each citizen and free them from the slavery of Govt, Politicians and Bureaucrats., Bhirappa Khilari, Bangalore, India.


Cause I agree with it., Debashish Stephen, KOLKATA, India.


Socialism or no socialism, I want to earn my bread and butter without any hassles., DS Ranga Rao, Kasheli-Bhiwandi-Thane, India.


Abolishing socialism is fine, but what are you going to replace it with – The BJP/RSS’s right wing agenda? The cure may be worse than the disease., Firoze Hirjikaka, Mumbai, India.


Socialism has proven to be an unmitigated disaster wherever it has been implemented. It is not the way to go. It’s a flawed socio-economic system that disregards human incentives, discourages private enterprise, and gives the state an unwarranted role in areas it has no business being involved in, namely the running of businesses and a welfare state; rather than being confined to their appropriate functions (chief among them being provision of defense, ensuring law and order, and delivering justice). Socialism fosters corruption, breeds inefficiency and waste, stifles innovation, kills jobs, stifles economic growth and social development, and prevents the people from bettering their lot. It keeps people poor. In addition, it corrodes the moral fabric of a people and degrades them, turning them into pathetic supplicants in a state of perpetual dependency towards those who are supposed to be their servants (politicians and bureaucracy). It turns the relationship between the government and the people on its head, making the former masters and the latter their servants.

Socialism ruins entire economies. India is a perfect example. It chose the path of fabian socialism after independence and was ruined as a result. It was only after the economic reforms done incrementally from the mid-80s onwards that India began progressing at a decent pace and is now the world’s fastest growing economy. Hundreds of millions have been lifted out of poverty since then and a sizeable middle class has been come into existence. We are on the road to becoming the world’s third largest economy by the next decade, after China and the United States. We are now a middle-income country. We can do 10 times better if our governance model is reformed and we give up socialism entirely in favor of a free-market capitalist economy and our socialist model of governance in favor of a classical liberal model of governance., Joyson Fernandes, India.


Socialism has led to governance deficit & the economy not performing to its potential, Kamal Kishore Sharma, India.


this is high time to change the system<>there is a need of REVOLUTION now, khawana nazim, Hyderabad, India.


..we know what is happening in Greece, kishore ramchandran, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


Because I am an Indian and socialism will be nothing more than poison for India., Kshitij Bhayani, Leimuiden, Netherlands.


Socialism has kept me and my family poor till date. It’s time we got rid of this aberration!, Kumar Anand, India.


End socialism and liberate India, MADHUSUDHAN K, India.


I want my Country to be a better place to live, Mohammed Mansoor, India.


Socialism has completely ruined my nation., Mudit Srivastava, India.



I believe in liberty., Rahul Pandit, India.


I support:­ Liberalize India. Abolish Socialism, Rajinder Kumar Vinaik, India.


Socialism has killed the spirit of innovation , created inefficiencies and been a breeding ground for corruption., Ramesh Sharma, India.


present to change the political system and corruption in India and judicial system, Raveendarnath Reddy, India.


I do not believe the government has any right to interfere in individual rights. What a person consumes is their own business. Instead of trying to force people to become “moral” as per the value hierarchy of the government let it first try to reform itself by reducing it’s interference in the lives of the citizens., Sanjay George .


I subscribe to the values of the Austrian School of Economics; ie the concepts of laissez-faire/capitalism. To me, collectivism in any form is contradictory to my values;–an anathema as an instrument of state policy. Socialism, as enshrined in our Constitution should be legally repealed & all related objectives of the state be phased out/exorcised, in due course!, Sasy Kumar, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


I don’t support socialism., Soumyajit Guha, Calcutta, India.


I m signing this because socialism has to end in india., STALIN ANBALAGAN, India.


Socialism = Monopoly ( by Political Parties & Government officials ) = Monarchy = Totalitarian State, Sunil Joseph, India.


It’s a failed thought, Suresh Kumar, India.


Socialism is the cause for entire system failure in this country., sureshan payyaratta, delhi, IN.


Countries progress because of entrepreneurship of natives in 21st century., umesh saxena, Ghaziabad, India.


I support the idea, vaibhav kabdwal, India.


Socialism has proved to be an unmitigated disaster wherever it has been applied. The sooner we get rid of it, the better for us., Varadaraj Acharya, Bhopal, India.


Socialism is the root cause of most of the problems India is facing today, vikas bedi, Elyria, OH.


Socialism is the root of all problems in India., Vishal Singh, Mumbai, India.


Tired and frustrated with same old same old… India needs to revolutionize like it did in 1991 and bring glory days to be able to known and taken seriously by top world economies… Currently we are sitting on an exploding bomb, Vishnu sarda, Natick, MA.


socialism, treats an individual like, just a cog in the wheel of society. The smallest minority is the individual, if the government , which should be the servant of the people does not recognize it, then the system is to say the least, “MALEVOLENT” . Socialism is the system, where the leaders of society, place themselves above the law. No one need be surprised at the extent of corruption that is present in the system. It is directly due to “SOCIALISM”., Yazdy Palia, Sultan Bathery, India.

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Bryan Caplan cracks the code: how to explain the miracles of human behaviour to well-meaning (but deeply confused) people Sun, 23 Aug 2015 09:54:01 +0000

Chanced upon this series of lectures by Bryan Caplan. Eminently worth listening and sharing.

The specific videos:

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The Gods have spoken at Sant Baba Nihal Gurudwara: Get out of India while you can! Sat, 22 Aug 2015 09:11:55 +0000

God gave up on India quite some time ago. God’s current recommendation: get out of India in one piece, while you can.

Go and flourish outside this God forsaken country called India in which socialists have strangled all enterprise and destroyed all integrity.

Below are some images collated from google of the Sant Baba Nihal Gurudwara, the “airplane temple”.



Airplane-temple3 (1)





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Fastest load performance of this website. 100 out of 100 on Pingdom. Surely a record of sorts! Sat, 22 Aug 2015 06:26:39 +0000

I’ve been trying to deal with various hacking issues on this blog, beefing up its security, and figuring out how to manage WordPress. A fair bit of basic MySQL work and UNIX based work is involved.

Pingdom (the speed tester of websites) has now reported that this website has scored 100/100; something I’ve never seen before. Faster than 99 per cent of the world’s websites!

I don’t think this wonderful performance is going to last, but one must take a break from the hard work and savour the reward.

sabhlokcity-pingdom-22 august 2015



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India needs clear headed and articulate liberal leaders Thu, 20 Aug 2015 22:29:57 +0000

These are extracts from a couple of emails I wrote recently:

Liberty does not (yet) resonate with the people of India, who can’t make the link (which is complex) between liberty and integrity/prosperity. It is the job of leaders to show them how this works; else they are going to remain in medieval backwardness for ever.

The key is political leadership. We need to find and build leaders who will engage with the people directly on this issue. No amount of ‘think tanks’ will help. No amount of people writing against socialism on blogs will help.

The “masses” are a readily available audience, but leaders to explain things to them are very scarce. I’m not looking for full time leaders – that will come much later. What is needed are people who devote part of their time to promoting political liberty.

The few leaders of India who believe their job is it make liberty realistic in India have worked together over the past few years to create (and register) India’s first liberal party: Swarna Bharat Party.

Even if you are an OCI (Overseas Indian Citizen) like me, you can join SBP. This is the only registered party with a specific provision for OCIs to take membership (although they can’t contest elections).

Anyone who joins SBP and wants to be a leader at some level must also join FTI – the team of liberal leaders. That’s to ensure the leadership team works closely together and understands each other. We have some extremely challenging debates within the team.

SBP party is about freedom, with the American declaration of independence coming close to articulating the underlying Lockean philosophy. Plus the First Amendment (absolute freedom of speech).

Gokhale and Ambedkar were the more sophisticated classical liberals in Indian history. Rajaji’s Swatantra came closest to this approach – by opposing Fabian socialism.

The task of Gokhale, Ambedkar, Rajaji and Masani (and I’d argue, Chanakya) is an ongoing one. There is no party in India today (except SBP) that is focused squarely on liberty.

SBP does not believe in the welfare state. There are now (for the first time) tiny social democratic parties that advocate a modicum of economic liberalism but want a strong big-government welfare state. E.g. Lok Satta, Liberal Democratic Party of Prodyut Bora). SBP is committed to directly eliminating absolute poverty (see SKC agenda). That’s part of social insurance for extreme events, not part of any welfare.

Note that while asking for minimal intervention by the state even in social affairs, there is no intent in SBP to remake nature. We do not support gay marriage, for instance, but some fostering rights could be provided under supervision; or as evidence emerges from various global experiments in this area.

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Perhaps the best introductory lectures on Indo-European languages: by John McWhorter Tue, 18 Aug 2015 13:11:41 +0000

I don't know what's happened to me. I was not particularly interested in languages or ancient Indian history, but since I discovered the debate re: AIT/OIT and began to understand that European languages are very similar to Indian ones, a number of questions have arisen that I am curious about. Curiosity has set in, and I must keep exploring. That's why I am reading/ learning about linguistics in my spare time.

I chanced upon these talks which are extremely well-presented. These two lectures (lectures 8 and 9) are part of a 36 lecture series by Dr. John McWhorter, 'one of America's leading linguists and a frequent commentator on network television and National Public Radio'.

These two (out of 36) lectures relate to Indo-European languages. Enjoy. 

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It is time to regulate the collaborative economy (Uber/Airbnb etc.) for basic accountabilities to their customers Mon, 17 Aug 2015 05:33:22 +0000

There is no freedom without accountability. The very reason we have a government is to ensure that no undue harm is caused by markets (which are, otherwise, a glorious thing), and that accountability for any harm so caused is placed on the appropriate person or persons. There is no benefit to be made (selling a product) without taking responsibility. 

I'm a great fan of the collaborative economy (link takes you to a FB group that I started on this topic). There is much good that has come from the collaborative economy, and even greater benefits to productivity are surely on the way. But some of the key companies involved have repeatedly demonstrated a lack of basic due process to deal with a range of man-made physical risks that they might place their customers into. [E.g. this]

Declaring such companies as co-employers (in the case of Uber)/ co-landlords (in the case of AirBnB) is an urgently needed regulatory reform. The moment there is a significant commercial stake/involvement, then responsibility must co-vest with these companies.

Employers/ landlords have a duty of care that arises largely from the fact that they offer a commercial product in the market, and their profits are not expected to be obtained from fraud, misrepresentation or murder. They are not required to physically protect customers, but they are required to act on behalf of customers when they are in physical trouble. These companies are washing off their hands. That shows they are pirates, not good faith companies. Pirates have no place in a civilised free society.

I was waiting to see whether such companies self-regulate. Self-regulation is best, but if companies repeatedly show disinterest in the safety of their customers, then they need to be hit with a ton of bricks. Their CEOs and directors must be held to account for failure to take reasonable steps to ensure safety of their customers. Just like these companies are avoiding payment of taxes, they are also avoiding basic responsibility for the produce they facilitate/ provide. There are cases where these companies have refused to act responsibly – by palming off the burden to the owner/customer. There is a breakdown in the chain of responsibility, and people don't need to be raped/ die just because of such a breakdown. 

Competitive alternatives may not be available in abundance, either; thereby creating a lack of concern in these companies for their customers. In any event, it should not be possible to escape a duty of care merely by defining one's contract in a particular way. Customer/s would never have undertaken such risky activities (collaborative economy can potentially raise the level of risk, e.g. of traveling with strangers, of living in stranger’s houses, to the stratospheric level) without a belief being created by these companies that they are responsible in some way.

We need to force these irresponsible companies undertake risk management and mitigation, and appropriate emergency management. All we need is to ensure that the standard duty of care provisions already applicable to owners/employers are imposed on such companies. It is the role of a government in a free society to define the rules by which the market will operate. Defining rules and clarifying contractual obligations is not interference. It is an essential part of ensuring a functioning marketplace. Without such regulations, such new markets can disappear. The cost-benefit test of any such regulation would need to be undertaken, no doubt. But the idea that these companies are not responsible for basic things like security is simply not tenable. 

Regulation is about necessary, not unnecessary intervention. There can be no commercial gain made by any party without responsibility for delivery of the proper – and safe – good or service. The law is largely intended to fix responsibility. There is now enough evidence that these new companies, like most others across the world in all areas of commerce – will NOT take responsibility seriously unless these are legally mandated.

I had a bit of a discussion on this on FB, and received some objections, which I’ll note and address, below.

Objection: Risks (e.g. of being raped/ killed) are known to the customer before he/she books the property. It was a voluntary decision to take such risks.

Airbnb is not your typical Indian Third World company where everything (including rape/murder) is on the menu. Citizens are entitled to safety first, in any commercial transaction.

Objection: The consumers should sue the company

It is wrong to put the burden of suing the company on a consumer who has been raped/ killed. The goods (safe ride/ safe rental) have not been provided, and the company must pay a penalty under a law that acts uniformly on behalf of all citizens.

Objection: The police should punish the rapists. The company is not responsible

This is not about the police issue. This is about the accountability of the company for undertaking due diligence/ immediate actions to create a safe environment. These companies are refusing to do so. They want the money but will not take responsibility. That's the reason we have to force such companies to undertake appropriate risk management and to ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to provide a safe service. 

They can't take money over the dead body of their customers and escape responsibility because this is a "police" matter. 

Objection: This is interference in the free market

Defining the obligations of parties to a contract is not interfering in anyone's freedoms. There is no freedom to rape/kill your customers. Companies must demonstrate that they have taken reasonable steps to prevent criminal harm as part of the service they are providing.

Objection: Regulation doesn’t remove risks

Regulation has radically reduced risks in a vast number of industries. While commercial interests have driven most risk reduction, there is no doubt that regulating the responsibility of employers for a safe workplace, etc. has forced companies to invest in R&D to work out ways to reduce unnecessary risks. 

Objection: This is a slippery slope towards socialism

It is not socialism to demand accountability. There's some rather loose usage of language when "slippery slope"/ "socialism" is used in such contexts. There is absolutely no freedom to take money from someone and wash your hands off when he/she is being raped/ likely to be killed.

Objection: In hindsight, every accident, injury, death & disaster could have been prevented, given sufficient effort. When does one recognize, just enough 'safety' has been produced, but not 'too much'?

There is a term called reasonably practicable, which courts can readily test. That is, effectively, a cost-benefit test. But for Airbnb to essentially punt off the mother of a person being raped, and to have calls go to voicemail, is beyond deplorable. That's someone who is not even trying to help.

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The sad case of incompetent lefties like Kanishka Sinha – an alleged “topper” in economics from Indian School of Business Mon, 17 Aug 2015 00:11:37 +0000

I'm disheartened, but it must be kept on record, that "top" Indian schools of business are producing hardcore socialists with ZERO (I mean zero) understanding of basic economics. Note that the man wallows in his ignorance and incompetence!  (The man talks about Nobel prize – without knowing anything about the many economics Nobelists who stand for liberty; but Nobel means nothing more than the opinon of some people. What matters is the truth of that opinion; the morality of that opinion). 


India is fundamentally doomed to remain unfree, poor and corrupt.





Thanks for the effort taken in your reply.

I'm afraid that I'm really not impressed enough by any of the arguments to think it's worth the while debating them. You'll have to simply call me an idiot like you've labelled Piketty (Centennial Professor at the London School of Economics, Head of the Paris School of Economics, awardee of the French Legion of honour, winner of best thesis of the year awarded by the French association of Economics and a former winner of the best young Economist of France)

I would be honoured to be in the same company as those you've labeled as idiots.

Let me know when you win the Nobel Prize for Economics. I will definitely pay more attention to your views then.

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