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Deliberate/ superstition-based child abuse in Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism

An article in Nirmukta, published today, outlines the ongoing abuse of children in various religions – both due to religious reasons, and due to perversion often found (of course, not exclusively) in religious institutions.

There will surely come a time when children's legal rights will become stronger and punishment for many such activities institutionalised in law. 

[This is a placeholder blog post, for my research/ notes on this topic. This initial post is not well researched, largely being an organised summary of the Nirmukta article, but time permitting, I’ll add to it in future months/ years.]

See Wikipedia entry: Religious abuse (against children)  | Child sexual abuse in religious groups

In the name of God: A profile of Religion-Related Child Abuse – by Bette Bottoms, Phillip Shaver, Gail Goodman and Jianjian Quin (Journaal of Social Issues, 1995)

Breaking Their Will: Shedding Light on Religious Child Maltreatment (a book). The author says: "Religion can provide children with a wonderful upbringing, but it is naïve and irresponsible to see religion only as a force for good" (Source).

Inquiry into the Handling of Child Abuse by Religious and other Non-Government Organisations. See an article on this.

Police in U.K. plan to tackle religious-based child abuse.

Child abuse in Christianity

1) A little boy, a toddler, had been starved to death by a small cult in Baltimore for failing to say "amen" at mealtimes [Source]

2) Catholic church covered up child sex abuse, Cardinal George Pell tells Victoria's inquiry

In response I wrote: This place of shame and atrocity on children (the Church) is supposed to be the promoter of the 10 commandments. That is one more reason why I oppose all religion. These are political bodies, all about protecting the "reputation" of the "church" or other such political institution.

Prof.Babu Joseph, an Indian Christian leader wrote in response: If some religionists have gone wrong how can one denounce religion in toto.Like in politics there are bad apples in religion too.The very purpose of religion is reformist.

My problem is that this is not about bad apples but SYSTEMATIC political behavior, that protects criminals. Organised religions SYSTEMATICALLY protect criminals. Just like any (major) Indian political party does.

3) Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

This Commission not only deals (mainly) with abuses in Christian institutions, but in Hindu ones, as well (e.g. the report on a Hindu swami I discussed here).

4) "For decades the higher-ups in the Catholic Church were reassigning known sexual predators to remote parishes rather than having them arrested and prosecuted. Those men in authority thus engaged in willful cover-ups, brash lawbreaking, and the aggressive slandering of accusers—and all with utter impunity. The extent of this criminality is hard to exaggerate: over six thousand priests have now been credibly implicated in some form of sex abuse, five hundred have been jailed, and more victims have been made known than one can imagine. After the extent of the crimes—the rapes and molestations as well as the cover-ups—became widely publicized, many Americans, and many Catholics specifically, were disgusted. Not only were the actual sexual crimes themselves morally abhorrent, but the degree to which those in positions of power sought to cover up these crimes and allow them to continue was truly shocking. The result has been clear: a lot of Catholics have become ex-Catholics. For example, consider the situation in New England. Between 2000 and 2010, the Catholic Church lost 28 percent of its members in New Hampshire and 33 percent of its members in Maine, and closed nearly seventy parishes—a quarter of the total number—throughout the Boston area. In 1990, 54 percent of Massachusetts residents identified as Catholic, but it was down to 39 percent in 2008. And according to an “American Values” survey from 2012, although nearly one-third of Americans report being raised Catholic, only 22 percent currently identify as such—a precipitous nationwide decline indeed." [Source]

Child abuse in Islam

The indoctrination and use of children as suicide bombers in some Islamic socities is one of the most abominable abuses imaginable.

Taliban's attack on girl children who 'dare' to study in school (e.g. Malala) is another example, driven by Islamic extremism.

 When a young girl was sexually abused by a Mullah at a village near Mangaluru the case was about to be hushed up claiming that it was a matter inside the ‘community’. [Source]

This is the kind of indoctrination sometimes practiced in Islam: 

Child abuse in Hinduism

The Hare Krishna movement has been cited in this article (Narendra Nayak's article, cited above). Also:

1) In Chandraguthi near Belgaum young girls are dedicated to the goddess Yellamma(in other words to a life of prostitution).

2) In temples near Vijayapura children are thrown from a height and caught in blankets. In Gulbarga there are instances of child sacrifice, burying of children up to the neck in pits during eclipses etc.

3) An incident had taken place in the heart of Mangalore several years ago in which a five year old girl was sacrificed by a father and daughter duo.

4) I could also recall one incident connected with a so called miracle in which a man, a Ayyappa devotee was photographed dipping the feet of a child into ‘boiling’ oiland claiming that it was due to the protection of Ayyappa that the child’s feet were not being burnt! On seeing that I panicked not because of his ‘miracle’ but because of the fear that some other gullible devotee of the same god could perhaps try to do the same with real boiling oil! So, I had to rush to the Press to debunk the miracle adding that no one should try to replicate that. Luckily this was well publicized in the newspapers and such an incident did not happen.

Child abuse in Buddhism

We could also take up the case of Shambavi, a six year old, said to be a reincarnation of Maitreyi, friend of Dalai Lama in his previous incarnation! Preparations were on to establish a Mutt in her name and she was being taken care of by a lady who claimed to have found her in Varanasi. When we challenged that she changed her tune and said that she was her daughter! A complaint was filed with the Human Rights Commission stating that the place of the child was in a school and not in any religious place. This campaign caught on well and the Commission ruled that her place was in school! Dalai who was supposed to inaugurate the religious institution developed cold feet as he did not wish to be involved in a case of child abuse and backed out! [Source]

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Ramdev and Modi only wanted power. The ploy to get back black money was a CLEVER WAY TO DECEIVE India.

A few weeks ago, I accosted Ramdev for his repeated lies regarding black money, when I asked: Ramdev lied blatantly. On what basis did he claim that Modi will bring back black money in 100 days?

It is now many months since Modi became PM. Where is it??? The lakhs of crores of black money?

But even on the disclosure of names the BJP is backing off. 

This is what BJP said in 2012: BJP to name Swiss account holders if voted to power.

And this is what Modi tweeted on 14 March 2014:

This was a clear allegation that the names of the Swiss account holders were from Congress party. But now the government is HIDING behind all kinds of excuses and refusing to divulge the names of CRIMINALS AND SCOUNDRELS who have stolen India's taxpayer money for 65 years.

And here's the BJP leader Swamy (the anti-Muslim bigot) making tall claims about disclosure of names:

TOI has made the link that BJP is NOTHING BUT UPA MARK IIModi govt toes UPA line on black money disclosure, faces opposition fire

I hope NO ONE will believe in these liars any more. I am sick of these double standards.

We need INTEGRITY in public life.

Instead, I have by now heard many believable claims made that both Modi and Ramdev are themselves floating in black money. I'm investigating the Ramdev issue separately through RTI. Re: Modi's crony capitalism and corruption – there are already a massive number of claims in the public domain, including by Arvind Kejriwal. 

Let me just say that I KNOW that BJP is fully corrupt and awash in black money. Now, even their leaders are going to be implicated, is my sense.

We need a TOTAL reform of India's governance system


UNVERIFIED: I've just read on FB that "Modi said that he would "bring back every single rupee in foreign countries deposited by Indian citizens as black money" and that "each citizen can get Rs 15-20 Lakhs. The GDP/capita for India is (only) Rs 92,000".



This is an extensive article (blog post) in Times of India on Modi's fraudulent claims over the years: War on black money.

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Modi’s BJP throws freebies around in Haryana. No surprises from this MEGA-socialist party.

Here's further proof of BJP's socialist credentials:

BJP in Haryana today promised foodgrain at Re 1 per kg for BPL families, free treatment to the poor and stipend for unemployed youths in its election manifesto, which it released today hoping to come to power on its own for the first time in the state.

The manifesto said if voted to power, BJP will take steps for stricter implementation of the laws against cow slaughter, even as chairman of the Manifesto Committee Ganeshi Lal said cow slaughter will be equated with culpable homicide. [Source]

That's almost as bad as Arvind Kejriwal's freebies; perhaps a little better since at least these are directed towards the poor. But what we need is a negative in come tax system and ABOLISHING of the PDS. Let the poor buy what they need directly from the market, not through a government PDS system, which is a method for politicians and bureaucrats to skim off vast amounts of money.

And the equation of "cow slaughter" with culpable homicide is absurd and anti-farmer. Already there is almost no in Haryana who owns any cow. Mostly buffaloes. With that, they will stop buying ANY cow. 

BJP IS NEVER going to change India's corrupt, socialist, crony capitalist system. Some few 'touches' here and there, such as alleged abolition of the Planning Commission, to delude the ever-confused "intellectuals". We need to explain this to the people, why they are suffering and why their suffering will continue for ANOTHER five years.

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A template/form for Indian RTI application in Word and PDF

I am preparing RTI applications to be lodged by Indian citizens to help secure information re: Ramdev’s empire from various government agencies. In this process I’ve found that prescribed forms are hardly present, and those that exist are insufficient. I’ve therefore created a draft RTI form in Word (and PDF) which can be downloaded below.  This is uploaded on the Sone Ki Chidiya Federation website.


In Word





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What am I ACTUALLY saying about disbanding the IAS? #2

In the previous blog post I provided comments by Rajput and Vinay Shankar (IAS, retired) on my strong recommendations regarding revamping the governance system of India.

Essence of Rajput's view

"IAS has become a bunch of "BABOONS", totally subservient to the corrupt rulers and politicians, who have shown no initiative, no new ideas and no improvement to reform the crippling system of red tape and bureaucracy that waste years of a citizen's life making him a coolie or moron in the end. Like the ministers, they, too, are corrupt, dishonest and unreliable.

"Nehru, instead of liberating the natives from the crushing load of red tape and bureaucracy he let the IAS create more and more ingenious ways to tie the natives down under pestering rules and regulations. Bribery and corruption flourished. Countless capable Indians (NRI’s) left the native shores, seeking freedoms abroad.

Vinay Shankar

"I do not agree that IAS should be abolished. I am not clear whether you endorse what Sanjeev says or Sanjeev echoes your views [Sanjeev: These are my views based on learnings both academic and practical. My father – because of whose regard for the IAS I joined it, instead of becoming a painter or doctor which were my first preference – has incrementally learnt about them and understood them. He now strongly endorses them].

By simply wishing that an alternative system will be free of corruption, be epitome of efficiency and effectivenesss, it will not become so.

In a democrcy, it is the collective character of the people that is reflected in all institutions – political and bureaucratic.

Even if you abolish IAS, other central services will remain.

In a democracy, the craftsman is the political executive. If he is skillful, he will sharpen the tool and make it fit to do difficult job easily. If he is inefficient, he will blame the tool.

My thesis is that our consitution was unsuited to the socio-economimc conditions of the country prevailing in 1950 and it continues to be so. It has thrown up in to power the scum of the society and the really talented, sincere, committed people in to resignation and helplessness. It needs to be rewritten by a new constitutent assembly. new Constitution will come up with a new scheme of bureaucracy."


First, I'm NOT saying that the IAS must be abolished in one go. I've clearly outlined a transitional plan in which the senior roles of the IAS will be incrementally replaced with highly paid but fully accountable contractual positions. Thereafter a thin layer of permanent service will remain – perhaps promoted (maximum) to the rank of Under Secretary to the GOI. But there will be NO tenure, even at this level. Whether it will be called IAS or something else is a matter to be considered in the future. Details are provided in BFN.

Second, there is absolutely no intent to retain any tenured central service. These too, will be incrementally replaced by a modern, performing service.

In each case, the best officers of these services will be eligible to be appointed (upon resignation from their tenured service) to senior roles – as part of open competition. This competition will NOT be run by the government but will be run by the concerned Secretary or his/her delegate for EACH individual post.

Third, I'm NOT saying that the IAS reform is the only solution that will fix India's governance. In terms of political reforms, and the urgency for change, it is ELECTORAL REFORMS that take priority. I've put them first in my book, for that's the soul of reform. Without creating a system in which good people are able to participate we can't possibly hope to clean up India's governance.

Fourth, I'm with Rajput. I left the IAS after meeting MANY senior IAS officers to whom I offered reform proposals. NONE of them were either willing to ask questions or discuss these proposals. Their entire "contribution" to India was to tell me that none of my proposals can be implemented in India because the politicians won't agree to them. But they REFUSED to undertake ANY due diligence to examine such reform proposals (e.g. negative income tax model to eliminate poverty – in the well-thought out manner I had proposed).

The IAS is the most incompetent bureaucracy in the world. That is totally undeniable.

Fifth, I agree with Vinay Shankar that a new Constitution is needed in India. I've thoroughly critiqued our Constitution in my book. However, we can't wait till such an assembly is established, to reform India's governance. Most reforms I've proposed can be implemented without any major change in the Constitution. Only Article 311 is one major stumbling block which should be eliminated as soon as possible. We need the SAME labour laws for the private sector and public sector. India is perhaps the only nation in the world with different labour laws for public servants (these are called service laws) and private sector employees. Across the world there is only one type of employee. All employees should have the same rights and obligations under the law. Not two different set of laws.

In brief, I'd urge everyone to read BFN carefully, particularly chapters 4-6, and also read the SKC agenda.

I had personally given a talk to Vinay Shankar and other senior retired officers of Palam Vihar, Gurgaon, a few years ago, but none had the patience to ask questions. They are typical babus who have long ago shut their mind and are of no particular use to India.

If ANY babu asks questions, he, too, is capable of learning. But babus are "know-alls". And that's how they destroy India, each day of their life.

THE GOOD NEWS: It is not just me who's been harpring on this for the past 15 years. I discovered that T. Chatterjee, Director (and head) of the Indian Institute of Public Administration has also recently published a note promoting the idea of dissolution of tenure.

Well, now there are two of us (former IAS officers) demanding the end of the IAS (tenured). I hope others like Vinay Shankar will soon see the light of day and ASK questions, instead of shutting their mind to new ideas.

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