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First impression of Delhi and Gurgaon after two years – a stinking, broken, run-down hell-hole

I reached Delhi early today morning – my first visit to India after two years.

Delhi inner roads are as bad as ever. Massive potholes, rundown and ramshackle walls, filth strewn around everywhere. Looks like India has absolutely no idea about what development looks like. And my good God! the smell, the stench. Spoils one’s day completely. India STINKS. The big sewer.

Even the half-capitalist China – which was far behind India at the time of India’s independence -has whipped India in the competition to succeed.

The Modi government is failing BIG TIME. By mid-2017 I can see social unrest and agitations arising across the country, as people give up hope and take to the streets.

The world has passed India by. We are seeing a country in terminal decline (even though it boasts of “great” growth rates). The administrative and political system has entirely failed. The country is moving glacially forward, at a time when the rest of the world has gone far, far ahead.

And I can report that the brain drain – or rather exodus – from India has gathered pace. Almost all my relatives’ children have left India, and others are being asked to leave. That must be happening to all children across the country.

This is the time to do or die. Fight for liberty, fight for reforms.

This is China

This is India


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Sanjay Sonawani explains the meaning of liberty in the context of India – a 22 minute video

In a wide ranging talk, Sanjay covers a number of issues in relation to liberty in India. The issues raised range from social restrictions to government restrictions. In relation to government restrictions, he talks about restrictions on speech, occupation, and criminalisation of homosexuality.  He talks about the chains on our farmers. And he asks, why are we still carrying on with restrictions imposed by India’s colonial masters.



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Swarna Bharat Party beginning to be recognised globally. Its President is one of the 10 top freedom fighters of the world.

This is the link to the article. Vishal Singh is cited at No. 9 out of 10: The Top 10 International Freedom Fighters You Didn’t Know About

Screenshot (since such articles often disappear) here.

Further, the full text in relation to Vishal:

9. Vishal Singh- Swarna Bharat Party (India)


Vishal Singh is the president of the ONLY classically liberal party inside of India. Singh talks about how even though the country was liberated in 1947, it never came to adopt freedom. He rails against the socialist goals of the government, and its perpetuation of crony capitalism. Singh says that his party, the Swarna Bharat Party is the only one in India which looks to protect and defend all Indian people’s freedoms. To that point, he is often critical of India’s Prime Minister Modi, saying things like he came to power “with the slogan of limited government, but all his actions are diametrically opposite to what he was saying during elections.” Its obvious that Singh has a passion for freedom, and that he is determined to change the hearts and minds of those in India.


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Sanjay Sonawani explains in a video why Modi’s Swachh Bharat program CANNOT work without system reforms

Sanjay Sonawani, Swarna Bharat Party’s spokesperson, has prepared a video on why Swachh Bharat CANNOT work. He rightly questions why we need Swachh Bharat program in the first place – that’s because our systems have entirely collapsed.

I’m also posting below a short talk I had recorded on this topic immediately after the Swachh Bharat program was launched, in October 2014.

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A fantastic speech by Sanjay Sonawani, spokesperson of Swarna Bharat Party. If you start listening, you won’t be able to stop.

I was searching for something and chanced upon this (the original video had got accidentally deleted, below is a new URL:

It is the BEST speech I’ve heard in my life from any Indian politician.

A truly outstanding leader and a fantastic speaker. We all need to learn communication skills from Sanjay.

He has distilled the message of SBP in very simple and clear terms for the whole country.

I trust everyone is able to spare 17 minutes to listen to this speech. I can guarantee that once you start listening, you can’t stop till the very end.

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