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Mr. Modi why can’t you improve women’s safety in India? Because you REFUSE to implement governance reforms.


In this video I explain (in English) why the governance system of India is not designed to support and provide safety to the honest citizen. It only supports molesters and other criminals.

The ONLY way to improve safety is to fundamentally change the design of the system:

1 (a) State funding on per vote basis so that honest people can start entering politics + high salary (no pensions and perks) for MPs and MLAs.

1 (b) Abolition of tenure for senior government officials (e.g. IAS/IPS) and contractual appointments (associated with high pay) at all senior levels. People must perform or be dismissed.

2. Getting the government out of roles it has no business to be involved with. This includes getting out of public sector enterprises but also drastically curtailing government’s role in most social policy.

99 per cent of these reforms are within the ambit of the Central Government.

Mr Modi is squarely responsible.

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For your consideration – Two short videos that summarise all reforms needed in India

Email I sent out a few minutes ago:

A young volunteer of Swarna Bharat Party has compiled some of my previous videos (in Hindi) into two short videos which I agree with him can be shared widely. These are merely six minutes in all (both of them combined).

I appear to be quite passionate in these videos (recorded a few years ago). That passion is reducing every year since India seems determined to remain a Third World corrupt nation. However, you can help change this, if you wish.

I assume by now you’ve finally realised how hopeless is the government of Mr Modi. It is as bad as the hopeless government that Mr. Manmohan Singh provided. And Mr Kejriwal is guaranteed to perform as badly as any of these.

Why is this so? Because these people don’t intend to change the incentives that operate in India’s governance system.

Anyway, here are the videos, below. You can choose to watch these (and change India), or you can choose to enjoy corrupt India. Your life, your country. Your choice. Over to you.

Btw, this is precisely the same message that I’ll give to some of India’s topmost business leaders and diplomats, Ministers, etc. at the Horasis India meeting in June 2017 – but in English.


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Swarna Bharat Party asks the PM to implement state funding of elections on per vote basis

National Press Release by Swarna Bharat Party

13 December 2016 – for immediate release

Mr Sanjay Sonawani, President of Swarna Bharat Party, India’s only liberal party, welcomed Mr Modi’s proposal for state funding of elections. As explained at length in SBP’s manifesto, state funding of elections on a per vote basis is an urgently needed, vital reform of governance.

It is in our interest to ensure that honest and competent candidates contest elections. Good candidates are a public good, more important than any other public good. We, the people, must be willing to incentivise such candidates to contest.

While the level of electoral expenditure is never the only determinant of electoral success, good candidates are defeated in our system even before they start. Honest competent middle class or poor persons refuse to contest elections since they stand to lose their hard earned savings if they lose the election. To add to the conundrum honest people face, honest political parties – which do not sell their soul to corrupt businesses – receive almost no funding.

State funding on per vote basis is a simple and transparent solution. It is transparent. It is incentive-compatible. It has been successfully implemented in many countries. SBP suggests a reimbursement of Rs.20 per valid vote cast to the relevant candidate up to a maximum of Rs. 70 lakhs per parliamentary constituency. This calculation can be refined.

Along with this, the security deposit will need to be increased significantly to ensure that only serious candidates contest elections. MP and MLA salaries will need to be significantly raised, while eliminating all perks and pensions.

Some people object to state funding, arguing that politics is a social service. It is preposterous to suggest that those who serve us as electoral representatives should be required to lose their lifetime’s savings “for the country’s sake”. The current system is fundamentally misguided. The results are there for all to see. Everyone who comes to power is guaranteed to become corrupt.

In the reformed system, even though corrupt candidates will probably still outspend honest candidates, good candidates will start participating since their risk of bankruptcy is reduced. That is enough to start changing the system. Such a payment by taxpayers is excellent value to taxpayers, for the opportunity cost of corruption and incompetence is in the tens of trillions of dollars – more than ten times India’s GDP. We have been short-changed by corrupt and incompetent representatives for seventy years. Let’s give the honest people of India a chance.

Mr Sonawani said that SBP strongly supports Mr Modi’s suggestion for state funding – but only on a per vote funding basis. It is important, however, to emphasise that it is not sufficient to implement only this reform. A range of fundamental reforms, as detailed in SBP’s manifesto, are needed in order to make the country a sone ki chidiya once again.


Notes for Editors

SBP is India’s only liberal party, committed to defending liberty and promoting prosperity.


Sanjay Sonawani (Pune), National President, +91 9860991205

Alok Kumar (Ghaziabad), National Vice President and President UP State Unit, +91 9999755334

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Who gives people any right to impose a cashless society? Do they own society?

There has been some talk of a cashless society for India. I ask these people to provide me proof that their DNA is different to ours, and that they have any innate right to tell us what how we transact with others. Whether a “society” choose to use cash or digital mechanisms to transact, is none of the business of government.

Demonetisation can be at best an accompaniment to a fundamental set of reforms that attack the causes of black money and corruption. It is not a solution in itself, and the costs and benefits of demonetisation generally do not add up. In like manner, the idea of cashless society is not a goal for SBP. Instead, it is a position that a society may achieve through the preferences of millions of people acting in their own interest. The objective of being a cashless society or not, is not relevant to any consideration of free action and small government.


High quality research on use of cash in India: Why our area doesn’t seem to be going cashless

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