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Please use this to rewire the brains of your socialist friends: The final version of the misconceptions draft

I've reviewed the misconceptions draft once again, and improved it considerably. It is now time to merge it into the draft SKC agenda. Further improvements will occur as part of the multiple revisions the agenda will undergo in the coming years.

This final draft will now remain as a stand-alone document here, frozen in time.

Download also the revised SKC agenda which contains this new attachment that has been designed to completely rewire the brains of socialists:

With this there is no reason for any socialist to exist in India anymore (or, indeed, anywhere else in the world).

The agenda will continue to undergo improvements. I'm currently reviewing the excellent suggestions received from Rakesh Pujari, who has put in the MOST DILIGENT work in reviewing the agenda. (Rakesh, you can now proof this attachment – thanks!). I'll update everyone (around 5000 people) once I have incorporated Rakesh's suggestions, as well.

Supratim, I'm awaiting your suggestions on the tax chapter. Prof. Tooley's suggestion on the education chapter awaited. 

Further, EVERYONE is invited to provide comments/ input – send to me at

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SKCF audit update – papers provided, some formalities left.

I've gathered that the various FTI members involved have provided relevant documents to the auditor.

There has, however, been slackness in:

- obtaining exemption under s.12A of Income tax despite a lot of work being done on this issue last year

- writing to the bank to obtain PAN numbers of donors – a simple letter had to be sent to the bank; it has not been sent despite REPEATED reminders.

This means there will be some legalistic comments on the audit report (unless these issues are fixed immediately).

I remain unhappy with the way things have been managed. However, the incapacity of the Delhi SKCF team in managing accounts and income tax issues can't stop the work of addressing India's governance issues. This incapacity or slackness (there are NO integrity issues involved) will need to be reviewed and fixed in the coming weeks/months, through training or otherwise.

I've now decided, on the basis of telephonic reports and emails received to continue with FTI/SCKF/SBP. 

While the final audit report may take some more time, I'm comfortable that there are three outstanding people now managing the matter:

1. Supratim Basu

2. Rakesh Agarwal

3. Anil Sharma.

I'm reliably informed that my key concerns have been addressed and now, some further formalities remain. I hope any further explanations can be provided to the auditor and appropriate action/s taken (on s.12A/ PAN) immediately. 

I will now leave the future of this audit in the capable hands of Supratim, Rakesh and Anil.

Once completed and published, I will INSIST on a thorough review of what happened, and that FTI/SKCF/SBP take remedial measures. 

At the end of this ONLY those with THOROUGH understanding and capability in accounting will be given any office bearer responsibilities for SKCF/SBP. All legal requirements would need to be met.

Without a strong accounting focus we can't do anything big or worthwhile.

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Politics is 99 per cent belief and 1 per cent luck. With belief, even fools can move mountains.

Throughout history there have been two types of politicians: (a) those who believe in what they stand for and (b) those who are in for a ride – riding in the wake of those who believe in themselves.

The former group includes Lenin, Gandhi, Hitler, Mao, Indira Gandhi, Modi, Arvind Kejriwal, even Baghdadi of ISI.

The latter category includes 99.9999 per cent of the run-of-the-mill "followers" of these leaders.

In a sense, politics is like religion. Most successful political movements have a VERY strong core of belief – usually misguided (like all religion). Without that core they have no hope of budging the emotions of the people. But with such a core, AND intelligence and persistence, they can move mountains. 

Sadly, it is rare for classical liberals to have a strong belief in their ideology. Rajaji was one such person. But after his death his party (Swatantra) disintegrated.

In India, there is currently no one with a strong belief in liberty. Without such belief, it is almost a given that the classical liberals will fail to move the country, despite having the most powerful set of ideas, despite ideas which will make India a huge success.

I've come across a number of 2nd tier (even 3rd tier) "liberals" who claim to support liberty but are so deeply confused that they'll either join Congress or BJP or AAP, or otherwise support such parties. I won't name them, since they comprise the vast majority of "liberals" I've come across.

But when India finds ONE firm believer in liberty, things will change.

Till then it is destined to rot at the bottom of the world. All current major parties are deeply socialist and illiberal. They are DETERMINED to ruin India.

The only force that can stop the total ruin of India by the socialists is MENTAL FORCE. It has to arise from ONE person.

India waits for for that ONE person, a person 100 per cent clear why liberty is good. The rest will then fall into place.

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