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Do Dharampal’s notes prove indigenous smallpox inoculation in 18th century India? NO.


The date of Edward Jenner’s discovery of the smallpox vaccine is 1798.


The reported accounts preceded Jenner by 10-60 years. Further, the original discovery is attributed to someone 150 years prior, so around 200 years prior to Jenner.

(The operation of inoculation called by the natives tikah has been known in the kingdom of Bengall as near as I can learn, about 150 years and according to the Bhamanian records was first performed by one Dununtary, a physician of Champanager, a small town by the side of the Ganges about half way to Cossimbazar whose memory is now holden in great esteem as being thought the author of this operation, which secret, say they, he had immediately of God in a dream.)



The inhabitants of Bengali, knowing the usual time when the inoculating Bramins annually return, observe strictly the regimen enjoined, whether they determine to be inoculated or not; this preparation consists only in abstaining for a month from fish, milk, and ghee (a kind of butter made generally of buffalos milk); the prohibition of fish respects only the native Portuguese and Mahomedans, who abound in every province of the empire.

Their method of performing this operation is by:

1) taking a little of the pus (when the smallpox are come to maturity and are of a good kind) and

2) dipping these in the point of a pretty large sharp needle. Therewith

3) make severall punctures in the hollow under the deltoid muscle or sometimes in the forehead, after which

4) they cover the part with a little paste made of boiled rice.

In detail:

Previous to the operation the Operator takes a piece of cloth in his hand, (which becomes his perquisite if the family is opulent) and with it gives a dry friction upon the part intended for inoculation, for the space of eight or ten minutes, then with a small instrument he wounds, by many slight touches, about the compass of a silver groat, just making the smallest appearance of blood, then opening a linen double rag (which he always keeps in a cloth round his waist) takes from thence a small pledget of cotton charged with the variolous matter, which he moistens with two or three drops of the Ganges Water, an applies it to the wound, fixing it on with a slight bandage, and ordering it to remain on for six hours without being moved.

Then the bandage [is] to be taken off, and the pledget to remain until it falls off itself;

Sometimes (but rarely) he squeezes a drop from the pledget, upon the part, before he applies it; from the time he begins the dry friction, to tying the knot of the bandage,

He never ceases reciting some portions of the worship appointed, by the Aughtorrah Bhade, to be paid to the female divinity before mentioned, nor quits the most solemn countenance all the while.

The cotton, which he preserves in a double callico rag, is saturated with matter from the inoculated pustules of the preceding year, for they never inoculate with fresh matter, nor with matter from the disease caught in the natural way, however distinct and mild the species.


Early on the morning succeeding the operation, four collans (an earthen pot containing about two gallons) of cold water are ordered to be thrown over the patient, from the head downwards, and to be repeated every morning and evening until the fever comes on, (which usually is about the close of the sixth day from the inoculation) then to desist until the appearance of the eruptions, (which commonly happens at the close of the third complete day from the commencement of the fever) and then to pursue the cold bathing as before, through the course of the disease, and until the scabs of the pustules drop off.

They are ordered to open all the pustules with a fine sharp pointed thorn, as soon as they begin to change their colour, and whilst the matter continues in a fluid state.

Confinement to the house is absolutely forbid, and the inoculated are ordered to be exposed to every air that blows; and the utmost indulgence they are allowed when the fever comes on, is to be laid on a mat at the door; but, in fact, the eruptive fever is generally so inconsiderable and trifling, as very seldom to require this indulgence.

Their regimen is ordered to consist of all the refrigerating things the climate and season produces, as plantains, sugar-canes, water melons, rice, gruel made of white poppy-seeds, and cold water, or thin rice gruel for their ordinary drink.

He extends the prohibition of fish, milk and ghee, for one month from the day of inoculation.

An injunction laid on the patients to make a thanksgiving Poojah, or offering, to the goddess on their recovery

The regimen they order, when they are called to attend the disease taken in the natural way, is uniformly the same.


When they want the operation of the inoculated matter to be quick they give the patient a small bolus made of a little of the pus, and boiled rice immediately after the operation which is repeated the two following days at noon.


The place where the punctures were made commonly festures and comes to a small supporation, and if not the operation has no effect and the person is still liable to have the smallpox but on the contrary if the punctures do supporate and no feaver or eruption insues, then they are no longer subject to the infection.

The punctures blacken and dry up with the other pustules.

The feaver insues later or sooner, according to the age and strength of the person inoculated, but commonly the third or fourth days. They keep the patient under the coolest regimen they can think off before the feaver comes on and frequently use cold bathing.

If the eruption is suppressed they also use frequent cold bathing. At the same time they give warm medicine inwardly, but if they prove of the confluent kind, they use no cold bathing, but (keep) the patient very cooll and give coolling medicine.

There usually begins to be a discharge from the scarification a day before the eruption, which continues through the disease, and sometimes after the scabs of the pock fall off, and a few pustules generally appear round the edge of the wound; when these two circumstances appear only, without a single eruption on any other part of the body, the patient is deemed as secure from future infection, as if the eruption had been general.


1. There is no doubt that this is a genuine vaccination methodology. The virus is injected into the body at a point when it directly creates antibodies.

2. But this cannot qualify as a smallpox vaccine.


i) It is an extremely high risk exercise. Live virus taken from humans can kill. There must have been many accidents in this process, where people got infected by the "vaccine".

ii) There is huge uncertainty about the quality of vaccination in absence of any quality control. This means that a good number of people would never have got immunity from this vaccine.

For these reasons I conclude that it is appropriate to cite this as part of the global history of observation and scientific discovery in relation to vaccination, BUT it is inappropriate to say that India had discovered the vaccination for smallpox prior to Jenner.

If the Indian smallpox vaccine was the only available method to mankind, we would still have hundreds of thousands, if not millions, die of smallpox each year. 

Moreover, as I mentioned in my FB post, I was from the generation that received the small pox vaccination which then allowed small pox to be eliminated from India. Why did it take 1970s for this to happen, if India had already 'invented' the vaccine.

MILLIONS OF INDIANS DIED, TENS OF MILLIONS WERE DISFIGURED FOR LIFE EVEN IN THE 20TH CENTURY. Compare the pathetic record of the “Indian vaccine” in India vs. the TOTAL AND ABSOLUTE control over the disease by the PROPER smallpox vaccine. That proper vaccine did not require the massive dietary rigmarole, nor the extensive time wastage on useless activities.

So, well done on Indian observation powers and attempts to create a vaccine. But unfortunately we can’t declare this to have been successful.

Btw, there’s yet another controversy in this regard, something to do with claims made in the Vedas. Download and read if you wish.

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I think I’ve cured my supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) (arrythmia) – using Potassium Chloride

This is one more case of the medical profession failing to find a cure.

In this case (potentially very serious) I went against the advice of a cardiologist who gave me a beta blocker for my "disease". I hated the medicine, and hated the idea that I was to take this medicine for the whole of my life. I also disliked the idea of doing an ablation (operation) which could make things worse.

Instead, I chose to stop the medicine and kept searching and reading the literature till I found something worthwhile to try.

I tried it. And finally, I can declare that my treatment has worked. At least I can say that I did not take beta-blocker for the last 15 months and my problem has GONE.

Here is the evidence:

2013: six incidents of SVT

2014: two incidents of SVT, one in January 2014 and one (mild one) in July 2014. 

My main self-treatment started in February 2014, after the seventh incident. There has been only one more (minor) incident since then. Now, nearly seven months after the last incident, I'm now willing to conclude that the solution I found (and tried) has worked. These incidents had started occurring at a regular pace. Now they're history. WITHOUT ANY PRESCRIPTION MEDICINE.

What's my remedy? I've already alluded to it in the blog post title. The remedy is a pinch (tiny pinch, around 1-2 gm) of KCL (Potassium Chloride) in water. Plus a banana on most days.

I will continue the supplementation.

What's the basis of my concluding that Potassium deficiency in the cells of the heart is a likely cause of my problem? I will probably write about it one day, but briefly, it turns out that our Paleolithic ancestors ate far more K than Na. We eat far more Na than K. The solution is not to cut Na, since excess Na is secreted by the body, but to increase K. 

K is found in bananas and potatoes. By increasing 1-3 gms per day the level of K in the cells is likely to increase sufficiently to prevent the electrical "short-circuits" that cause SVT. I did a huge amount of research on this, and if I find time I'll publish its key findings/ hypotheses separately.

But this is just to note that this works.   


Upon more careful thinking (30 January) after publishing this post, I'd like to suggest that although I'm 99 per cent confidence that K has been the solution to my problem, two other factors may have a role:

a) aspertame (which was my first port of call, and I dropped it very early. Note that I had used some such sweetener for many years, in place of sugar. Now I take a tiny amount of sugar, instead) 

b) drinking more water (although this started pretty late in the process of testing various ideas).

It will require control experiments to fully confirm that K is the solution to this problem. Such control experiments clearly can't be conducted in humans. So those who wish to take any learnings from this personal case study should use their own judgemnet. This result is great – it works, but it is not as scientific (with controls) as one would have liked.


INCIDENT 1) April 2013 First time (while climbing stairs in Patanjali). Quite strong effect. Very tiring. Sat for a while till I recovered.  A bitter/ bloody feeling in the mouth. Took about 20 minutes for the heart rate to return to normal.

INCIDENT 2) May 2013: somewhat fainter while climbing stairs in office (perhaps after the lunch time walk). Don’t think it was very big. Just a small incident.

INCIDENT 3) 26 May Twice on one day during tennis. Took about 20 minutes for the heart rate to return to normal.


June-July 2013 Sought (and got – through own research) appointment with doctor after number of failed attempts.

Saw cardiologist sometime in July, and got two tests done (ultrasound and stress test on treadmill) in July-August. All OK.

INCIDENT 4) 11 September 2013: Stood up suddenly while bending (head down). Heart beat rapidly.  (Standing up suddenly can cause it)

INCIDENT 5) 15 September 2013:

a) While lunging from one end of the court to the other while playing tennis. Massive speeding up of heart. So stopped and returned home.

b) Later that day while filling a hole with mud in the garden (minor exertion), and standing to review the work, suddenly experienced the same issue. Went inside and took rest. OK after a while.

September 2013

After seeing the cardiologist the second time I started taking sotalol. I think from Friday 27 Sept. 2013. The effects were immediate and very poor. Extremely tired and lethargic. Played tennis on 29 Sep. but didn’t enjoy it one bit.

Spent four days at work with these lethargic and terrible feeling. Very heavy, as if I’d taken a lot of medicines. Stopped after seven days in all.

18 October 2013: Sent letter to doctor informing that I’m not going to take medicines, and will await action on ablation.

Initial self-treatment: stopped aspartame in around early October 2013.

INCIDENT 6): 16 November 2013

During tennis. While lunging. Wasn’t very fast, but felt breathless and tried to resume, but tennis partner recommended I stop. It calmed down after I reached home. Around 25-30 minutes to come to normalcy.

INCIDENT 7): 27 January 2014

During tennis after half hour. During exertion, no particular motion. Didn’t seem to be too fast (perhaps 150+ beats) and mostly regular. Stopped game went home. Lay down. Calculated that it took 50-55 minutes to return to normal from starting. 

Further self-treatment: started bananas on the potassium hypothesis. Asparteme still stopped.

INCIDENT 8) 9 July 2014

At around 1:45 pm while browsing through a shop I suddenly felt onset of  heart palpitation and had to slowly walk out. Even on the tram there was fast heart beating. Only when I returned (say 20 minutes from start of the incident) did I find that heart beat had returned to normal. Even though I’m taking a banana, probably need supplementation. Have ordered KCL which should be received in the next two days. 

Started taking KCL from around late July 2014.

As at 29 January 2015: No incident all the way since July 2014. Even the July 2014 incident was relatively mild. 

Most likely conclusion:POTASSIUM WORKS. 

I would have been seriously worse off with a beta blocker. I can reasonably conclude that there is NO NEED for beta blocker in some SVT cases. Nor for ablation (which is a terrible operation to have).

I am glad that (as in most cases in my life, to date) I've reconfirmed that there is much merit in using one's own mind to search for answers. 

Source of my self-prescribed "medicine"

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Net effect of humans on 20th century warming was 0.15 degrees

Data never lie, if you look at them objectively. I've seen MASSIVE (!!) folly in the fields of economics and demography (and many others) that could have been easily avoided by some broad, high level analysis, to set the context.

In climate science a couple of broad analyses can avoid much folly. I've covered these elsewhere, but now I'm able to make a firm analysis (in the ballpark) about the actual effect of man's CO2 emissions on global warming.

The analysis below shows that the MAXIMUM that humans have contributed to global warming in the 20th century is 0.15 degrees Celsius.

I'm willing to wager (based on other analyses, provided elsewhere) that the MAXIMUM effect of human CO2 emissions – if continued at the current rate) in the 21st century will not exceed 0.5 degrees celsius. True, I won't get the benefit of winning the wager since I won't be around in 2100. But this is a ROCK SOLID FIRM prediction based on broad analyses, and will not go wrong.

NOTE: It could be argued, based on the slope of the two rises, that there was no real effect of man's CO2 emissions. I'm willing to accept that as the most ikelyi case. However, for the sake of sheer prudence, the above analysis (shown in the second diagram below) can be considered. The MAX impact is therefore 0.15 degrees, with a most likely impact of zero degrees.

Source of the chart

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Recent incidents are part of the Long War between rational civilisation and brutal, delusional, medieval irrationality

Who is delighted with the gunning down of journalists in Paris?

Not just some Muslim leaders. That was expected. A number of Hindus, as well, were delighted. And extreme Catholics. Each took the opportunity to "tut tut" those who are fighting for free speech.

Kiran Bedi, an alleged "good" police woman from India, who should have known the meaning of free speech, wrote:

And Mani Shankar Aiyar, a former civil servant who should have known about the meaning of free speech, and should have had at least some sense in his head, called the attacks a backlash on the war on terror.

These people are the types of FOOLS who now occupy senior roles in India. There is nothing to distinguish them from the total nitwit who is now PM (according to whom an elephant was grafted on a human in ancient India).

But note that ALL of them oppose free speech. The are medievalists. 

We hear literally no voice in India defending free speech. And the same is happening in the West (although perhaps a few voices are still able to speak in the West).

As Ayaan Hirsi Ali wrote in the Wall Street Journal (How to Answer the Paris Terror Attack): "After the horrific massacre Wednesday at the French weekly satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, perhaps the West will finally put away its legion of useless tropes trying to deny the relationship between violence and radical Islam".

This is not a new war. The war began hundreds of years ago and went through the Renaissance/ Reformation and Glorious Revolution. The Enlightenment. The resurgence of science and reason. 

Then, the rational people managed to get hold of the American constitution and created a dramatically sensible document. The later essay, On Liberty, by JS Mill marks a watershed in the fight between reason and delusion.

The battlelines have been drawn. 

There are a few (very few) rational people on one side and hundreds of millions of delusional people (each with their own pet delusion) wanting to impose their delusion on others BY FORCE, on the other.

The rational people merely say: let me see the facts, show me the evidence, and I'll decide whether this is sensible or not. The delusional do not want to offer this opportunity to the rational people. For them it is a simple: you MUST NOT "insult" our belief.

The rational people thumb their nose at such medievalist assertions. Some go beyond thumbing their nose, and draw obnoxious cartoons.

Then these medievalists come out and KILL the rational people.

This has been going on for a few hundred years now. Voltaire's Candide documents precisely such events (albeit fictional, but taken from reality), hundreds of years ago.

The fight will end with the victory of the rational people. The truth ALWAYS wins in the end. And the deluded people have no truth to offer. Only force. Since when has anyone succeeded in persuading anyone else through force? The deluded mediaevalists are fighting a losing battle. They have NO HOPE of victory. 

We need a level playing field where the truth about any assertion can be tested. And that is only possible through NON-VIOLENCE and open, free discussion, debate, even criticism and "offensive" expression.

The demand for free speech is a demand for non-violence, no more. When will the delusional people understand that the MORE THEY KILL, the more they lose the argument. Their belief system STINKS. If your belief can only be proven by killing non-believers, surely your belief is WORTHLESS. JUNK. A mental virus.

Nick Clegg said it well. Let's hope UK now changes its anti-free speech laws accordingly.

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The startling claims of Siva Prasad Kodukula re: “Indian” “science”. Seeking a wider opinion.

Someone on FB brought an amazing "journal article" to my notice, by one Siva Prasad Kodukula. I read the first para and was astonished that such material could get published.

So I tried to verify and came to a conclusion that the journal is a scam.

Fortunately, Siva Prasad Kodukula has accepted my FB friend request and has been quite cooperative, so I'm going to summarise the current state of affairs as follows, and request my readers for their comments. At the end of this either Siva Prasad Kodukula will be known as a genius or a fraud. 

Why is this important? Why do I care to spend time to write this blog post?

Because to defend the ridiculous claims of Modi and his followers, this man's work is being cited as proof of the greatness of "Hindu" science. Funnily enough, Siva Prasad himself states: "I have not touched religion and I am not skeptic about religion and God. It is science." And the Siva's constant and K-Suryon he talks about are based on his name, not on any mythological Siva. (So much for the Modi-bhakts who believe anyone who talks about Siva must be referring to the Vedas!)

Who is Siva Prasad Kodukula?

[I’m going to lightly edit the info below, so most typos in the original source aren’t edited]

1. He is a Project Management Consultant, A Civil Engineer, B.E(Civil Engineering) From Andhra University, 1989 [Source]. He previously worked with Jindal Steel & Power Ltd., M.N.DASTUR&CO(P)LTD, M.N.Dastur&Co(P)Ltd [Source]

2. He is also an:

Editorial Member -American Journal of Civil Engineering (Science Publishing Group) where he reviews and edits research articles in "Civil Engineering"

Editorial board-member-"International Journal of Astrophysics & space sciences" (Science Publishing Group) where he reviews and edits research articles in ASTROPHYSICS.

Editorial Board Member-"American Journal of Physics&Applications" (Science Publishing Group) where he reviews and edits research papers in physics and applied physics. [Source]

3. In his own words on FB:

I have a research back ground in physics from 1986 it self  Even I have written letters to Prof Narlikar and sumission letters of international journals..(At that time I was studying my second year B.E(CIVIL eNGINEERING) I am a graduate in civil Engineering fro Andhra university and worked in Multinational Companies. If you want educational back ground you can get so many Phd's (useless).If people asked 'Einstein' for educational back ground to publish his paper. We would have not reached this stage.

Published "work"

Relation between Planck Length and Origin of Consciousness in Life Sciences-A Mathematical Proof, Biomedical Science and Engineering. 2014 2 (3). doi: 10.12691/bse-2-3-1

Analysis on Hawking Radiation and Steady State Universe by Siva’s Theories, International Journal of Physics. 2014 2 (2). doi: 10.12691/ijp-2-2-1

New Discovery about Prediction of a Particle ‘K-Suryon’ as Basic Building Block of Mass, International Journal of Physics. 2014 2 (1). doi: 10.12691/ijp-2-1-3

space time equivalence-A new concept, International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications

Equation for consciousness in terms of Physics, International Journal of Advancements in Research & Technology (ISSN 2278-7763)

siva's constant 'K' of Physics, International journal of Advancement in Research and Technology

Siva's Classical Equation for Space Time and Matter, International Journal of Advancements in Research & Technology (ISSN 2278-7763)

Two Equations showing the relation between Mass and space time & density of space time associated to mass, 

Siva’s Equation for Singularity of Black Holes, International Journal of Astrophysics and Space Science

Siva's theory of quantum gravity, American Journal of Modern Physics

Super theory of relativity-explanation to ‘rest mass of photon’, ‘quantum entanglement’ and ‘consciousness’, American Journal of Modern Physics



1. Who is the publisher of these "journals"?

Science Publishing Group. It "publishes" over 120 "journals".

Science Publishing Group
NEW YORK, NY 10018
Tel: (001)347-688-8931
Skype ID: sciencepg

2. How did Siva Prasad Kodukula become editor of these journals?

As per SiencePG applied for editorial position with my complete appraisal. They have given me these positions by my back ground (submitted with proofs. We can die like this we can not cry….You people do not know the word 'exception' . Let me live my life. You be with luxuries.. and laugh even at 'Srinivasa Ramanujan' Albert Einstin' etc.…. Thank you Sir…

The SPG website states:

Join as Editorial Board Member
We are seeking professionals to join our Editorial Board. You will be entitled following benefits while working with us as an editorial board member of the journals.
1.    You are enforced to read carefully various manuscripts in your area of importance and interest. This is the way you are routinely forced to keep yourself up-to-date while checking and suggesting the changes in manuscripts.
2.    This work helps to add in and provides a better way to create your identity as a well known expert in your field and may lead to increased invitations to speak at conferences or demand for invited research of your specialized area.
3.    You will be among the contributors who will shape and decide the urgent ways as required with changing societal needs.
4.    Your ideas and subject inputs may help in arranging special issues as per topics of your interest and choice.
5.    You will come across the latest research before everyone else and gives you a position of leadership in your research community.
6.    Research articles provided by the editorial board members will be published with a 20% discount.

​Clearly these people are INDIAN. No one else in the entire world can write such English.

3. Has anyone commented adversely about these journals?

Yes. Peter Woit. Peter is Senior Lecturer in the Mathematics department at Columbia University. According to Peter, 

This morning an e-mail came in from the “Science Publishing Group”, a call for “Editorial Board Members, Reviewers and Paper” for their open access journals, advertised as

Full peer review: All manuscripts submitted to our journals undergo double blind peer review.
Fast publication: Fast peer review process of papers within approximately one month of submission.

This included a special deal on the “Article Processing Charge”: $70 or $120 before May 15.

Peter checked ONE article and found it to be heavily plagiarised:

much of the paper was plagiarized from elsewhere, including at least a 2003 paper by Harlander and Kilgore, Higgs boson production in bottom quark fusion at next-to-next-to-leading order and a 2011 paper by Bagnaschi et al. Higgs production via gluon fusion in the POWHEG approach in the SM and in the MSSM (neither of which are listed in the references). 


Well, I have only read ONE paragraph of one of his articles: Equation for Consciousness in terms of Physics.


At present consciousness is an up coming issue of interdisplinary fields of physics, cosmology, nurology ,genetics etc. The research is going on for the attempts to define consciousness which can withstand for experiments. Physics is only the subject which will give substantiate experimental results. But up to now there is no concept which clearly define consciousness in terms of physics. First of all it has to be defind and should be accepted by scientists to do further experimental verification with in the frame work of physics. An attempt has been made to define the consciousness in terms of physics. Brief description of the following concepts is used for analysis to arrive a new concept of consciousness.

No prizes for guessing why I call this junk. Not even basic spellcheck, leave along syntax and grammar. References are the "author's" own works! Cool. Write junk and cite it yourself, and get published in a "peer reviewed" journal. And become member of the "editorial board" without a single day of teaching experience in any reputed university. (Of course, this way you can be "routinely forced to keep yourself up-to-date"). 


I invite anyone with ANY physics or other scientific background to read these "papers" and provide comments. My opinion is clear: this is junk. But I've only read one para. Don't have the desire to read more. 

I'm curious to know what others think.

Siva Prasad has asked me to discuss his work. I have asked him to wait. Let me first hear from those who have the patience to actually read more than one paragraph of his "work".

From his photo, Siva Prasad is a nice fellow. I wish him well. Just that I don't appreciate the publication of junk, and I don't appreciate fake "journals".

And do not appreciate junk that is cited as proof of India's "great" scientific knowledge in the hoary past (knowledge which was apparently entirely forgotten and is now being "rediscovered" each time someone in the West comes up with some genuine breakthrough: "we knew that!". No you didn't!).

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