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Only Swarna Bharat Party’s liberal policies can save us from mosquito-borne diseases: Alok Kumar, Vice President

SBP’s National Press Release – to be released across India [Word version | Hindi version]

6 October 2016 – for immediate release

Chikangunya / Dengue = Mosquitoes or misgovernance?

Only Swarna Bharat Party’s liberal policies can save us from mosquito-borne diseases: Alok Kumar, Vice President

Alok Kumar, Vice President of Swarna Bharat Party, regretted the reported deaths from chikungunya in Delhi and added that till the government is busy running shops and banks, citizens can never achieve a healthy lifestyle.

While the precise number of deaths by chikangunya and dengue is disputed by the experts, at least some people have died from these diseases. Many thousands have been racked by severe pain. Many have had their health permanently damaged.

Mr Alok Kumar said that these diseases are ultimately diseases of misgovernance. Political parties across the country are clueless. The Supreme Court has blamed the BJP and AAP. These parties are, in turn, blaming each other, at the cost of lives and livelihood of the people.

The need of the hour is to build world-class drains, sewerage system and roads and public places that do not allow water to collect. Town planning can also reduce the scope for stagnant water. Mass education is needed so the people use mosquito nets and remove all open containers from their gardens where water could stagnate. Fogging can complement these solutions, noting that it leaves the larvae unharmed, adult mosquitoes not directly hit by the fog remain alive, it pushes mosquitoes into people’s houses, and it can lead to allergic reactions in some people.

Further, Mr Alok Kumar said, we need a website like that of the American Centre for Disease Control, along with SMS alerts to keep the people informed. The government must also directly target the parasite/virus. Sri Lanka depleted the parasite reservoir by promptly treating malaria cases. It is now free of malaria. Early notification and isolation in mosquito nets can reduce the chikungunya and dengue virus reservoir. Transgenic sterilisation methods can also reduce mosquitoes. The government also needs to fast track research into vaccines.

Mr Alok Kumar said that unfortunately, socialist policies have brought India to its knees and the people are dying and in pain. Socialist parties neither know how to govern nor are professional and scientific in their approach. He said that so far the people had no choice. Now, however, Swarna Bharat Party has arrived. It has a clear plan of action and policies of freedom and accountability that will rapidly take India out of the mess and filth created by the socialists.


Notes for Editors

SBP is India’s only liberal party, committed to defending liberty and promoting prosperity.


Alok Kumar (Ghaziabad), National Vice President and President UP State Unit, +91 9999755334

Sanjay Sonawani (Pune), National President, +91 9860991205

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Today India takes the message of liberty to the streets for the first time, ever. Please be there at 1 pm at Raj Ghat.

My email sent to a few people today:


Dear friend

Today we celebrate the birth anniversary of Gandhi who played a key role in bringing independence to India.

However, to date Indians have never taken to the streets to demand liberty and limited government, a government that doesn’t sell cigarettes but performs its core functions of defence, police and justice.

We are independent but not free. Without freedom of occupation, freedom of speech, freedom of choice in what one can eat and wear, and accountable governance, what was the point in being independent?

Today, at 2 pm, for the first time in India’s history, the voice of liberty will reach the streets.

After a convoluted and tortuous 20 years of preparatory work, the party of liberty has finally arrived.

SBP is getting stupendous response wherever its message is being directly taken to the people. The greatest supporters of this message are the downtrodden, the farmers, and the youth from the lower middle class. Former members of AAP and BJP are rapidly turning to SBP on the ground. They are amazed at how simple and clear this message is: based entirely on common sense.

An example of how simple and clear SBP’s message is, can be seen from this video prepared a few years ago by Nilesh Kamani of SBP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNG-PRaPqzI. It explains why a government exists in the first place. If we understand that, then half of India’s problems can be immediately solved.

I invite SBP members and supporters in Delhi and NCR region to attend at 1 pm sharp at Raj Ghat today. Key leaders of SBP have arrived from across the country for this event. After initial speeches, the group (100+ people in all) will march to Delhi Police HQ in ITO (2 km) where there will be a few more speeches.

If you do attend, please remain very disciplined at the event. We want to take the message of liberty to the streets in the most disciplined manner possible.

Please also take as many photos as you can and send them to me for sharing on social media.

The banners that will be used today are attached.





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