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The Quran is a deadly weapon against knowledge. It crushes the slightest seed of new thought in the Islamic world.

The Islamic world had periods of scientific progress in the past, but these were shortlived because the Quran came back to bite.

The Quran is one of the most deadly weapons against knowledge and progress.

A good example is evolution. The Quran is totally anti-evolution, being absolutely and comprehensively ignorant.

In July 2011, however, I published a blog post showing how advanced Islamic scientific thought was, at one time. Consider this extract from the writings of Ibn Khaldun, 400 years before Darwin:

“One should then look at the world of creation. It started out from the minerals and progressed, in an ingenious, gradual manner to plants and animals.

The last stage of minerals is connected with the first stage of plants, such as herbs, and seedless plants. Last stage of plants such as palms and vines is connected with the first stage of animals, such as snails and shellfish which have only the power to touch.

The word ‘connection’ with regard to these created things means that the last stage of each group is fully prepared to become the first stage of the next group. The animal world then widens, its species become numerous, and, in a grad­ual process of creation, it finally leads to man, who is able to think and reflect.

The higher stage of man is reached from the world of monkeys, in which both sagacity and perception are found, but which has not reached the stage of actual reflection and thinking. At this point we come to the first stage of man (after the world of monkeys). This is as far as our (physical) observation extends.”

This is amazingly advanced! Unfortunately, this kind of thought is not sustainable in the Islamic world.

Such advances are quickly CRUSHED by the Quran.

Quran remains pure POISON. Christianity crushed science for over 1500 years. Islam keeps crushing science at every step, today.

I’m afraid anti-science Muslims must stop wearing a flat cap and wear a dunce cap, instead.

Religion has set back human progress by 2000 years. It is time to bin all religions. These are pure rubbish – and worse.

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The bigoted doofus Zakir Naik – and further proof that Quran’s “scientific facts” are PURE nonsense.

I came across Zakir Naik some time ago and commented about him here. In that post I focused on his bigotry (he is absolutely extremist in his views – a very dangerous demagogue).

But he is a clown, as well. A true circus joker.

I couldn’t help laughing throughout the two videos below. Joker personified.

Btw, this FURTHER proves (if any such proof was needed) that the Quran is purely MAN-MADE. God has NOTHING (not one zilch) to do with it.

Zakir Naik, the nut case, on evolution

Zakir Naik’s TOTAL idiocy exposed

But, of course, this is not the key point. The man doesn’t understand the BASICS of the scientific method and continuously mixes up things like “theory”, “law” and “principles”.

This man is a medical doctor! He MUST have cheated in all his exams. He would flunk the most basic 101 course in science. He also has the most shonky memory” for facts – a total clown, as you’ve seen in the second video, above.

The good thing: he is helping destroy Islam from within. Just like VHP and BJP are helping destroy Hinduism, and the Pope is helping destroy Christianity.

We don’t need these religious duffers to tell us about the facts of life.

Go away, fools!

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God knows everything. But Quran is full of scientific blunders. Hence God had NOTHING to do with it.

A few weeks ago I published: Testing the claims that the Quran contains amazing “knowledge”. I can confirm it is 100 per cent man made.  This led to the post: Quran is 100 per cent man made (and so are Vedas, Bible and the lot). And no, I don’t care about your propaganda.

The topic of science in the Quran came up again, so I spent a few hours over the past few days researching the scientific “facts” in the Quran. There are a number of people who have written about this on the internet, so it was helpful to review their findings first. But in each case I further checked the original source and made my own findings.

[Some of the internet sources that have analysed the scientific content of the facts in the Quran include: WikiislamNairalandSkepticsannotated]

I’m linking to my Facebook posts on this topic, that compile both an image and URL of the relevant source, and my analysis.


This is a pretty raw analysis – when I find time I’ll compile into a booklet I plan to write on Islam.

Islamic idiot 1 with an absurd “scientific model”

Islamic idiot 2 with his absurd “scientific model”

The sky is held by God, else it will fall down

The sun STOPS and takes rest each night

The moon split into two

Camel urine is medicine

Some Hindus drink cow urine as medicine. Mohammed believed camel urine was medicine.

Man was created before the rest of the universe

Science in the Quran: (1) There was no evolution. Man was created directly; (2) Unlike in the Old Testament version (which itself is a total joke), man came FIRST; the rest of the Universe came later. That means our immediate universe is not 14 billion years old (there are almost certainly an infinity of other universes out there), but less than a hundred thousand years. I must say I’m able to even more firmly declare that God DEFINITELY did not “dictate” this document that’s full of some of the most basic falsehoods. Even ONE error would have proved this was nothing but Mohammed’s own rambling. But the number of errors (and their magnitude) are beyond belief.]

The story of creation of the universe is beyond puerile

Science in the Quran. So after God made man (without any place to stand or any air to breathe), this is the order of things that happened (
1) The sky is a ceiling – it is finite – you could potentially touch it.
2) There is light everywhere, but you need to “extract’ light in order to get darkness. This is presumably done every night.
3) The earth is flat – it has been duly spread.
4) Water has to be extracted from this flat earth.
5) Without God’s actions, the mountains would not be firm and would keep doddering around the place
6) All this was needed for the man (hanging in thin air – who had been first created without a place to stand) – who could then be gingerly placed on top of this flat earth.
Sadly, God made a huge blunder in this process. He forgot to teach Islam to this man, so he had to thereafter secretly (not openly) communicate with Mohammed, who had to be persuaded – over the course of many years – to kill off the kafirs – a good chunk of his own creation!!
He needed an intermediary since God has no power to talk directly to his creations (although He did somehow learn Arabic – so he could communicate with one of us).
This is a strange God, indeed. He could do all these wonderful things but forgot to program Islam into man’s DNA, causing a level of confusion among men who are therefore busy killing each other to this day.
Maybe God – obviously a pretty incompetent “creator” – should dismantle this school project and start a new one, in which his creation (man) can be programmed to believe only in Islam.
God’s real mistake was to give man a brain. Man, today, after acquiring vast amount of knowledge through tens of thousands of experiments and studies, wants to know why God didn’t know (when the Quran was dictated) about how the world actually got created. If God was/ is ignorant and needs man’s help to understand the universe, he should say so.


Why does God sit on top of our sun every night, when there are almost an infinity of other suns?

Science in the Hadith: Mohammed confirms that the Quran is correct. The sun does sleep every night (it has a bed below God’s Throne – the throne is, however, invisible, since it is on the other side of the flat earth and no one can see it).–sp-421/4098-sahih-bukhari-volume-004-book-054-hadith-number-421.html

Now, there’s this slight problem with the actual facts (apart from the fact that the sun never “rests”): there are at least 100 billion TIMES 100 billion suns in this universe – more suns than the grains of sand on earth.

Why is our sun so special that God has to sit on top of it every night?]

The purpose of stars it to throw stones at rebellious devils

Science in the Quran.

Question: What’s the purpose of angels?
Answer: To drive clouds.

Question: What’s the purpose of stars?
Answer: To stop rebellious devils from listening to angels and to pelt such rebellious devils from every side if they dare to listen to the angels.

Question: What if a devil listens to some words of the angels?
Answer: Thereafter stars pursue them in a burning flame that is piercing in brightness (i.e. stars become comets: now you know).

This tells you a lot about what’s going on up above you.

1) Stars are living creatures with ears that can listen pretty long distance to the earth’s clouds (where the angels drive – push? – our clouds and chat about noble things).

2) Each time you see a meteor shower, that’s the stars pelting rebellious devils.

3) When a comet comes by, be sure there’s a really bad rebellious devil in front of it (invisible to us) who is being chased with blindingly bright light.

In brief, devils have NO CHANCE.

Be happy, people. You are well protected by the stars.


The purpose of mountains is to hold down the earth from crumpling

Science in the Quran. Mountains are stakes that hold the earth in place. Otherwise this flat earth would curl up because of our movements, like a carpet that crumples when you walk on it.

Man was created using a “clinging substance”

Science in the Quran.

Remember, man was created first (before everything else). Well, there’s a further first step: to find a “clinging substance” (some have translated it as “blood clot”).

God obviously had to make everything, so when he woke up with a new project idea in mind and found nothing – absolutely nothing – around him, he first made a clinging substance (DNA mixed with clay? – but wherefrom came clay without creating the earth first? – don’t ask me too many questions, folks). The sequence of God’s current school project is:

1) Make clinging substance
2) Make man but forget to teach him Islam
3) Make other things including (a) stars (that listen to angels in the clouds and belt rebellious devils with stones) and (b) other things that are more commonly observable
4) Put man on the earth
5) Secretly talk to Mohammed since, somehow, God – despite his amazing power – is not allowed to speak out openly (till today) to the rest of us.
6) Get those who listen to Mohammed to kill off those who don’t much care about such illogical ramblings.

Too easy!]

My questions regarding God’s strange behaviour 

Science in the Quran, continued. I’ve got some questions.

Anyone know why God made the rebellious devils? If there were no rebellious devils, he would not have needed to make 100 billion times 100 billion stars and almost an infinity of meteorites and comets; save himself a lot of bother.

Also, why not come out of hiding today? I can understand it was hard for God to communicate with all men in the past: there was no TV. So he secretly spoke to one of us. But today? Any clue why God is afraid to get up from his Throne and talk to us on TV? Or is his problem that he is invisible and can’t be seen on TV? What’s going on?]

Ignorance about asexual reproduction

Science in the Quran.

God had obviously never looked through a microscope. He was limited by man’s ignorance at the time he “dictated” the Quran.]

Moon has its own light

Science in the Quran

Note that the original Quran ***doesn’t*** have the word “reflected”. It is pure corruption to suggest that God knew that the moon reflects the sun’s light when he “dictated” the Quran.

God was deeply ignorant about basic cosmology in those days.]

Talking ants

Science in Quran

Talking ants. Reminds me of a Disney movie I saw somewhere. Quran is clearly a fairy tale for children – but because of the violence embedded in it, it is a pretty dangerous one once people actually believe it.

This is an extremely useful summary of the rise and fall of Islamic knowledge:

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Anti-truth, anti-science Hinduism, Islam, Christianity: continuing promotion of falsehood, superstition, obscurantism, self-delusion

People say education is essential, and so you get educated. You become a good student, you study a lot, you keep studying till the end of your life.

And then you are attacked as ignorant by religious bigots who would never pass the most elementary exam in science.

What’s the point of education if bigots are determined to not change their mind despite all the proofs you can muster.

There is no doubt that there are SOME aspects of each religion which allow for some consistency with reason. However, for the most part, is an ENEMY of reason.  It is obscurantist, denies the most obvious science, while accepting the most ridiculous nonsensical belief. How nutty are these religious people. Is there any limit of stupidity they can’t cross?



I tolerate (not respect) your free speech right to spout nonsense. I also gladly participate in your celebrations and feasts. But I don’t you for your deliberate ignorance.

If you feel comforted by your religion, by all means have it. If you think what it says is true, you are hallucinating. Try to keep religion and reason separate. Religion is purely a fairy tale for your own psychological satisfaction. NO more than that.

Note that my condemnation of religion does not mean I am disproving God. God may well exist, but God has nothing to do with man-made religion.


I’m starting this placeholder post and will update over the years. I’ve written much in the past, as well. I’ll try to link previous writings to this post.


The Indian miracle-buster stuck in Finland


Vast amounts of false “science” offered in defence of Quran (comments on a FB post)

Quran is 100 per cent man made (and so are Vedas, Bible and the lot). And no, I don’t care about your propaganda.


A great RSS leader’s scientific wisdom: “a plastic surgeon fixed an elephant’s head on Ganesha”

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