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My open bets about AAP: It will become as corrupt as Congress/ BJP in 3-4 years, etc. Read on.

Given the very young people of India (average age in the 30s) who are easy to delude, let me add (in continuation of my previous post, here) that:

1. AAP is already corrupt (used 2 crore black money – conclusively proven before elections)

2. AAP has used goondas as candidates and plied liquor for voters

3. AAP will be swamped with corruption scandals in 3-5 years max. That's because it has NO idea about how to change systems. 

4. Retail corruption in Delhi will continue and INCREASE over the next 3-5 years. Particularly in real estate.

As far as corruption is concerned, it is a DIRECT consequence of policies. Since AAP has socialist policies, its outcomes will be corrupt, just like Congress/ BJP.

I'm willing to take personal bets with Arvind Kejriwal to the tune of Rs.1 lakh on a number of issues (similar to what I offered Modi upon his election – I'd have won all my bets hands down with Modi, by now).

The young voters of India have to learn their lessons the hard way. I'm sorry but you are responsible for your own fate. Carry on.

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Politics is 99 per cent belief and 1 per cent luck. With belief, even fools can move mountains.

Throughout history there have been two types of politicians: (a) those who believe in what they stand for and (b) those who are in for a ride – riding in the wake of those who believe in themselves.

The former group includes Lenin, Gandhi, Hitler, Mao, Indira Gandhi, Modi, Arvind Kejriwal, even Baghdadi of ISI.

The latter category includes 99.9999 per cent of the run-of-the-mill "followers" of these leaders.

In a sense, politics is like religion. Most successful political movements have a VERY strong core of belief – usually misguided (like all religion). Without that core they have no hope of budging the emotions of the people. But with such a core, AND intelligence and persistence, they can move mountains. 

Sadly, it is rare for classical liberals to have a strong belief in their ideology. Rajaji was one such person. But after his death his party (Swatantra) disintegrated.

In India, there is currently no one with a strong belief in liberty. Without such belief, it is almost a given that the classical liberals will fail to move the country, despite having the most powerful set of ideas, despite ideas which will make India a huge success.

I've come across a number of 2nd tier (even 3rd tier) "liberals" who claim to support liberty but are so deeply confused that they'll either join Congress or BJP or AAP, or otherwise support such parties. I won't name them, since they comprise the vast majority of "liberals" I've come across.

But when India finds ONE firm believer in liberty, things will change.

Till then it is destined to rot at the bottom of the world. All current major parties are deeply socialist and illiberal. They are DETERMINED to ruin India.

The only force that can stop the total ruin of India by the socialists is MENTAL FORCE. It has to arise from ONE person.

India waits for for that ONE person, a person 100 per cent clear why liberty is good. The rest will then fall into place.

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Let’s overthrow the last vestiges of feudalism. Scrap the Bharat Ratna and “national” awards.

Only in a feudal society is a "king" superior to the "commoners", the "plebians".

In a FREE society the king is the SERVANT and citizens the MASTERS.

The custom of national awards 

It is grossly inappropriate for our servant to pick amongst the citizens to give them an "award" using taxpayer's money.

I have no issues with gallantry awards for armed forces/ police nor for awards for those who serve the government as EMPLOYEES. But the idea that our servant can pick "winners" amongst the vast multitude of citizens is obnoxious and insulting. This is clearly a case of over-reach.

Swarna Bharat Party is committed to abolishing the Bharat Ratna and all "national" awards, including awards for literature, song and dance. Let private organisations decide such things. These are not the business of government.


Government awards only for public servants

Our servant, the government, has no role to pick winners amongst citizens, except as a direct employer. To that extent, gallantry awards for the armed and police forces, and awards to public servants for significant contributions, are within its scope. No other award is within the scope of a government. 

We will abolish the Bharat Ratna and all other awards including literary and arts awards. Citizens are free to use their private money to form organisations to give out any awards they wish. Such private recognition is also far more rewarding than recognition by politicians, using other people’s money.


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Modi’s socialist agenda on full blast. Now he wants to further increase protectionism.

Modi is continuing the socialist Indian system, unchanged. EVERYTHING is continuing "as is". There is no plan to reform anything. Forget any change to the rotten bureaucracy, he has come out against rail privatisation. And FDI in retail. And his "dissolution" of the Planning Commission was a farce. 

Now he wants Indian businesses to be protected from competition: Make in India gets govt push, depts told to source locally

I ALWAYS said Modi/BJP was a hardcore socialist, close to a communist (maybe not as bad as Arvind Kejriwal). But he deceived a lot of people, who are hopeful he will change things. I'm afraid they're going to have to learn their lessons quickly, else five more years will be wasted. 

We need to activate and significantly ramp up India's only genuine classical liberal party: Swarna Bharat Party.

All liberals should join SBP at the earliest.

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Rowan Atkinson has blasphemed Christ. Let’s kill him, shall we? (to my Muslim commentator friend)

A good commentator friend on this blog has been persistingly quizzing me on blasphemy laws. I, the ill-informed man that I am, oppose any role for the state in blasphemy. He believes it harms people's emotions, hence we should prohibit blasphemy. Or something to that effect. See the discussion in the comments section of this blog post.

But I just came across (by sheer accident – no, my Christian friends, I was not actively searching for it) the following blasphemous act of Rowan Atkinson.

Why, this is scandalous! How dare Mr. Bean speak thus of Christ?

Let's kill him, shall we? – my question is addressed to Shadab. Bring out a saw…


On a serious note, I'm publishing the current draft freedom of speech policy of Swarna Bharat Party:

Freedom of speech is the lodestar of liberty. Without it no other liberty exists.

When Lillian Gobitis Klose refused to salute the U.S. flag as an act of conscience, Justice Robert Jackson’s said: ‘If there is any fixed star in our constitutional constellation, it is that no official, high or petty, can prescribe what shall be orthodox in politics, nationalism, religion, or other matters of opinion or force citizens to confess by word or act their faith therein.’

Freedom of speech is not always pleasant to hear. It can be used by obnoxious people or those we entirely disagree with. But the free society believes that it would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than those attending too small a degree of it. Defending freedom of speech means also defending the speech rights of people one profoundly despises.

A mature democracy therefore insists on absolute freedom of speech. USA set the example for the world in this regard through the First Amendment to its Constitution. That example has not been exceeded to date for it is simple and comprehensive. It states:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The American First Amendment is not outcome-dependent. The US Government is barred from restricting speech no matter any good results that would result from the restrictions. The dangers of allowing the government to restrict speech overwhelmingly outweigh whatever benefits accrue from such restrictions. The USA will never have Nazis and fascists in power, not because America is free of racism or authoritarianism, but because, when a crazy idea is discussed freely and openly, that idea is can also be refuted freely and openly. The more any idea is suppressed, the stronger it becomes.

This was all we needed in the Indian Constitution. Unfortunately, that’s not what we got in the original Constitution. And by now these rights have been so badly diluted that we no longer have free speech protections in India. As a result, India’s press freedom ranks 140 out of 181 nations in the world.

India must have absolute free speech on the lines of the Americans. Nothing less will do. The only restrictions would relate to actual harm (when it is no longer speech), such as direct threats or direct incitement of violence or libel that commercially harms others. And, of course, it is reasonable to expect time-based programming (e.g. on TV) for appropriateness of the audience.

India has a proud heritage of free speech, open discourse and tolerance. Unfortunately, during British rule we lost much of this openness and have never recovered. Draconian laws like s.153A and s295A of the Indian Penal Code pander to fundamentalist delusions and threats. Many more draconian laws are now rampant across India. These must go.

To achieve absolute freedom of speech in India:

  • We will introduce a Constitutional amendment that assures Indians the free speech rights that the citizens of the USA enjoy.
  • We will repeal all laws that curtail freedom of speech (e.g. s.153A and s295A of IPC and s.66 of the IT Act that makes certain online comments an offence) or allow bans or censorship. The colonial provisions of sedition and blasphemy in our laws are entirely inconsistent with free speech. We will amend s.124A of IPC to check the misuse of sedition by state authorities against political malcontents. The amendment will incorporate the Supreme Court’s interpretation in 1962 that, no matter how much the accused spreads ‘disaffection’ against the government, sedition can’t be invoked unless he incites people to violence.
  • We will revoke all bans, e.g. on books and movies, except those involving libel and a direct threat or direct incitement of violence. We will also democratise broadcasting services (TV, radio) on payment of market-determined fee for spectrum.
  • We will abolish the Censor Board. The market can readily supply any necessary rating agencies (e.g. a film industry body) to classify films for viewing suitability by age. Adult Indians do not need a government to tell them what they will nor not watch. If a government functionary in a Censor Board presumably does not fall into depravity by viewing a film before it is censored, it is preposterous to suggest that Indian adults will become depraved or violent by seeing it. Indians must be accountable for their violent actions, regardless of whether they have watched a movie or read a book.
  • We are dedicated to internet freedom. The internet offers a communication system uniquely free from government intervention. We will remove regulatory barriers to internet innovation and prevent any unnecessary interference with new technologies. We object to the governance of the internet by any governmental or intergovernmental organization.
  • We will review laws regarding national symbols and the flag to bring them in consonance with freedom of speech. The rights of citizens – who may choose to express their dissent in loathsome but peaceful ways – are more important than the rights of a nation to its symbols. Symbols do not trump freedom of thought and of conscience. 
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Fund raising appeal: Rs. 3 lakhs to set up systems and office for Swarna Bharat Party. Please commit funds.

Date of fund-raising appeal: 9 December 2014

Swarna Bharat Party is happy to announce that:

1. After being after registered in June 2014, it was decided after a 5-day workshop in July 2014 to activate the party. 

2. We obained the PAN number (AALAS5994H) in November 2014.

3. Bank account is expected to be opened in the third week of December 2014 after a key office bearer returns to Delhi from Bihar.

We are proposing to launch the party's presence in electoral politics in the forthcoming Delhi elections. The key objective of this initiative is to introduce the SKC agenda to India, and to get good people to start looking at India's national liberal party.

To activate the party we have hired a professional website desigher to prepare a fully revamped professional website. We are also doing background work to establish an accounting and membership system. Thereafter we will set up an office in Delhi – including a person employed to manage day to day affairs.

These costs are tightly managed, and members are contributing in kind (and of course, time) to the extent they can. However, we also need to raise funds to meet these costs, including the costs of initial marketing of the party.

We have estimated that a minimum of Rs.3 lakhs is needed at this stage, to set us up for the next three months. Thereafter, we'll review and issue any further fundraising appeal.

At this stage we are only seeking commitments. SBP will call on the committed funds after its bank account is opened. We expect to call upon the committed funds by the third week of December.

Please do not commit to donate if you are not an Indian citizen. NRIs can donate but not OCIs/ PIOs. The amount donated to SBP is allowed as deduction under Section 80GGC of the Income-Tax Act. Please note that we are committed to publishing names of donors (and city but NOT the detailed address, phone number or email ID). 

Any funds raised above Rs. 3 lakhs will be retained by the party for future work. 

PLEASE CLICK THIS to complete a short form to make your commitment. Or visit



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