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Fresh, complete proofing of Sone Ki Chidiya agenda now complete. Please download and share.

I finally found time to incorporate the extensive feedback received from Rakesh Pujari on each and every section of the SKC agenda.

This is his second full round of proofing (and asking 10s of questions). I much appreciate his contributions. He has a flair for good English and keeps probing the policies. 

I'm sure the result of his work will be appreciated across the country. Do download and share this version. Much easier to read, and with almost no typos.

PDF version below.

The latest Word version is available here. OpenDocument Text (ODT) here.

Consultation: We seek suggestions for improvement of the agenda from all readers. Please track changes in the Word version and send to (You can also send comments by email).

This is available here:

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My advice to Col. Sehrawat and others to stop supporting socialist, criminal AAP (or any other socialist party)

Copy of my email sent to a Col. Sehrawat, with a copy to a few people who purportedly are "liberal".


Dear Col Sehrawat

I wrote the following on my FB page

Col. Sehrawat is a good man. I know him personally from a dinner meeting he organised in an army club a few years ago to listen to FTI's work. I continue to hold him in high esteem but it is a pity that people like him are forced to work in a socialist party like AAP. Sehrawat is otherwise a genuine liberal.

Bijwasan is next to my home and its welfare is critically important in my list of priorities. But without implementing SKC agenda, Sehrawat will also fail. Why do good people not pay attention to incentives and details?

Sehrawat should join and lead SBP.

In my view the dhong of Ramdev (an RSS chamcha of Modi) and Kejriwal (a socialist criminal hooligan) has been fully exposed by the events of 2014 and 2015. 

No doubt these two created a wave of awareness and to that extent people like you – who were hesitant about joining politics when I last met you a few years ago – did step forward. That was a good first step.

But good intentions do not equate to good results. The socialists (AAP) and religious fanatics (like Ramdev/Modi) are not going to take India forward but sink it further into a divided, poor, unequal society. We are a gutter nation on all indicators, and none of these goons have a solution to offer.

I had once heard good things about Manish Sisodia (allegedly a liberal) but his antics on 28 March at the NE show me that he, too, is a power hungry opportunist. I will never engage with such people.

Your action of taking a principled stand (even though it was for the two ABSOLUTELY useless hardcore socialists, YY and PB) on 28 March has been noted. Mayank Gandhi's comments have also been noted. I know from various sources that Mayank is also broadly liberal.

The liberals are dramatically under-selling themselves – by associating with third rate people with a 10th rate ideology. Unless there is freedom and governance based on world-best principles, India will remain a mess. 

And Bijwasan, too.

On the other hand, good governance based on liberty can transform India almost overnight. I see the principles of good policy applied to to the analysis of most policy issues in Melbourne, and I know that these principles make a difference. Not only is Melbourne the world's best city to live, Australia is one of the wealthiest societies on earth. This has happened not from magic or from exploitation, but from good policy.

You have to take a long term decision, now: whether to continue with the useless bunch of socialist hooligans called AAP or to take a principled stand in favour of INDIA.

I'm also copying a few others whom I'm happy to engage with (I am very fussy about people I talk to). They, too, should realise the following:

1) good intentions do NOT equal good results
2) following confused/ socialist policies will NEVER help India. Don't waste even ONE minute of your life with socialists, else you are effectively supporting corruption, moral decadence and poverty. The laws of economics are inviolable. No one has ever been able to violate them. Definitely not PURE idiots like Arvind Kejriwal.
3) each moment in life you take a stand through your actions. Every moment, every decision, matters. Either you stand for liberty and good governance, or you stand for obscurantism and/or goondaism. Either you take India forward, or you take India backward.

Copying SKCF and SBP national executive bodies, for their info.

Do not hesitate to write to me and we can talk over the phone to discuss further. This also applies to those I've copied into the email.

The SKC agenda continues to be refined further. Please download latest copy from SKC website: There is nothing like this agenda – in terms of quality – anywhere in the world, leave alone India. You will miserably FAIL India if you try to implement anything else.


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Please use this to rewire the brains of your socialist friends: The final version of the misconceptions draft

I've reviewed the misconceptions draft once again, and improved it considerably. It is now time to merge it into the draft SKC agenda. Further improvements will occur as part of the multiple revisions the agenda will undergo in the coming years.

This final draft will now remain as a stand-alone document here, frozen in time.

Download also the revised SKC agenda which contains this new attachment that has been designed to completely rewire the brains of socialists:

With this there is no reason for any socialist to exist in India anymore (or, indeed, anywhere else in the world).

The agenda will continue to undergo improvements. I'm currently reviewing the excellent suggestions received from Rakesh Pujari, who has put in the MOST DILIGENT work in reviewing the agenda. (Rakesh, you can now proof this attachment – thanks!). I'll update everyone (around 5000 people) once I have incorporated Rakesh's suggestions, as well.

Supratim, I'm awaiting your suggestions on the tax chapter. Prof. Tooley's suggestion on the education chapter awaited. 

Further, EVERYONE is invited to provide comments/ input – send to me at

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SKCF audit update – papers provided, some formalities left.

I've gathered that the various FTI members involved have provided relevant documents to the auditor.

There has, however, been slackness in:

– obtaining exemption under s.12A of Income tax despite a lot of work being done on this issue last year

– writing to the bank to obtain PAN numbers of donors – a simple letter had to be sent to the bank; it has not been sent despite REPEATED reminders.

This means there will be some legalistic comments on the audit report (unless these issues are fixed immediately).

I remain unhappy with the way things have been managed. However, the incapacity of the Delhi SKCF team in managing accounts and income tax issues can't stop the work of addressing India's governance issues. This incapacity or slackness (there are NO integrity issues involved) will need to be reviewed and fixed in the coming weeks/months, through training or otherwise.

I've now decided, on the basis of telephonic reports and emails received to continue with FTI/SCKF/SBP. 

While the final audit report may take some more time, I'm comfortable that there are three outstanding people now managing the matter:

1. Supratim Basu

2. Rakesh Agarwal

3. Anil Sharma.

I'm reliably informed that my key concerns have been addressed and now, some further formalities remain. I hope any further explanations can be provided to the auditor and appropriate action/s taken (on s.12A/ PAN) immediately. 

I will now leave the future of this audit in the capable hands of Supratim, Rakesh and Anil.

Once completed and published, I will INSIST on a thorough review of what happened, and that FTI/SKCF/SBP take remedial measures. 

At the end of this ONLY those with THOROUGH understanding and capability in accounting will be given any office bearer responsibilities for SKCF/SBP. All legal requirements would need to be met.

Without a strong accounting focus we can't do anything big or worthwhile.

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